Podcasts / Webinars

Ascend to Abundance with the Genesis Doctor Alain Torres

BRAINTAP x Qi Coil™ For Brain Biohacking - Dr. Patrick Porter, PhD

Qi Coil™ for Sleep, Focus and Meditation - Dr. Joy Kong Podcast

Qi Coil - A New Hope

The Power Of Frequency Healing, Healy vs Qi Coil - Laura Ramos x David Wong

Rapid Regeneration Tech-Stack - Qi Coil + Red Light Therapy

Attract Abundance Of Prosperity And Wealth w/ Qi Coils - Luna Ase x David Wong

REAL Guide to Manifesting What You Really Want

How To Program Your DNA

How Healing Frequencies Work | The Fourth Dimension

How To Attract Abundance Webinar QA

How To Unleash Your Infinite Potential

The Blueprint to Self Mastery

The Science of Bending Reality

How to Attract Abundance With Meditation Technology - Part 4

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