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I use the Qi Coil for faster recovery and better performance, I love how i can take it with me anywhere!
-David Prince
ParaOlympic Medalist Team USA

“I am making more Confident and Clear decisions about my life since using this technology! I have clarity and I am not all over the place! I know it is intelligent energy! I am feeling better than I have in so long I can’t remember when. I’ve had some great experiences so far with this device.”

“Client appointments have increased, event participation is up, new events are being created successfully, service offerings have increased and well received. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!”

“I feel that my quality of life has improved since, and hopeful for further improvements in the future. I would recommend others to try it out and give it a go. My goal in the future is to help others improve their quality of life in the future.”

Resonant Wand Testimonials

"Tumor marker down by 33 points in one month!"
“I have only been using the wand for a month now and have already had amazing results. I have aggressive metastatic stage 4 her2+ breast cancer. This is the first time in over 18 months my tumor markers have come down. Now down 33 points in one month. ”
-Katharyn H.¹

"Delivers healing on demand!"
“Bone pain gone. Decreased back pain, decrease hip pain noted.”
-Julia C.¹

"Irreparable Nerve Damage… Repaired!"
"First wand was made 7 years ago for a woman whose little daughter fell from the dryer and broke her shoulder. Her arm and had had so much nerve damage, she could not move anything. The doctors were going to do a nerve graft and the mom said “no.” She bought a wand used the Sound of the Sun with magnets and after 3 months, her fingers were moving again and months later full movement in arm and hands."

" Free Of Toxoplasmosis!"
"I am thrilled to report that my veterinarian just informed me that my kitty is free of Toxoplasmosis!! She was diagnosed with Toxo three weeks ago after months of muscle loss and seizures. The original report a couple of months earlier on my seizing, poor looking kitty showed normal blood work, but there were no tests to look for anything "outside the box." A suggestion was made to try phenobarbital for the seizures. I was unwilling to treat the symptoms, only, so I declined that road. A second opinion included a wide blood screen which found my kitty had a bad Toxoplasmosis infection. I had just received my Wand and amplifier, so I decided to try it on the kitty. I found Toxo Rife Frequencies, and using my own protocol, I regularly treated her. That was scary, as I was also trying to treat the seizures, and it was all really an experiment. The high dose antibiotic route was going to be very hard on her already sick body, so I experimented with the Wand. And, here we are, three weeks later, the cat is acting more normal, and tests show no more Toxoplasmosis! The Toxo organism has done a number on my kitty's body, however. I am still treating her with the Wand too, hopefully, rid her of the seizures and restore her balance. There is NO doubt the Wand's light frequencies killed the Toxo organism in my cat. I did not use any of the antibiotics prescribed for her. I kept them to use only if the Wand was unsuccessful. I am totally a believer in Wand as a healing tool. I have used the Wand on my husband, my horses, and myself. We are all feeling the benefits. The kitty proved via blood testing that the Wand is for real. I recommend it to everyone."
-Ty McClung, Gainesville, FL¹

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