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Become a Licensed Resonant Wave Distributor...
$29,995 Investment ($80,499 Value)

What's Included in Your Distributor Package?

Wholesale Pricing on All Qi Life & Resonant Wave Products



Ongoing Online Distributor Training And Support Webinars
1-On-1 Business Setup, Product Training And Coaching
Tech Support 7 Days Per Week
3 Year Limited Warranties
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One Time Investment $29,995 ONLY
Earn Big While Making a Difference... 

Become A Licensed Distributor Of
Resonant Wave Products

6 Ways To Enhance Your Business

Create Abundance By Helping Others!

Learn and earn by helping others achieve total wellness!

Join The Holistic Health Revolution

More people each day are dissatisfied with conventional medicine and are seeking alternative health solutions. Now you can offer the latest technology and services.

Proven Business Model

No Inventory, we can ship directly to customers, our advanced marketing systems can attract customers to you automatically

Professional Training and Support Provided

Receive Certification with Ongoing Light Stream Practitioner as well as distributor business development training from our team of experts!


Add Frequency Technology To Your Business

Offer a new dimension of health and wellness to your clients and stay ahead of the competition

Your Success is Our Success!

Join our dynamic family of Distributors, Practitioners, and Educators and transform your income and business my making a difference together!

  • Purchase at Wholesale Cost
  • Get Commissions on Referred Customers
  • Get clients referred to your physical location
  • Enhance your current practice, or start a new one!
  • No inventory required
  • Operate from home or business
  • No minimum sales quotas
  • Proven and Turn-key marketing system
  • Only 1 distributor per geographic area
  • Distributor Licensing, Training, and Business Setup Consultation

Qi Coil is incredible, it reduced swelling on my injured hand instantly.
-Jermall Charlo
Middleweight World Boxing Champion

I use the Qi Coil for faster recovery and better performance, I love how i can take it with me anywhere!
-David Prince
ParaOlympic Medalist Team USA




“I am making more Confident and Clear decisions about my life since using this technology!  I have clarity and I am not all over the place!  
I know it is intelligent energy!
I am feeling better than I have in so long I can’t remember when.  I’ve had some great experiences so far with this device.” -EW ¹


“Client appointments have increased, event participation is up, new events are being created successfully, service offerings have increased and well received.
Thank you for this amazing opportunity!" -Kim ¹


“I feel that my quality of life has improved since, and hopeful for further improvements in the future. I would recommend others to try it out and give it a go. My goal in the future is to help others improve their quality of life in the future.” -Tony M¹


 ¹  Real People and Real Stories. Profile Photos are representations only. 

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