Pee 2.5X Faster and Say Goodbye to Frequent Trips to the Bathroom

Reclaim your confidence and vitality with Qi Coil Frequencies
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Stop Waking Up Multiple Times a Night Due to Prostate Issues

Finally, Enjoy Uninterrupted, Refreshing Sleep All Night Long

Scientific Studies

  1. The efficacy of PEMF therapy in reducing symptoms of BPH, supported by empirical evidence showing significant improvement in urinary symptoms and prostate volume (Elgohary and Tantawy, 2017).
  2. Investigations on the effects of PEMF on benign prostatic hyperplasia, revealing positive outcomes such as symptom management and potential long-term benefits (Giannakopoulos et al., 2011).
  3. A comparative study using PEMF therapy on canines with enlarged prostate, which provided a foundation for its application in human BPH treatment by demonstrating a significant reduction in prostate volume (Leoci et al., 2014).
  4. Clinical trials at Sapienza University of Rome, showcasing the success of handheld PEMF devices in decreasing prostate size and alleviating BPH symptoms in a pilot study, indicating a robust potential for non-invasive treatment (Andrology, 2020).
  5. Further research on the therapeutic use of PEMF therapy as documented in a study which observed reductions in prostate volume and lower urinary tract symptoms in patients with BPH, underscoring its therapeutic potential (Tenuta et al., 2020).

Recommended by Leading Physicians

Dr. Thomas Brewer, PhD

16 Year Blood Microscopist

Dr. Fab Mancini

Ex-President of Parker Chiropractic University

Dr. Barry Morguelan

Renowned Gastroenterologist and Surgeon

Combat Prostate Issues and Regain Your Confidence with Targeted Frequency Therapy

Experience the Life-Saving Benefits of Prostate Wellness

Improved Urinary Flow

Experience a strong, steady stream every time you urinate, reducing the need for frequent bathroom trips

Enhanced Sleep Quality

Sleep through the night without waking up multiple times and wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the day.

Renewed Energy Levels

Helps to reduce inflammation and swelling in the prostate. This alleviates discomfort and promotes better overall prostate health

Pee Like A Power Hose

Experience a Strong, Steady Stream Every Time with Qi Coil Frequencies
Prostate issues can turn what should be a peaceful night's rest into a series of frustrating interruptions, leaving you exhausted and irritable. Imagine drifting into deep, uninterrupted sleep and staying that way until morning, waking up feeling refreshed and revitalized. With Qi Coil Frequencies, this can be your reality. By addressing the root causes of your prostate issues naturally and effectively, Qi Coil allows you to enjoy the restful, rejuvenating sleep you deserve. Say goodbye to frequent nighttime bathroom trips and hello to more energy and better overall health.

6 Tesla Inspired Technologies in One

Inspired by the groundbreaking work of Nikola Tesla and Royal Rife, the Qi Coil integrates six revolutionary technologies
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    High Dose PEMF Therapy

    Harnessing electromagnetic fields to enhance wellness across all bodily functions.
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    Rife Frequency Therapy

    Targeting specific health issues with precision frequencies known for their healing properties.
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    Quantum Sound Therapy

    Using sound waves to provide therapeutic benefits, promoting mental and physical harmony.
  • Iocn-4_780c04c4-54af-486d-9bbf-e50864bb24aa

    Crystal Resonance Therapy

    Available with Qi Coil 3 and Max only, enhancing healing processes through the natural power of crystals.
  • Icon-5_4cac35bc-6c7b-40a9-8f97-98e22a087ab8

    Scalar Energy Therapy

    Available with Qi Coil 3 and Max only, utilizing scalar waves for deeper and more effective healing.
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    EMF Protection

    Offering protection against electromagnetic fields, contributing to overall well-being.

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Qi Coil™ Mini Starter System: Mobile Rife & PEMF Therapy

$399 $2,605

Qi Coil™ Mini System with Resonant Console 1

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Qi Coil™ 3S Transformation System with Resonant Console 2

$3,995 $9,952

Qi Coil™ Max Transformation System with Resonant Console 2

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Prostate Wellness: Male Potency & Vigor Frequency
Prostate Wellness: Male Potency & Vigor Frequency
Prostate Wellness: Male Potency & Vigor Frequency
Prostate Wellness: Male Potency & Vigor Frequency
Prostate Wellness: Male Potency & Vigor Frequency
This frequency collection utilizes advanced sound wave technology to promote prostate health and enhance male vitality. Additionally, it incorporates the benefits of natural herbs like Ashwagandha, Korean Panax Ginseng, and Maca Root through sound therapy, supporting hormone balance, energy levels, and overall prostate function.
4.86/5 from 6855 reviews

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Includes 8 Proven Frequencies for Prostate Wellness

With extensive research and advancements in prostate wellness, we bring you a blend of traditional and cutting-edge solutions designed to offer comprehensive care for those living with Prostate.
[COIL] Male Comprehensive Support
Optimized for Qi Coils, this frequency supports overall male reproductive health
Korean Panax Ginseng
A component known for its ability to enhance stamina and cognitive function.
Maca Root
A potent herb for boosting libido and overall vitality, essential for male wellness.
Tribulus Terrestris
Supports healthy testosterone levels, crucial for male performance and prostate wellness.
D-Aspartic Acid
An amino acid that plays a key role in testosterone production.
Tongkat Ali
Known for improving male vitality and hormonal balance.
[COIL] Male Comprehensive Support 1
Supports healthy testosterone levels, crucial for male performance and prostate wellness.
[COIL] Male Comprehensive Support 2
An amino acid that plays a key role in testosterone production.

Do Not Drown in the Financial Burden of Prostate Management

From medications to endless medical appointments, the costs of managing prostate issues can be astronomical and never-ending. Qi Coils, combined with Prostate Wellness Frequencies, offer a cost-effective solution to help you manage your condition better, reducing reliance on expensive therapies and frequent medical visits. Take control of your health and your finances with Qi Coils—experience effective prostate care without the financial strain.

The Science of Frequencies

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    Revolutionary Neuro-Programming: Our system features up to 5000 holographic data signals per program, significantly more advanced than standard offerings, to induce a broad range of specific states.
  • Icon_2_676079a8-5e48-4c68-8a82-9c20dc5a9c14
    Molecular Mapping Technology: By analyzing the unique properties of molecules, we create precise frequency profiles to mimic their effects.
  • Icon_1_44ac4ced-d4b8-49b5-b209-10b28b3198c3
    Molecular Mapping Technology: By analyzing the unique properties of molecules, we create precise frequency profiles to mimic their effects.
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    Electromagnetic Signature Harmonization: We decode and align the electromagnetic signatures of substances and cells for profound well-being improvements.

How It Works: Pills Vs Frequencies

Diabetes Defender employs targeted frequencies, each resonating with your body's systems to optimize health. It's a therapeutic symphony, with each note fine-tuning your body's response to diabetes, fostering balance and well-being.


  • Not always available for purchase.

  • Requires oral ingestion.

  • Needs to be repurchased when supply runs out.

  • Must be digested by the body.

  • Generally low efficiency in absorption and effect.



  • Always accessible.

  • Non-contact absorption directly into cells.

  • Unlimited use with no need to repurchase.

  • Directly interacts with cellular processes.

  • Up to 100 times more efficient than traditional pills.

Real Stories, Real Relief: Hear from Men Who’ve Found Freedom

Discover How Qi Coil Has Transformed Their Lives
I used to wake up multiple times a night because of my prostate issues. After using Qi Coils for a few weeks, I can finally sleep through the night without any interruptions. It's been a game-changer for me

Peter M.

Going to the bathroom was always a struggle with weak urine flow. Qi Coils helped me regain a strong, steady stream. It's such a relief to not have to worry about finding a bathroom all the time.

David L.

I was skeptical at first, but Qi Coils really made a difference. My prostate discomfort has reduced significantly, and I feel more energetic and comfortable throughout the day. I'm really glad I gave it a try..

Benjamin K.

More Success Stories & Testimonials

"I felt that have excess energy to the point that I had an exercise in the morning but I need to move or do anything because there is a lot of energy in my body. I saw the effects in the amount of time."

Vanessa Gutierrez, Entrepreneur, Holistic Business Coach
"I was in three severe accidents and had metal implants in my shoulder. The Qi Coil has been a game-changer for me. It's already reducing my pain, and I've only been using it for a few weeks."
"Disclaimer: Qi Coils are not approved by the FDA to treat, heal, prevent, or mitigate any disease. The information provided is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. Consult a qualified healthcare professional before using any products from Results may vary, and testimonials do not guarantee similar outcomes. By using the products, you release Qi Coils and its affiliates from any liability."
"From normalizing diabetic sugar levels to reducing skin cancer irritations and even assisting a neighbor's dog with bladder cancer, Qi Coils enhance overall well-being, offering increased energy, better relaxation, and improved sleep quality—a genuine game-changer."

Healing the World Together


Joe Vitale

Featured in "The Secret" Movie

Barry Morguelan

A world-renowned surgeon and pioneer in gastroenterology

Kevin Harrington

Entrepreneur, As Seen On "Shark Tank"

Vishen Lakhiani

CEO of MindValley

Jim Kwik

World's #1 Brain Coach

Dr. Patrick Porter PhD

Neuro-Scientist, Founder of Braintap

Dr. Har Hari Khalsa

Renowned Yogi, 33-Year Chiropractor

Dr. Amin Javid

Celebrity Chiropractor, Author of Human Biomechanics

Dr. Joy Kong, MD

Triple Board-Certified Stem Cell Specialist

Dr. Jason Chiriano, DO

Founder of Vivalife Healing Centers

Dr. Isaac Jones

Founder of Health Experts Alliance


Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Jeffrey R. Gladden, MD

Longevity Expert

Les Brown

Greatest Motivational Speaker of All Time

Dr. Thomas Brewer, PhD Chemist

16 Year Blood Microscopist

Don’t Let Prostate Issues Steal Your Vitality

Take Control Now and Safeguard Your Wellbeing
Living with prostate problems can pose serious health challenges, but you don't have to face them alone. Qi Coils are designed to enhance your body’s natural defenses, helping to improve urinary flow and reduce inflammation. Take control now and safeguard your well-being against the unpredictable nature of prostate issues. Act today with Qi Coils—ensure your health is protected, not compromised. Don’t let prostate issues steal what makes you feel vibrant and alive.