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Pioneering the Future of Healing Through Frequency-Based Technologies

Meet David Wong, the trailblazing Qi Master and Frequency Expert, who defies medical norms to discover alternative solutions for incurable ailments. His self-healing journey from a chronic digestive disease using frequency and energy devices has empowered individuals for holistic well-being. Explore his miraculous 90-day transformation that led to the revolutionary Qi Coil™ system, unlocking hidden superpowers within individuals.

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Healing Frequencies

David Wong is a leader in meditation technology innovations. He is a martial artist, Qi Gong meditator, entrepreneur, influencer, inventor, visionary, mentor, speaker, and business developer. With an indomitable combination of expertise, tenacity, and talent, he helps entrepreneurs, teachers, healers, and professionals actualize their full potential. His career was preceded by an achievement far beyond the limits of conventional remedies when he combined ancient Chinese Qi Gong principles and research into NASA-inspired electromagnetic frequency technology to heal himself of what he was told was an incurable disease. David has since used this knowledge to develop the patent-pending Qi Coil™ System; a personal transformation device that has helped many transform their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

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David Wong, the Qi Master

David Wong was featured on David’s Guide, founded by photographer David Christopher Lee who is a well known Award winning Celebrity and Major brands photographer like Lady Gaga, Richard Branson, Cadillac, Lexus, Qatar Airways and so much more!

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Wellness And Mindfulness Through Products

Qi Coils, a contactless, non-invasive device that is powered by a Qi Coil app with over 900 mind-stimulating frequencies. The device claims to help get rid of negative energy that can sabotage one’s physical and mental health. David Wong, Founder of Qi Life states, “The past year has been incredibly challenging…our mission is to help you improve your mental health and wellness naturally using safe and effective frequency therapy technology.”

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