Day 13: Integrate your Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit

Category: Qi Gong 30 Day Challenge

The secret to harnessing the power of your mind, body, heart, and spirit and using them as one formidable energy source is to integrate them .

When you successfully synchronize them, you will see enhanced results from all you do in life.


Words of affirmation "Speak this out loud" for Day 13:

My mind, heart, spirit, and body all function together in harmony.”

Center Yourself:

Take 5 minutes to center yourself and do belly breathing white listening to “Any Frequency of Your Choice” on the qi coil app before you kick off today’s exercise.

Exercise: (Duration 10 minutes)

Click here to watch the course video for today's exercise.


While standing, you can do this with your feet together or with your feet apart.


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