Qi Gong Energy Meditation - Inner Strength Balance Self Control 65% Off Course

Qi Gong Energy Meditation - Inner Strength, Balance, Self Control - 65% OFF

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    5 Week Course To Awaken the Qi Energy IN YOU!

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    1. Learn Ancient Meditation Techniques

    2. Boost Your Resilience and Inner Strength

    3. Clear Negative Energy  

    4. Find inner peace and calm naturally

    5. Activate Your Inner Qi Energy

    Join David Wong, 12-Year Tai chi and Qi Gong Practitioner as he guides you on your self-healing journey.

    Learn ancient taoist qi energy meditation techniques to boost your immune system, achieve balance and attract positive things to you!

    What else will you experience?

    • Feel incredible and amazing!
    • Discover a natural way to manage pain
    • Be calm, balanced, grounded and strong
    • Be radiant, energetic, and truly happy
    • Raise your resonance and attract abundance

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    Feel incredible & amazing in every way




    Connect your Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit




    Align to Your Soul's Purpose and hearts passion




    Become balanced, calm, strong, grounded, happy, radiant and energetic




    Attract Abundance


    If you are looking to transform yourself, this may be the key to unlocking your hidden potential.

    What is Qi Energy and What You Will Learn...

    • What is Qi Energy and Qi gong?

    • How to get rid of negative energy and negativity

    • How to get positive energy and just be happy

    • How to find inner peace calm and quiet and calm my mind

    • How to reconnect myself and balance your mind, body, spirit

    • How to manifest abundance, and attract or achieve what you want

    • How to stop feeling tired and drained all the time and boost your energy

    • How to find motivation and purpose in life

    • How to lose weight, get in better shape and stay motivated

    • How to meditate better and raise your spiritual vibration

    • How to get unstuck, find motivation and know what you want in life

      And Much More!

    Yes! I Want To Activate My Qi Energy...

    Course Outline

    Course Details:

    Course Type: Online

    Duration: 5 Weeks

    • Fit Body, Sharp Mind and Lose Weight
    • Revive Your Health Naturally
    • Feel incredible & amazing in every way
    • Become balanced
    • Calm, grounded
    • Happy, radiant and energetic
    • Free from depression and anxiety
    Meditation Lessons
    • 2 Simple yet Powerful Breathing Techniques
    • How to Ground your Energy
    • How to Create a Qi Energy Ball on Demand
    Qi Gong Lessons
    • 5 Easy Moves You Must Do With Every Meditation
    • Easy Grounding Techniques To Help You Center Yourself Quickly

    • To Center, Connect and Integrate your Mind, Heart Body and Spirit
    Meditation Lessons
    • 5 Effective Ways to Connect Your Energy Centers
    • How to Align, Balance and Control Your Body’s Energy Direction
    Qi Gong Lessons
    • Rising Qi Technique
    • Sinking Qi Technique

    • Get back to doing what you love and fulfilling your heart’s desire and life’s true purpose
    Meditation Lessons
    • How to Connect Heaven, Earth and You
    • How to Effectively Circulate Qi to your Whole Body
    • How to Easily Enhance Your Intuition
    Qi Gong Lessons
    • 2 Basic Qi Gong Circulation Exercises
    • How to Naturally Circulate Your Energy
    • How to Enhance Your Health and Energy Flow

    • Start Living Pain-Free Naturally
    • Be Free from Dis-ease
    • Be self sufficient and debt-free
    • Increase your productivity, income or revenue
    Meditation Lessons
    • How to Deep Cleanse Your Organs, Bones and Increase Your Lifespan
    • A powerful meditation that opens your third eye and pineal gland
    • How to Activate Your Light Body and Halo
    Qi Gong Lessons
    • 6 healing sounds that cleanse your organs from the inside out
    • Manage Pain with Just This Simple Breathing Technique
    • A Low Intensity Method That Develops Superhuman Strength and Resilience

    • Manifest and create anything into reality
    • Be Fully Conscious, achieving higher by helping others
    • Empower yourself to manifest money, wealth, success and freedom
    Meditation Lessons
    • A Powerful Meditation Technique for Projecting and Manifesting Your Intentions
    Qi Gong Lessons
    • Enhancing Your Iron Body Practice
    • (Brushing And Patting)


    Yes! I Want To Activate My Qi Energy...


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