Brainwave Enhancement - Balance and Clarity

Brainwave Enhancement - Balance and Clarity

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Imagine... Activating 100% of Your Brain's Full Potential

What is it?

  • Fibonacci & Phi Frequencies
  • Numbers are 0,1,2,3,5,8,13,21... (Keep adding previous number)
  • Ratio becomes 1.618
  • This ratio is found everywhere on the human body and nature
  • Considered the be ratio that creates "beauty"
  • True Phi takes Fibonacci numbers to a whole new level in multiples of 1.6180339887


What will I feel?

  • Harmony
  • Peace
  • One with nature
  • Tranquility


What do I use it for?
  • Make you smarter
  • Increases synchronicity of delta brain waves (1.618)
  • Opens unused parts of your brain
  • Tunes your brain waves to the perfect golden ratio
  • Increase logical, emotional, and spiritual intelligence
  • Experience relaxed focus
  • Balances of your brain waves
  • Use "high Phi" for deep focus
  • Use "low Phi" for deep relaxation


What Chakras are affected?

  • All chakras


Why you need it?

  • Experiencing mental stress?
  • Brain fog?
  • Brain clog?
  • Can't focus?

Frequencies List

  1. Alpha (Relaxation)
  2. Beta (Focus)
  3. Delta (Sleep, Healing)
  4. Gamma (Heightened Perception)
  5. High Gamma (Heightened Perception)
  6. Theta (Dream, Meditation)
  7. Alpha (Relaxation) Triangle
  8. Beta (Focus) Triangle
  9. Delta (Sleep, Healing) Triangle
  10. Gamma (Heightened Perception) Triangle
  11. High Gamma (Heightened Perception) Triangle
  12. Theta (Dream, Meditation) Triangle


Delivered as Hi-Definition audio mp3 files.

Total FIle Size: 70.3 MB


Note: These frequencies can be used on all Apple and Android devices and any brand computer or Laptop.


Experience Qi Energy!

Use these frequencies with Qi Coil or Resonant Wave Systems for enhanced effects.



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Resonant Wave™ Devices are not Rife Machines. They are Electromagnetic and Gem Resonance Device Powered By Nature’s Sounds and Rife Frequencies. We only use RIFE frequencies with deep pulsed magnetic waves, avoiding the controversial harmful radio waves as carrier waves. The "Electric Power Research Institute" studies found harmful effects of radio waves on human beings to be controversial, thus many RIFE devices were banned or even targeted by the US Federal Government.

Disclaimer: Any and all information are for educational purposes only. It is by no means meant to be taken as medical advice or replacement for medical care. None of the products on this website are intended as a diagnosis, treatment, cure or proven to prevent any disease. You should never change or stop taking any medication unless you have discussed the situation with your medical practitioner.

These Frequencies are found deep inside of nature.

There is Phi Ratio or Fibonacci series frequencies that smooth out the nervous system, or True Phi frequencies. The Fibonacci sequence of eventually leads to a ratio between the lower number and the higher number equal to the true phi ratio of 1 to 1.6180339887

The true knowledge of these numbers has been identified in the dimensions of the great pyramid in numerous places. Mostly, Phi has ruled the harmonic ratios in nature's spiral designs such as seashells, plants, flowers, etc.

Both of these sequences as frequencies have a profound effect on tuning your brainwaves! Listen on good headphones for 5 minutes and Meditate - Breathe - Joy!