Pineal Gland 3rd Eye Activation Frequency +367% Extra Value
Pineal Gland Activator Meditation Frequency (Third Eye Awakening) Quantum Frequencies
Pineal Gland Activator Meditation Frequency (Third Eye Awakening) Quantum Frequencies
Pineal Gland Activator Meditation Frequency (Third Eye Awakening) Quantum Frequencies
Pineal Gland Activator Meditation Frequency (Third Eye Awakening) Quantum Frequencies

Pineal Gland 3rd Eye Activation Frequency +367% Extra Value

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The Easy Way to Activate Your Third Eye, Pineal Gland and 6th Sense!

“Very, very blissful and it brought me back into focus and I've experienced that thoughtless calm that everyday life that doesn't bend to me takes away. I felt this very calm, blissful feeling which made me so happy” - Taroiu R.

Be honest, what’s your purpose for meditation and what level of spiritual consciousness have you tried to attain?

  • Tried connecting to the energy around you?
  • Hungered to explore your psychic abilities?
  • Tried manifestation meditation to align with your goals?


Are you meditating to connect to the infinite energy around you and exploring your hidden capabilities?

Abilities like:

  1. ➡️

    Lucid dreaming

  2. ➡️

    Astral Travel

  3. ➡️


  4. ➡️

    Remote viewing

  5. ➡️


  6. ➡️


  7. ➡️


  8. ➡️


  9. ➡️

    Quantum Entanglement

  10. ➡️


  11. ➡️


What Frequencies are included?

Quantum Frequency

Pineal Gland Activator Meditation

  1. Pineal Gland 1
  2. Pineal Gland 2
  3. Pineal Gland Harmonic 1
  4. Pineal Gland Harmonic 2
  5. Pineal Gland Triangle 1
  6. Pineal Gland Triangle 2
  7. Pineal Gland Triangle Harmonic 1
  8. Pineal Gland Triangle Harmonic 2

Science has proven that these special abilities are in fact possible!

You can raise your energy to perceive information and objects normally not perceived by people.

Frequencies like our Pineal Gland Activator Meditation Frequencies will assist your meditation sessions to align with the universal frequencies around you.

Because our brain responds to electromagnetic forces, you can, once connected to this frequency, alter the way your mind works..

This is where you create your own world.

I believe that has been your utter desire.

Right now you might have these blockages

  • Failed attempt to connect to the energy of things and people around you
  • Failed to heal your soul, mind and body
  • Unable to transcend into a higher spiritual space


Well, if you feel these and other blockages, then these frequencies will…

  • Enhance your Psychic abilities and help you connect to the universal energy
  • Connect to your brain neurons through electrical signals and help you attract positive energy
  • Transcend to a higher spiritual realm

So read on and let me show you what this frequency is and how it will help your overall consciousness…

Before we talk about these frequencies, let’s first understand this…

What is the Pineal Gland?... And What Does it Do?

The Pineal Gland (name for its pinecone shape) is a part of the human body located at the midline of the brain, outside the blood-brain barrier and described as the seat of the soul.

Its main function is to receive information about the cycle of light and darkness in a day and relay this information to the body to produce the hormone melatonin.

The melatonin hormone secreted helps regulate the circadian rhythms of the body, basically signals that reports and makes the body feel tiredness, awake, alert, at different times of the day.

Apart from its biological significance, many traditional practitioners believe that the Pineal Gland is the third eye that sees beyond the physical.

The French philosopher and scientist René Descartes describes the pineal gland as the meeting place of the physical and spiritual worlds, or “the seat of the soul”

Now you might be curious and asking…

What is the Third Eye?... How Does it Work?

Before we go into this, I want to ask…

Have you wished you had a 6th sense? An additional sense that gives you extra consciousness beyond the physical?

Ancient Egyptians believe you do have a 6th sense known as the eye of Horus, and it’s connected to your Pineal Gland.

This third eye is the doorway to higher consciousness, and when you activate your third eye, you awaken your presence at a level beyond the physical where you can experience:

  1. ➡️

    spiritual communication with divine powers

  2. ➡️


  3. ➡️


  4. ➡️


  5. ➡️

    Remote Viewing

  6. ➡️

    Astral travel

  7. ➡️

    Lucid Dreaming

  8. ➡️

    Clearer Intuition

Wouldn’t you want to experience all these and make your life better? Read on and I will show you how our frequencies would help you achieve these.

What is Pineal Gland Activator Meditation Frequency?

Pineal Gland Activator Meditation Frequency is a host of 8 frequencies that have the ability to enhance your meditation sessions and transcend you to a paranormal realm, enhancing your extra-sensory powers only attained at a deeper spiritual space.

The universe around you is infinite and your 6th sense can help you manifest, foretell your future or things before they occur, telepath, communicate with the energy in this space, view objects remotely and alter situations or events of your mind, body, soul, environment.

Why is Pineal Gland Activator Meditation Frequency important?

Pineal Gland Activator Meditation Frequency enhances your meditation sessions so that you can awaken your third eye.

Communicate spiritually, gain rare but special wisdom and insight, and walk beyond your 5 natural senses.

These paranormal abilities can only be unlocked when your third eye is activated.

Not only that, with Pineal Gland Activator Meditation Frequency, you will discover…

  1. ➡️

    Your hidden abilities

  2. ➡️

    Enhance your meditation

  3. ➡️

    Transform your life

How will this work for you?

Since our neurons communicate with electrical current and we respond to frequencies, using our Pineal Gland Activator Meditation, you can communicate with frequencies and energies around you.

Our collection of Pineal Gland Activator Meditation Frequencies will help you change your life, how you compare this physical realm to the higher place.

Why Our Frequency Is Worth Your Investment

Ease of Access - you can tune into a frequency of your choice while working/exercising, before bedtime or while meditating.

Effectiveness - We have had people who used our frequency and healed from their past, activated their third eye, unclog blockages from their life

Valuable - our frequencies are quite affordable compared to the overall makeover it gives to your life.-----------------------

Our Technology Has Transformed 1000’s of Lives...

“When I first tried it, I immediately noticed at the first instance of it being on my legs almost 'jumping' awake and beginning to buzz.”

- Nathan F.

“Awesome frequencies! Awesome is actually an understatement! Amazin”

- John S.

“Love these quantum frequencies! It will help you in ways unimaginable”

- Steve G.

Why This Is The Future of Medicine…

1 Simple, Safe, and Convenient

The frequencies can be enjoyed on their own, with Qi Coils or both at the same time. Includes MP3 download and it will be unlocked in Qi Coil App to use it forever.

2 Be Your Own Healer

The regenerative power of the PEMF technology can finally restore the wellness you need in your life to live.

3 Non-invasive, Natural

Our PEMF technology is an all-natural way to transform yourself without having to resort to invasive methods.

4 For Practitioners or Families

Recommended for practitioners or anyone who wants to improve overall wellness. It is an essential toolbox for all the wellness needs of you and your family.

Awaken your third eye and activate your 6th sense now!

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