Entire Quantum Frequencies Collection
Entire Quantum Frequencies Collection
Entire Quantum Frequencies Collection
Entire Quantum Frequencies Collection
Entire Quantum Frequencies Collection
Entire Quantum Frequencies Collection

Entire Quantum Frequencies Collection

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Ultimate Quantum Frequency Bundle

Included 43 Albums and 595 Frequencies:

Grand Cosmos Bundle

Sound of the Sun (DNA Repair and Healing)
Sun and Moon Resonance Harmonics
Schumann Resonance 7.83hz Brainwave Frequencies
Schumann Resonance 7.83hz Advanced Brainwave Harmonics
9 Planets Pi
9 Planets Plus
Star Systems Plus (Astral Projection)
Star Frequencies (Outer Body Meditation)
Star Harmonics (Astral Projection Meditation)

Ultimate Chakra Series Bundle

Root Chakra Series - Centering and Grounding Meditation
Sacral Chakra Series - Sensuality and Creativity Meditation
Solar Plexus Chakra Series - Qi Energy Mental Power Meditation
Heart Chakra Series - Peace, Love and Beauty Meditation
Throat Chakra Series - Expression and Communication Meditation
Third Eye Chakra Series - Intuition and Foresight Meditation
Crown Chakra Series - Spiritual Enlightenment Meditation
Pineal Gland Activation (Third Eye Awakening)
7 Chakra Tune-Up Harmonics - Activation And Balancing

Brain Boost Bundle

Brainwave Enhancement - Balance and Clarity
True Phi Brain Focus Concentration
Pineal Gland Activation (Third Eye Awakening)

Powerful Meditation & Abundance Amplifier Bundle

Infinities Plus (Abundance & Release)
Trinity - 3 Most Sacred Frequencies - God Connection
The Cube - Sacred Resonance - Spirit Connection
Cosmic Frequency of Life
Balance Frequency of Wholeness
Great Pyramid Harmonics (Manifestation Amplifier)
Pineal Gland Activation (Third Eye Awakening)
Polygonal Frequencies
Prime Numbers (Time Travel Vortex)
Prime Numbers 1000
Royal Cubit
Spiritual Ascension (Consciousness Expansion)

Total Transformation Solfeggio Frequencies Bundle

Pain Management - Back Pain, Arthritis, Headaches
Deep Healing From Within
Liberation of Guilt & Fear
Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
Connecting and Relationships
Intuition and Divine Knowledge
Inner Strength Awakening & Self Realization
Higher Mind Activation
Solfeggio Quantum Frequencies


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Resonant Wave™ Devices are not Rife Machines.  They are Electromagnetic and Gem Resonance Device Powered By Nature’s Sounds and Rife Frequencies.

We only use RIFE frequencies with deep pulsed magnetic waves, avoiding the controversial harmful radio waves as carrier waves.

The "Electric Power Research Institute" studies found harmful effects of radio waves on human beings to be controversial, thus many RIFE devices were banned or even targeted by the US Federal Government.

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