Attracting the pinnacle of success and balance, David Wong invites all trailblazers, pioneers, CEOs, biohackers, healers, and affluent business owners to embark on a transformational journey with us.

We offer a unique pathway to mastering the intricacies of life and unlocking the limitless potential within you.

David Wong, Our Mentor

David Wong “The Qi Master”, is a best-selling author, visionary inventor , inspiration speaker, martial artist, qi gong practitioner and successful entrepreneur.
He is the founder of Qi Life, a company that develops cutting-edge technologies for personal wellness and a world-class expert on Qi Energy and the science of Life Force. His mission is to help others unlock their human potential.

The Inner Circle program is designed to assist you in

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    Harnessing the power of attraction to manifest abundance in all areas of life.
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    Eliminating stress, negativity, trauma, and triggers from your life, even if they stem from past life experiences.
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    Building meaningful relationships and strategic partnerships.
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    Manifesting your desires with ease and grace.
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    Overcoming mental, emotional, and spiritual hurdles.

The Inner Circle program is designed to assist you in

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    Health Revitalization - Get support for health issues like gout, pain, sluggishness, and depression, and manage chronic diseases. Gain the strength to handle life's toughest situations.
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    Emotional Well-being - Navigate through separation, loss, stress, uncertainty, and loneliness. Find direction, break free from feeling stuck, and improve your relationships
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    Personal Development - Discover your true potential, redefine your life plan, and unlock your DNA. Experience a surge in willpower, motivation, and inspiration. Expand your spiritual self and cultivate a hunger for knowledge and understanding.
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    Spiritual Alignment - Tune into our most powerful consciousness expanding frequencies, attain higher resonance, and transcend the ego. Explore Qi energy, love, and ascension. Achieve mastery in energy healing or other spiritual practices
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    Financial Empowerment - Overcome financial hurdles and invite prosperity into your life. Find the energy and focus to improve your financial situation and overcome adversities in your family or a string of bad luck.

3 Steps: How Inner Circle Frequencies Work

  • Remove Negative Energies that are sabotaging your life

  • Accelerate Your Physical and Mental Health

  • Reprogram your consciousness to attract abundance automatically and effortlessly

Choose Your Level

Qi Life Inner Circle
David Wong Inner Circle - Next Level Transformation
David Wong Inner Circle - Next Level Transformation
David Wong Inner Circle - Next Level Transformation
David Wong Inner Circle - Next Level Transformation
David Wong Inner Circle
David Wong Inner Circle
David Wong Inner Circle
David Wong Inner Circle
David Wong Inner Circle
David Wong Inner Circle
David Wong Inner Circle
Qi Life Inner Circle Plus
$5,995 one-time or 7 payments of $995
All Bonuses (Learn More)
All 78 Inner Circle Frequency Collections

Experience 78 of Our Most Powerful Exclusive Inner Circle Frequencies

Automatically attract health, wealth and success ($699 Value)
  • Start making and saving more money
  • Experience feeling lucky all the time
  • Develop business and financial instincts that help you succeed
  • Create neuronal patterns that attract fortune
Unlock your hidden powers and become superhuman ($699 Value)
  • Activate your pineal gland
  • Open your third eye
  • Achieve enlightenment
  • Access deeper levels of consciousness
  • Spark your intuition and instincts Induce psychic abilities
  • Astral projection, clairvoyance, lucid dreaming, telepathy, remote viewing and more
  • Psychic Shield to protect you
Experience mind altering expanded states of consciousness ($699 Value)
  • Experience LSD, Mushrooms, Cannabis and psychotropic effects without ingesting any substances
  • Full body tingling sensations leading to total relaxation
  • Experience complete euphoria
  • Enhance and amplify your sensory perceptions and feel totally rejuvenated and alive
Attracting good events will help improve mental state ($699 Value)
  • Attracts success and abundance
  • Increase attraction and attention from the opposite gender
  • Improves chances of earning more money
  • Increase sensible and realistic conscious aims of life
  • Helps develop self-discipline and a strong mindset
Helps in Developing a Strong Mind ($499 Value)
  • Helps in developing a strong mind
  • Helps you start achieving for goals
  • Achieve enlightenment
  • Opens your mind and put it to a state of calmness
  • Clear insight and understanding of financial matters
  • Clear blockages to financial success
  • Relieve stress caused by financial issues
Tune your own frequency to Creator Consciousness ($699 Value)
  • Create your own reality with thoughts and energy
  • Discover your inner purpose and develop infinite will power
  • Connect to your inner determination and enthusiasm
  • Unleash your innate manifestation abilities
Powerful Energetic Programming for Attracting Money($699 Value)
  • Powerful energetic programming for attracting money
  • Improve financial situation through career or business
  • Accumulate money through discipline and better career and business situation
Powerful Energetic Programming for Attracting Money ($799 Value)
  • Powerful energetic programming for massive business success
  • Attract more customers, revenue and resources
  • Achieve enlightenment
  • Accelerate your business growth with unlimited source energy
Stimulate your brain and your mind while increasing neuroplasticity ($799 Value)
  • Enhance cognition and memory
  • Improved critical thinking and problem solving
  • Experience jolts of creativity
  • Accelerate your ability to learn

How Frequencies Transform You...

Your brain is a super computer that controls your body with ELECTRICAL IMPULSES. These impulses can get distorted over time from numerous causes, and negative things can happen to you such as physical pain in your body, negative thoughts and emotions in your mind, and lower vibrations in your energy field.

Because the observer affects the reality around them, your thoughts and your energy field create the manifestations in your life. When you immerse yourself in Higher Quantum Frequencies you are receiving a direct neuronal download through the sound and magnetic vibrations. These vibrations will cause your brain to release neurotransmitters, and give rise to feelings of joy and delight, amplifying the power of your electromagnetic field.

The result? Only you will know, because you are the creator of your own reality. David Wong meticulously selected this collection EXCLUSIVELY FOR INNER CIRCLE MEMBERS ONLY Each frequency has gone through rigorous testing for several years on our test groups to ensure their powers are maximized.

Studies in quantum physics have shown an “inexplicable” effect known as the observer phenomenon, proving that the observer affects reality.

As your biofield interacts with universal energy on the quantum level the Qi Coil and 4 dimensional frequencies amplify the "signal strength" of your biofield so that it can project farther and more powerfully to the universe which will enhance your ability to manifest your intentions.

What Are Inner Circle Higher Quantum Frequencies?

They are the next level of frequencies, that harness the power of 4 dimensions.
  • Rife Frequencies are single frequencies (1 dimension)
  • Binaural beats are 2 frequencies (2 dimensions)
  • Quantum Frequencies are multiple frequencies (3 dimensions)
  • Higher Quantum Frequencies are dynamic layers of fields of intention (4 dimensions)

Get These FREE Bonuses When You Join Qi Life Inner Circle

  • community-leadership-opportunities

    Community Leadership Opportunities ($Priceless)

    Grab the opportunities to work David Wong exclusively as he shares his positive mindset.
  • exclusive-inner-circle-facebook

    Exclusive Inner Circle Facebook Group($1,000 Value)

    Exclusive Facebook group for special perks, access to exclusive content, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals.
  • transformation-course_d3f9630c-e8f3-448d-b15a-c277952e55de

    David Wong's Transformation Course($1,000 Value)

    This Course help individuals improve their lives and achieve their goals through a variety of techniques and tools, including meditation, and energetic healing practices.
  • complimentary-attendance-to-special-events

    Complimentary attendance to special events ($1,000 Value)

    Grab a seat and enjoy David Wong special events.
  • special-member-only-deals

    Special Member-Only deals (($1,000 Value)

    Get our special discounts from our great deals!
  • qi-the-science-of-life-force

    Life of Qi Ebook and Audiobook (($39 Value)

    Grab a soft copy of Life of Qi by David Wong.
  • david-with-pearls2

    Access directly to David Wong's socials ($5,000 Value)

    Get special advice and coach by our very own DAVID WONG.
  • exclusive-inner-circle-telegram-group

    Exclusive Inner Circle Telegram Group($1,000 Value)

    Get exclusive access to our Telegram community and engage with other members on a variety of topics.
  • boris-12-modules

    12 Step Self-Actualization Course($1,000 Value)

    Get special access to 12 modules from Boris Kerjner.
  • early-prototype-access

    Early Prototype Access ($500 Value)

    Be one of the first to have access to our new meditation technology
  • priority-customer-support

    Priority customer support with dedicated Qi Life Concierge (($1,000 Value)

    Experience top-notch customer support with our dedicated concierge team, available to assist you with all of your needs as a priority customer.
  • qi-the-science-of-life-force

    A physical copy of Life of Qi - The Science of Life Force (($20 Value)

    Grab a hard copy of Life of Qi by David Wong.

Total IC Frequencies Value: $11,968

Bonus Value: $12,059

Total Measurable Value: $24,027

What Members Are Saying...

"UHHH! What is in that magnetic attraction frequency? Because the girls have been buzzing all around me (yes. Women ). It's like I'm suddenly on their radar now."

"For some reason, I was able to follow the prices tick for tick I knew when it will tick up and when it will tick down and at which price level I can bail, which I did for an incredible profit Marvellous!" referring to GBP/JPY stock market"
"When I play this, emotionally I 'feel' lucky... and have noticed that reasonable exposure seems to set my frame of mind to an expectation of good things will happen"

"...I think I have some "Good Luck" to report with the good luck frequencies. I won 8 dinners for two in AZ at some really nice restaurants. I was picked out of 6,500 entries. That's pretty good odds. “

"Apparent results = 5 new client, invitation to participate in a new research funded by a local NGO about forest floral remedies in a partnership with a local Indian tribe. interesting i was a bit tired of my daily routine and now I'm working almost full day”

"The shop has only been open for 16 months, and generally it's been touch and go to even stay open. There have been plenty of days when no one comes in at all. It has gotten a little better in the past 4 months; enough for me to squeak by. But yesterday after playing the frequency I had several sales, and one customer bought quite a bit of merchandise."

"...an almost miraculous increase in energy & good health after my recent very serious illness which flattened me almost to the point of extinction both mentally & physically....I've got to tell you that I feel marvellous, almost dangerous!”

"The Inner Circle program has completely changed my life. I've learned so much about myself and have gained the confidence to pursue my dreams. The community of like-minded individuals has been incredibly supportive and I am so grateful for this experience."

"Before joining the Inner Circle, I was stuck in a rut and felt like I was going nowhere in life. The personal development transformation I experienced has helped me find my purpose and set clear goals for my future.”

"I was skeptical at first, but the Inner Circle has far exceeded my expectations. The personal development resources and support have been invaluable in helping me overcome my limiting beliefs and become the best version of myself."

"The Inner Circle has given me the tools and support I need to make positive changes in my life. The personal development transformation I've experienced has been life-changing and I am so grateful for this opportunity.”

"I've tried many personal development programs in the past, but the Inner Circle is by far the most effective. The community of like-minded individuals has been a great source of support and motivation. Thank you for helping me become the person I always knew I could be."

"I never realized how much I was holding myself back until I joined the Inner Circle. The personal development transformation I've experienced has been truly amazing and I am so grateful for the opportunity to grow and improve.”

"The Inner Circle has been a game-changer for me. The personal development resources and support have helped me overcome my fears and take control of my life. I am so grateful for this experience."

"I can't thank the Inner Circle enough for the personal development transformation I've experienced. The support and resources have been invaluable and I am so excited for what the future holds.”

Are You Ready For Your Next Level of Transformation?

Unleash the EXTRAORDINARY POWER within you. Seize this opportunity to transform your life and experience an unprecedented level of success and fulfillment. This journey is exclusively for those who are ready to reach new heights, break barriers, and create a prosperous future. If you resonate with this vision, we invite you to apply and take the first step toward unlocking your full potential.

Don't hesitate, the time to act is now. Your extraordinary future awaits!

Unleash Your Full Potential with the World’s Most Powerful Frequencies

Group Details and FAQs

  • How come these frequencies are only available in Inner Circle?

    David Wong has hand selected these frequencies for people who consider themselves serious individuals who are responsible enough to wield great power, these frequencies WILL cause dramatic life changing experiences and the support of the group is necessary to integrate
  • What if these frequencies are too powerful for me?

    If the frequencies are too powerful, just use them less in the beginning as you slowly build up your capacity for more energy.
  • Will I experience a healing crisis?

    A healing crisis, is a period when the body is undergoing a process of healing or detoxification. This can happen as the body eliminates toxins and other harmful substances, and can be a sign that the treatment or therapy is working. During a healing crisis, a person may experience symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, skin eruptions, and flu-like symptoms. These symptoms are generally considered normal and safe, as they are a sign that the body is working to heal itself. It is important to note that while a healing crisis can be uncomfortable, it is not harmful and typically only lasts a short period of time.