24K Gold Therapy Magnets 3 Pcs (Focus Qi Coil Energy)
24K Gold Therapy Magnets 3 Pcs (Focus Qi Coil Energy)
24K Gold Therapy Magnets 3 Pcs (Focus Qi Coil Energy)

24K Gold Therapy Magnets, 3 Pcs (Focus Qi Coil Energy)

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Magnetic Therapy Where You Need It
(Focus Qi Coil Energy With These Magnets)


South and North Magnetic Pole

Magnetic therapy is based on the theory that when delivered directly to the body, magnetic fields can stimulate healing from a range of health problems.

Use the therapeutic magnets alone or pair them with our trademarked Qi Coils (highly recommended for maximum effect), at least one hour every day. It can help alleviate pain, improve joint function,  increase blood flow, and regenerate cartilage. Turn the side that's labeled North, on the target area of the body for focused energy and healing. 

Never let your pain hold you back from enjoying your favorite physical activities.  Energize your body and order the strongest Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets in the market today! 




✅ Magnet  Therapy:  It's a safe,  non-invasive technology. It can stimulate the cells in order to accelerate wound healing and reduce pain.  These neodymium magnets penetrate deep into your joints and tendons delivering a therapeutic magnetic field to your body.

✅ Neodymium Magnets: The most powerful  Neodymium magnet available in the market today. It has a strength of 13,200 Gauss.  Use North or the negative pole if the goal is to reduce pain and swelling, and promote relaxation.  And the south side or positive pole stimulates wakefulness. 

✅Gold Coated:  Each magnet is gold coated so you won't have to worry about skin allergies.  100% Hypoallergenic. You can place it on any area of the body. 

✅ Highly Compatible with Qi Coils: Use the therapeutic magnets alone or with our Qi Coils to maximize their focused energy.  The application of electromagnetic fields has been shown to improve oxygen delivery to the cells, which can lead to better absorption of nutrients and improved circulation. 



Health Element:  Extra Strong Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet

Gauss Rating:  13,200 Gauss 

Diameter: 1 inch

Thickness: 0.25 inches

Weight: Around 50 grams per magnet 

Color: Gold-Plated


Package includes:

3 Neodymium Magnets 

1 Opp Bag



Magnets are EXTREMELY STRONG. Handle them with care.  It may not be safe for people who are pregnant, have metal implants or medical devices such as pacemakers in their bodies. Do not apply to open wounds.


To know more about the Therapeutic Magnet Safety Click Here

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