Qi Life Inner Circle
David Wong Inner Circle - Next Level Transformation
David Wong Inner Circle - Next Level Transformation
David Wong Inner Circle - Next Level Transformation
David Wong Inner Circle - Next Level Transformation
David Wong Inner Circle
David Wong Inner Circle
David Wong Inner Circle
David Wong Inner Circle
David Wong Inner Circle
David Wong Inner Circle
David Wong Inner Circle
Qi Life Inner Circle Plus

Complete Inner Circle Frequency Collection

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Do you own a Qi Coil™?

Unleash Your Potential: Abundance Awaits


Attracting the pinnacle of success and balance, David Wong invites all trailblazers, pioneers, CEOs, biohackers, healers, and affluent business owners to embark on a transformational journey with us.

We offer a unique pathway to mastering the intricacies of life and unlocking the limitless potential within you.

The Inner Circle program is designed to assist you in:

  • Harnessing the power of attraction to manifest abundance in all areas of life.
  • Building meaningful relationships and strategic partnerships.
  • Overcoming mental, emotional, and spiritual hurdles.
  • Eliminating stress, negativity, trauma, and triggers from your life, even if they stem from past life experiences.
  • Manifesting your desires with ease and grace.

Experience the following benefits:

  1. Health Revitalization - Get support for health issues like gout, pain, sluggishness, and depression, and manage chronic diseases. Gain the strength to handle life's toughest situations.
  2. Personal Development - Discover your true potential, redefine your life plan, and unlock your DNA. Experience a surge in willpower, motivation, and inspiration. Expand your spiritual self and cultivate a hunger for knowledge and understanding.
  3. Financial Empowerment - Overcome financial hurdles and invite prosperity into your life. Find the energy and focus to improve your financial situation and overcome adversities in your family or a string of bad luck.
  4. Emotional Well-being - Navigate through separation, loss, stress, uncertainty, and loneliness. Find direction, break free from feeling stuck, and improve your relationships
  5. Spiritual Alignment - Tune into our most powerful consciousness expanding frequencies, attain higher resonance, and transcend the ego. Explore Qi energy, love, and ascension. Achieve mastery in energy healing or other spiritual practices

Experience 78 of Our Most Powerful Exclusive Inner Circle Frequencies

3 Steps: How Inner Circle Frequencies Work

1  Remove Negative Energies that are sabotaging your life

2  Accelerate Your Physical and Mental Health

3  Reprogram your consciousness to attract abundance automatically and effortlessly

Mind Expansion: Shrooms, MJ, L S D, Sal-via, Ibogai-ne Psychotro-pics

Tap Into Your Higher Consciousness And Achieve Spiritual Awakening


LSD ($299 Value)

Magic Mushroom

Magic Mushroom ($299 Value)


Cannabis ($299 Value)

Salvia Divinorum 1

Salvia Divinorum 1 ($299 Value)

Salvia Divinorum 2

Salvia Divinorum 2 ($299 Value)

Psychic Ability

Unlock Your Hidden Powers and Become Superhuman

Psychic Activator

Psychic Activator ($369 Value)

Psychic Shield

Psychic Shield ($369 Value)

Third Eye Opening

Third Eye Opening ($369 Value)

Amethyst Crown Chakra

Amethyst Crown Chakra ($369 Value)

Astral Projection Teleportation

Astral Projection Teleportation ($369 Value)

Divine Intuition & Instinct

Divine Intuition & Instinct ($369 Value)

Lucid Dreaming Inducer

Lucid Dreaming Inducer ($369 Value)

Mental Telepathy

Mental Telepathy ($369 Value)

Abundance Plus

Start Drawing All Good Things Whether in Health Wealth or Success Automatically

Attract Abundance

Attract Abundance ($399 Value)

Magnetic Attraction

Magnetic Attraction ($399 Value)

Luck Boost (FREE)

Success Programming

Success Programming ($399 Value)

Health, Wealth & Wisdom

Health, Wealth & Wisdom ($399 Value)

Manifestation Meditation Amplifier ($399 Value)

Attract Money & Resources ($399 Value)

Manifesting Abundance Motivator ($399 Value)

Abundance - Money

Abundance - Money ($3,599 Value)

Abundance - Business

Abundance - Business ($4,999 Value)

Abundance - Job / Career

Tap Into Your Higher Consciousness And Achieve Spiritual Awakening

Success - Overcome Fear

Success - Overcome Fear ($499 Value)

Balance Power & Action

Balance Power & Action ($499 Value)

Financial Clarity

Financial Clarity ($499 Value)

Financial Genius

Financial Genius ($499 Value)

Financial Stress Relief

Financial Stress Relief ($499 Value)

Manifesting PLUS Collection

You can improve your quality of life as these frequencies let you harness a happy, productive, and loving life.

Will Power & Purpose

Will Power & Purpose ($369 Value)

Focus & Energy

Focus & Energy

Surging Inner Strength

Surging Inner Strength ($369 Value)

Remove Limitations

Remove Limitations ($369 Value)

Get Unstuck

Get Unstuck ($369 Value)

Stay Focussed

Stay Focussed ($369 Value)

Just Do It

Just Do It ($369 Value)

Job Well Done

Job Well Done ($369 Value)

Overcome Fear

Overcome Fear ($369 Value)

Super Brain Booster

Give your brain a massive boost and peak mental performance.

Brain & Nerve Support

Brain & Nerve Support ($399 Value)


Concentration ($399 Value)


Intelligence ($399 Value)

Memory & Cognition

Memory & Cognition ($399 Value)


Optimizer ($399 Value)

Problem Solving

Problem Solving ($399 Value)


Stamina ($399 Value)

How Frequencies Transform You...

Your brain is a super computer that controls your body with ELECTRICAL IMPULSES.

These impulses can get distorted over time from numerous causes, and negative things can happen to you such as physical pain in your bodynegative thoughts and emotions in your mind, and lower vibrations in your energy field.

Because the observer affects the reality around them, your thoughts and your energy field create the manifestations in your life. 

When you immerse yourself in Higher Quantum Frequencies you are receiving a direct neuronal download through the sound vibrations

These vibrations will cause your brain to release neurotransmitters, give rise to feelings of joy and delightamplifying the power of your electromagnetic field

The result? Only you will know, because you are the creator of your own reality

Each frequency has gone through rigorous testing for several years on our test groups to ensure their powers are maximized 

What Are Higher Quantum Frequencies?

They are the next level of frequencies, that harness the power of 4 dimensions. 

  • Rife Frequencies are Single Frequencies (1 Dimension)
  • Binaural beats are 2 Frequencies (2 Dimensions)
  • Quantum Frequencies are Multiple Frequencies (3 Dimensions)
  • Higher Quantum Frequencies are Dynamic Layers of Fields of Intention (4 Dimensions)

Inner Circle is Unlike Anything in the World

This is not a traditional coaching program, a course, or an event. Instead, our transformative frequencies offer a unique experience that automatically programs you internally and externally, requiring no conscious effort or willpower on your part.

Embrace the power to change your life!

Are You Ready For Your Next Level of Transformation?

Unleash the EXTRAORDINARY POWER within you. Seize this opportunity to transform your life and experience an unprecedented level of success and fulfillment. This journey is exclusively for those who are ready to reach new heights, break barriers, and create a prosperous future. If you resonate with this vision, we invite you to apply and take the first step toward unlocking your full potential.

Don't hesitate, the time to act is now. Your extraordinary future awaits!


  • 1x (60min) Initial Zoom with David Wong 1-on-1
  • 78 Inner Circle Frequencies
  • Exclusive Invitation to VIP Events
  • Life, Business & Personal growth focused
    • 24/7 support with our inner circle group

    $24,027 Value

    Disclaimer: None of the products are intended as a diagnosis, treatment, cure, prevention of any disease and have not been evaluated by the FDA. You should never change or stop taking any medication unless you have discussed the situation with your medical practitioner. Please check our Disclaimer page click here.