Abundance Ultimate: Prosperity Programming Higher Quantum Frequencies
Abundance Bundle Higher Quantum Frequencies
Abundance Bundle Higher Quantum Frequencies
Abundance Bundle Higher Quantum Frequencies
Abundance Bundle Higher Quantum Frequencies

Abundance Ultimate: Prosperity Programming

$1,997 USD $14,999 USD

World's Most Powerful Frequencies For Abundance & Manifestation

  • Prosperity Programming Frequencies: Unlock the power of this revolutionary product designed to align your energy with universal frequencies of abundance.
  • Versatile Benefits: Whether you're pursuing financial success, personal fulfillment, or love, Abundance Ultimate is your key to unlocking a life overflowing with prosperity and joy.
  • Transformation Awaits: Experience the transformative potential of Abundance Ultimate and embark on a journey towards a life filled with abundance and fulfillment.

11 Frequencies to Manifest Wealth and Prosperity Automatically

Don't just imagine attracting abundance – experience it with Ultimate Abundance Frequencies!
1. Universal Abundance: Feel a profound connection with the universe, experiencing a sense of awe and wonder as you tap into endless possibilities and opportunities that life has to offer.
2. Joyful, Fulfilled and Grateful: Embrace a heart full of joy and a mind filled with gratitude, leading to an enriched and deeply satisfying life where every day feels more meaningful and rewarding.
3. Instantaneous Luck: Enjoy a delightful sense of serendipity and fortune, feeling as though the universe is conspiring to bring you good luck and positive outcomes at every turn.
4. Abundance Achieved : Experience the exhilaration and fulfillment of seeing your dreams and goals materialize, bringing a sense of accomplishment and pride in your achievements.
5. Business Success: Feel empowered and confident as your business endeavors flourish, bringing a sense of achievement and recognition in your professional life.
6. Financial Wealth: Experience the peace and security that comes from financial stability and abundance, freeing you from stress and anxiety about the future.
7. Prosperity Attained: Relish in the joy and contentment of a prosperous life, enjoying the luxury, comfort, and freedom that comes with true abundance.
8. Attract Soul Mate: Feel the deep emotional connection and joy of attracting your soul mate, experiencing love, companionship, and a profound sense of belonging.
9. Grounding and Programming: Experience a sense of clarity and focus, feeling grounded and steadfast in your pursuit of goals, with a mind programmed for success and fulfillment.
10. [COIL] Abundance Ultimate 1: Optimized for Qi Coils. Amplify the power of abundance frequencies, enhancing the overall experience.
11. [COIL] Abundance Ultimate 2: Optimized for Qi Coils. Further intensify the resonance with abundance, solidifying your journey towards prosperity.

Easing Fatigue and Boosting Immunity

This therapy is more than sound; it's a proactive stance in your battle against cancer. It's designed to
  • Combat Fatigue: Specifically designed to help reduce the profound tiredness often associated with cancer and its treatments.
  • Alleviate Discomfort: Offers gentle relief from physical discomfort, enhancing your daily comfort and well-being. 
  • Strengthen Immune Response: Supports your body’s immune system, an essential partner in your fight against cancer. 
  • Manage Nausea: Helps in reducing feelings of nausea, a common side effect of many cancer treatments.
  • Support Appetite and Digestion: Aids in normalizing appetite and digestion, important for maintaining strength and health

3 Steps to Manifestation... AUTOMATED!

Shortcut the Process Taught by Joe Dispenza, Michael Beckwith, The Secret and Silva Method Instantly!
  • Visualize What You Want

  • Feel the Emotions of Achievement

  • Energize And Resonate The Experience

Abundance Amplified!

I listened to your Abundance Ultimate frequency yesterday and received an unexpected check today for $32,000! I’m serious. I’m a fan!
Dr. Joe Vitale
Featured in "The Secret" Movie

8 Reasons Why You Need This Today

  • 1_time

    Effortless and Time-Efficient

    Easily integrate these frequencies into your daily routine without the need for active engagement or extensive time commitment.
  • 2_science_based

    Science-Backed Approach

    Grounded in the principles of bioenergetics and sound therapy, offering a modern and researched-based method for personal growth.
  • 3_targeted

    Targeted and Personalized

    Each frequency is specifically designed for different aspects of abundance, providing a more tailored approach than generic self-help solutions.
  • 4_non_invasive

    Non-Invasive and Safe

    A comfortable and risk-free option compared to more intrusive methods, with no known side effects.
  • 5_cost_effective


    A one-time investment that offers enduring value, in contrast to the ongoing costs of workshops or personal coaching.
  • 6_holistic_development

    Holistic Development

    Covers a wide range of life aspects, from financial wealth to personal fulfillment, supporting overall well-being.
  • 7_qi_coil_compatible

    Qi Coil Compatible

    Enhanced by [COIL] frequencies, making them compatible with advanced Qi Coil technology for improved effectiveness.
  • 8_convenient

    Convenient and Accessible

    Enjoy these transformative frequencies from the comfort of your home, saving time and avoiding the hassle of travel.

How It Works...

Abundance Ultimate employs targeted frequencies, each resonating with key aspects of abundance, from wealth to love. These frequencies work to align your energy systems with the abundance of the universe, fostering an environment where prosperity thrives.

Embrace the Science of Frequencies

Emerging research in bioenergetics reveals the profound impact of frequencies on our lives. Abundance Ultimate harnesses these principles, offering a powerful aid in your journey towards abundance.
Revolutionary Neuro-Programming: Our system features up to 5000 holographic data signals per program, significantly more advanced than standard offerings, to induce a broad range of specific states.
Molecular Mapping Technology: By analyzing the unique properties of molecules, we create precise frequency profiles to mimic their effects.
Brainwave EEG sampling: Our system goes beyond typical brainwave states, programming the mind for specific states like calmness, confidence, and creativity.
Electromagnetic Signature Harmonization: We decode and align the electromagnetic signatures of substances and cells for profound well-being improvements.
Qi Life’s Pioneering Algorithms: With over a decade of research, we've developed unique frequency-based methods for mind and body enhancement, combining multi-disciplinary research and advanced mathematics for transformative experiences.

Avoid the Pitfalls of a Life Without Abundance Ultimate Frequencies

  1. Missed Opportunities for Wealth: Regret Missed Opportunities for Wealth? Without these frequencies, you risk missing financial prosperity.
  2. Continued Financial Struggles: Aligning with our frequencies can be the difference between enduring ongoing financial hardships and stepping into a life of wealth and success.
  3. Stagnation in Personal Growth: Break Free from Stagnation. These frequencies propel you towards personal and professional growth.
  4. Lost Connections: Unlock Meaningful Connections. These frequencies draw in vital relationships for joy and completeness.
  5. Persistent Negative Mindset: Break Free from Negativity. These frequencies clear the path to a life filled with abundance and positivity."

What Our Customers Are Saying

“As a luxury real estate agent in New Jersey, I was initially skeptical, but after using the luck frequency, I successfully closed a deal, securing a substantial $90,000 commission. Qi Coils exceeded my expectations!”

- Sarah B.
Since using the infinite frequencies, money has been flowing into my life from unexpected sources and in various areas. It's a welcome and surprising transformation.

- Melany W.
“As the owner of an IT company, incorporating the luck frequency proved to be a game-changer. We clinched two high 6 figures to million-dollar deals, showcasing the tangible impact Qi Coils can have on business success.”

- Kelly S
Integrating frequency with growth has added a new dimension to my journey. In a realm where few explore energy, David stands out as a pioneer. His innovative approach aligns with my philosophy of achieving more with less effort. It's a valuable asset in my ongoing quest for self-improvement.”

- Mark T., Sales Increase Mentor, Inc. 5000 Solar Company Partner
Things started falling into place, with unexpected financial opportunities emerging. I secured investments that took off, bringing unexpected prosperity. This journey has been a series of fantastic opportunities, one after the other!

Jessica O., Influencer

An incredible surprise! Someone I've long wanted to collaborate with, a vision board dream for the past five or six years, suddenly entered my reality. They offered to introduce us, and now we're planning to work together, bringing ideas to life. Remarkable how things align out of nowhere!

Devora, Musician

I successfully cleared my $3 million debt by consistently using the abundance frequency, and I incorporate the abundance frequency into my daily routine. Qi Coil has played a significant role in transforming my life, making it a valuable investment in my well-being.

Jerome, Entrepreneur


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David Wong's Transformation Course ($995 Value)

Embark on a revolutionary 6-week journey with Peak Performance Innovator David Wong, combining ancient Chinese meditation practices with Qi Coil technology for rare insights into holistic well-being, guaranteed to transform your life.

Energy Healing with Qi Coils™ Course ($77 Value)

Transform your life in just 30 days with the 'Become an Energy Healer' course. Join Master Intuitive Energy Healer, Katie Langston, as she guides you through activating your healing abilities, unlocking psychic powers, and mastering energy healing.

Total Bonus Value $1,072!

Abundance Frequencies Comparison Chart


Comparing Mentorship VS Frequencies

Abundance Mentorship Programs Ultimate Abundance Frequencies
Ease of Use Requires scheduling and coordination Easy, accessible anytime
Time Efficiency Time-consuming due to sessions Quick, can use in the background
Innovation and Technology Traditional / Slow Utilizes cutting-edge bioenergetic technology
Energy Alignment Dependent on mentor's state Precisely tuned for consistent abundance alignment
Consistency Depends on mentor's condition Consistently high quality every use
Long-term Empowerment Dependent on mentor guidance Independently empowers individual alignment
Cost-Effectiveness May involve ongoing costs One-time purchase for lifetime benefits
Scalability Typically one-on-one Suitable for multiple individuals simultaneously
Relevance and Impact Knowledge potentially outdated by AI Gives you the Experience for lasting, effective impact

Frequency Asked Questions

What's the difference between Ultimate Abundance, QiEnergy.ai Abundance and Inner Circle Abundance frequencies?

Ultimate Abundance is a Tier 5 frequency, offering the newest and most potent abundance and manifestation frequencies. It works even faster and deeper compared to Inner Circle Abundance / Manifestation / Money, which is Tier 4, and QiEnergy.ai Abundance which is Tier 1.

Do I need Qi Coils or Qi Coil Aura to use these frequencies?

The frequencies can be used without coils. However, using Qi Coils or Qi Coil Aura can enhance the experience.

Do I need any special device to play these frequencies?

Any device that plays music, like a phone or computer, is suitable. For a fuller experience, consider using quality speakers, headphones, Qi Tones or our Quantum Sound Beds. Check our accessories collection at qilifestore.com.

Is there a refund policy for Ultimate Abundance frequencies?

No, we do not offer refunds for Ultimate Abundance frequencies. These frequencies represent the pinnacle of our technological and energetic research, and we believe they are the best in the field. We seek to attract only those who are seriously committed to their personal growth and transformation. The absence of a refund policy is a part of ensuring that our clientele is as dedicated and invested in the process as we are in creating these powerful tools.

How soon will I feel the effects?

Most people feel an immediate energy shift, though it may take longer for others. Regardless of how long it takes to do it, these frequencies will align you towards your path to abundance in the most direct way possible.

Can I use these frequencies too much?

Yes, due to their potency. Overuse can lead to dizziness or nausea. Stay hydrated and avoid using them right before sleep, as they are highly energizing. You will feel it if you have had too much, just stop and continue to use them later or another day.

Can I apply a discount code for Ultimate Abundance?

No, discount codes are not applicable for Ultimate Abundance frequencies. The pricing reflects the unparalleled value and effectiveness of these frequencies. By maintaining a fixed price, we uphold the quality and exclusivity of this transformative product.

Can I buy these and use them forever without any additional fees?

Yes, once purchased, you can use them indefinitely without extra charges.

Attract Abundance Today – Flip the Switch!

Don't just imagine attracting abundance – experience it with Abundance Ultimate. Witness the transformative power of effortless attraction in your life. Your journey to health, wealth, and success starts with a simple flip of the switch. Abundance is waiting – claim it now!
Disclaimer:This product is intended for personal development purposes and does not guarantee financial success or personal relationships. Always approach life changes with balanced expectations and personal effort.