Polygonal Frequencies

Polygonal Frequencies

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Develop the Best Version of You with Polygonal Frequencies

What is it?

Multi-sided geometry starting with a triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, etc. There are numbers that build these shapes known as the polygon number series.

When Jesus manifested the 153 fish in John 21:11 - he was manifesting with a number 153, which is the 17th triangle number. 17 x 3 triangle points = the Great Pyramid number 51.

These numbers are hidden frequencies. When we come to square numbers, we refer to numbers of the square and square root. When Einstein found that Energy was equal to mass times the speed of light squared, we follow in the law of the square in proportions of energy.

But it does not stop with the square because we go on to the Pentagon, with 5 sides, the hexagon with 6 sides, Heptagon with 7 sides, and octagon with 8 sides and we can infinitely add sides to the many-sided structures.

The numbers that build these structures have proportions and as we teach our nervous system these frequencies, we build order and geometry within us. This is matrix learning so that our brains are not a mess and have real architecture and increased holographic awareness.

What will I feel?

  • Invigoration
  • Vitality
  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Love

What do I use it for?

  • Mental Fatique Relief
  • Muscles Relax
  • Nerve Repair

What Chakras are affected?

  • All chakra energy focus to heart chakras

Frequencies List:

Polygonal Frequencies - 3 Triangle Numbers
Polygonal Frequencies - 4 Square Numbers
Polygonal Frequencies - 5 Pentagonal Numbers
Polygonal Frequencies - 6 Hexagonal Numbers
Polygonal Frequencies - 7 Heptagonal Numbers
Polygonal Frequencies - 8 Octagonal Numbers
Polygonal Frequencies - 9 Nonagonal Numbers
Polygonal Frequencies - 10 Decagonal Numbers
Polygonal Frequencies - 11 Hendecagonal Numbers
Polygonal Frequencies - 12 Dodecagonal Numbers
Polygonal Frequencies - 13 Tridecagonal Numbers
Polygonal Frequencies - 14 Tetradecagoonal Numbers


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