EMF Protection Quantum Radiation Blocker Shield.
EMF Protection Quantum Radiation Blocker Shield.
EMF Protection Quantum Radiation Blocker Shield.
EMF Protection Quantum Radiation Blocker Shield.

EMF Protection Quantum Radiation Blocker Shield.

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Shield yourself from harmful 5G radiation with this EMF blocker


“Very convenient to use. I have bought several all around my house, my car, computer, phone, etc. Totally recommend this EMF blocker. Now I feel better even when I am in front of the computer for long hours” - Priscila J.


  • ✅ PROTECTION STICKER. Quantum Shield uses revolutionary quantum nanotechnology and also contains a negative ion crystal chip. It is specially designed for protection from 5G and has up to 99.99% EMF protection. 
  • ✅ HIGH Compatibility: Suitable for all electronic and Wi-Fi devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets and so much more. Can also be used on household appliances, such as the fridge, microwave, air conditioner, and others.
  • ✅ SUPERIOR Design.  Stay protected with Quantum Shield Nano Technology against electro pollution and make your electronic devices look cool. The stickers come in a sleek design and are carefully packed in an elegant presentation box.
  • ✅ STRONG self-adhesive 3M Glue & ENERGY Saver Chip: Easy to apply and ensure firm stick on any device. Can be easily pasted on the back surface of a phone or other electronic devices the place above the battery. Energy Saver Chip helps improve the functioning of the battery, increasing battery volume and its lifespan.
  • ✅ SUITABLE FOR ALL: The cell phone stickers can be used for anyone who uses electronic gadgets. Highly recommended for kids, pregnant women, and the elderly.

Benefits Of Our Anti Radiation Sticker…

✅ Up to 99% EMF protection

✅ Widely used for all devices

✅ Small and convenient

✅ Easy to use, just stick it anywhere

✅ Lifetime usage


With our anti radiation sticker, you can use your electronic gadgets and not worry about radiation. The EMF stickers use high-end technology and natural shielding to neutralize the effects of EMF radiation.


The anti radiation phone stickers are recommended for everyone, but especially for those who work with wireless technology all day long.

How Does it Work?

Electromagnetic radiation consists of waves of the electromagnetic field that travel through space at the speed of light (2.998 × 108 m/s) carrying radiant energy.

These affect our bodies negatively over time. But with our EMF blocker, these waves are shielded away from your system.

Where Can I Use Them or Stick Them?

  • On the back of your cell phone
  • On the back of your cell phone case/protector
  • On your tablet
  • On your laptop
  • On your monitor
  • On your TV
  • On your microwave
  • On your appliances
  • On your gas / hydro meter
  • On any electronic device 


  • Material: Silicone, negative ion film 
  • Element:  Quantum Shield Nano Technology
  • Shape: Round
  • Size(L,W): 25mm
  • Number of Stickers: 6
  • Also includes: Box
  • Usage: Mobile phone, any electronic device
  • Eliminate radiation rate: 99%


Why You Need to Get the EMF Blocker Now

Your need to protect your body from electromagnetic waves.

Technology is changing at an incredible pace, which means there will be more radiation in our environment. Shield yourself from it with a good quality anti-radiation phone sticker!

Why These Stickers Are Worth Your Investment

The best way to live without worrying about radiation is to shield yourself from it.

Radiation is everywhere, and we're all exposed to harmful levels every day -- even in small doses. This leads to costly therapies for people who never knew what radiation could do!

But the good thing is, for just a discounted price of $29 USD, you will have the right shield that you can use for a lifetime to protect your body against radiation.

And you get 6 Stickers per package.  That’s only $4.84 per sticker!

And most importantly you will agree with me that prevention is better than cure.

“After using the sticker, I felt great every morning. I also have a handheld EMF reader and tested the blockers on each device before and after, while wifi on, Bluetooth, and on a call. They REALLY DO Work!” - Fathima E.

Order the EMF blocker to protect your body and your family from harmful radiation now for only $59 $29 USD

Limited quantity at this price, so hurry and order yours now! 

Consider ordering two boxes or more!  Purchase one for yourself and gift the rest to your family and loved ones! 

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