Pregnancy Conception Support: Ovulation &
After Vax Detox Pack
After Vax Detox Pack
Pregnancy Conception Support: Ovulation &
Pregnancy Conception Support: Ovulation &

Pregnancy Conception Support: Ovulation & Conception


World's Most Nurturing Frequencies for Female Fertility

Embarking on the journey to motherhood is a profound experience. "Pregnancy Fertility Support Frequencies" is your compassionate companion. Our meticulously crafted frequencies are designed to harmonize with your body’s natural rhythms, enhancing fertility and preparing you for the miracle of motherhood.
  • Enhance Your Reproductive Health: Experience a harmonious boost in your reproductive health, as our frequencies work in sync with your body to nurture your fertility.
  • Holistic Well-being for Aspiring Mothers: Achieve a serene balance in your body and mind, crucial for a successful journey to pregnancy.
  • Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy: Our frequencies create an optimal environment for conception, ensuring your body is ready to welcome new life.

8 Frequencies For Fertility Support

Pregnancy Fertility Support is more than sound therapy; it's a blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary scientific insight.
1. Fertility Comprehensive Support: It aims to rebalance your fertility environment, making it less susceptible to potential issues.
2. [Myo-Inositol]: A key role in ovarian function and egg quality, vital for successful conception.
3. Methylfolate - Folic Acid [L-Methylfolate/5-MTHF Methylfolate]: essential for DNA synthesis and repair, a cornerstone of fetal development and maternal wellness.
4. [L-Arginine]: enhances blood flow, supporting a healthy uterine environment crucial for implantation and early pregnancy.
5. [Ashwagandha]: known for its stress-reducing properties, is crucial for maintaining hormonal balance and overall fertility wellness.
6. [Pycnogenol]: a powerful antioxidant, supports vascular health, crucial for optimal ovarian function and a healthy pregnancy.
7. [COIL] Female Fertility Comprehensive Support 1: Optimized for Qi Coils. Amplify the power of fertility frequencies, enhancing the overall experience for female reproductive health.
8. [COIL] Female Fertility Comprehensive Support 2: Optimized for Qi Coils. Further intensify the resonance with fertility frequencies, solidifying the journey towards enhanced female fertility.

Transform Your Fertility Experience

Incorporate these fertility-support frequencies into your regimen for a more balanced, nurturing, and holistic approach to motherhood.
  • Targeted Cardio Fatigue Reduction: Specifically designed to address the deep-seated fatigue associated with cardiovascular challenges, helping you regain energy and vitality.
  • Heart Comfort and Mobility: Offers relief from the strain on your heart, promoting comfort and enhancing physical mobility for an improved quality of life.
  • Immune System Support for Cardio Health: Aids in fortifying your cardiovascular immune response, crucial in maintaining heart health and reducing the likelihood of related complications. 
  • Neurological Wellness for the Heart: Helps in supporting neurological aspects related to heart health, contributing to mental clarity and overall well-being.
  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction: Focuses on lowering stress and anxiety levels often associated with cardiovascular concerns, promoting emotional well-being in your heart health journey.

Why Choose Pregnancy Fertility

  • fertility_icon_2_945b6a73-9a01-451e-b15f-646365364c2e

    Fertility-Support Frequencies

    Enhanced Wellness in Your Pregnancy Journey
  • daily_integration_df6c7369-0707-43ca-a236-77b2f8f0e8c6

    Effortless Daily Integration

    Seamlessly incorporate these frequencies into your daily routine, with minimal time and effort required.
  • science_based

    Science-Backed Fertility Support

    Utilizing bioenergetics and sound therapy principles for a modern, evidence-based approach to enhancing female fertility.
  • fertility_icon_1

    Tailored for Female Fertility Challenges

    Each frequency is specifically chosen to address key aspects of female reproductive health, from egg quality improvement to hormonal balance.
  • non_invasive_5f594c53-55e5-4cb9-825e-7d2012324a08

    Non-Invasive and Safe

    A comfortable, side-effect-free alternative to more intrusive fertility treatments.
  • cost_effective

    Cost-Effective Solution

    Provides enduring value with a one-time investment, as opposed to the ongoing costs of traditional therapies.
  • 7_qi_coil_compatible

    Qi Coil Compatible

    Optimized for Qi Coil technology, augmenting the effectiveness of each frequency.
  • convenient_and_accessible

    Convenient and Accessible

    Access these supportive frequencies from the comfort of your home, anytime.

How It Works

Pregnancy Fertility Support employs targeted frequencies, resonating with your body to optimize reproductive health. It's a therapeutic symphony, each note fine-tuning your fertility, fostering balance, and enhancing your natural capacity for motherhood.

Pills vs Frequencies




May not be available for purchase

Easy Access

Must be ingested orally

Absorbed easily (contactless)

Must re-purchase when run out

Never runs out

Must be digested

Absorb directly into cells

Low efficiency (must be absorbed by digestive system)

100X's more efficient than pills

The Science of Quantum Frequencies

Delve into the scientific principles supporting Pregnancy Fertility Support efficacy, providing a clear understanding of how this device contributes to reproductive wellness.
Revolutionary Neuro-Programming: Our system features up to 5000 holographic data signals per program, significantly more advanced than standard offerings, to induce a broad range of specific states.
Molecular Mapping Technology: By analyzing the unique properties of molecules, we create precise frequency profiles to mimic their effects.
Brainwave EEG sampling: Our system goes beyond typical brainwave states, programming the mind for specific states like calmness, confidence, and creativity.
Electromagnetic Signature Harmonization: We decode and align the electromagnetic signatures of substances and cells for profound well-being improvements.
Qi Life’s Pioneering Algorithms: With over a decade of research, we've developed unique frequency-based methods for mind and body enhancement, combining multi-disciplinary research and advanced mathematics for transformative experiences.

Scientific Research on Frequency Therapy and Womens’ Health

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  • A Non-Invasive Approach to Enhancing Overall Health and Wellbeing

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Avoid the Pitfalls of a Life WITHOUT Pregnancy Fertility Support Frequencies

  1. Reduced Fertility Potential: Without these frequencies, you may experience potential declines in reproductive health and egg quality.
  2. Hormonal Imbalance: Enduring the challenges of hormonal fluctuations without our targeted frequencies may lead to hormonal imbalances.
  3. Increased Stress and Anxiety: Managing fertility without calming frequencies may heighten feelings of worry and uncertainty.
  4. Sleep and Mental Well-being: Navigating fertility challenges without these frequencies may result in restless nights and reduced mental clarity.

Take the First Step

Incorporate these fertility-support frequencies into your care routine for a more balanced and fulfilling journey to motherhood. Add to your cart for enhanced reproductive health and well-being.
Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It's crucial to consult with healthcare professionals for medical advice and treatment. click here.