How to buy Rife a machine?

The rife machine follows the rules of the Royal Rife. He discovered that frequencies could kill microbes. He conducted thousands of experiments. The experiment resulted in destroying cancer-causing viruses.

As a final trial, a University in California asked a dedicated research committee to conduct tests on patients with terminal cancer. The committee consisted of pathologists and doctors tasked with examining patients' bodies to ensure that all patients were alive after 90 days. After these 90 days, infected cells were not detected in 86.5% of the patients. The overall recovery rate was 100 percent.

According to rife machine reviews, it has been successful in the elimination of abnormal cells effectively.  

Original Rife machine:

Remember, no one till today was able to make a Royal rife frequency machine like Dr. Royal Rife did. His units increased from a few milliseconds to a half minute, killing any microbes in fields. His device could be found miles away because of the RF radio carrier waves. The FCC does not allow such radio interfering devices today.

Another reason why today's Rife machines differ from the real Rife devices is because of the development of modern technology. If the Royal Rife had been alive today, we believe that his Rife machines would not look like the old 1950's technology but evolved with new technology. Digital technology is the best part of our lives; we can now use different waves to transmit frequencies. Even his assistant changed and modified Rife's original device.

Best Royal rife machine for sale:

Qi Life Store provides you with high-quality royal rife frequency machines. These rife machines are best in class with the maximum features you will ever find in any rife machine. We have over 10,000+ customers with positive feedback. Our royal rife frequency machines are easy to use because there is no complicated system. These machines provide you with the best results.  No programming is needed. There is a money-back guarantee. You will find the following features in our rife machine:

Powerful frequencies:

There are hundreds of Royal rife frequency list / wellness frequencies that are present at your fingertips. These frequencies are useful for your body. According to rife machine reviews, these frequencies can be used for the healing process. Royal rife frequencies are used to kill the abnormal cells. Rife machines produce powerful frequencies that do not harm the normal body cells. They only target the infected cell and help in killing the virus.

Our Royal rife machine provides you with over 822+ quantum frequencies and 10,000+  royal rife frequencies. These are the highest number of frequencies you will ever find in a rife machine. These frequencies are easy to use. They help the body in targeting and killing the virus cells. Qi life stores rife machine provides you with all the frequencies that are important for better wellness in all areas. These rife machines provide the exact frequencies that Dr. Rife created. 


The machine is fully customizable. You can adjust the program according to your needs. These rife machines are easy to use. There is no complicated program. These frequencies do not harm the body. They are safe to use. You can create your own frequency program that allows you to fulfill your needs and protocols. These rife machines are easy to use. 

 Not every rife machine is customizable. But qi life store provides you with the best quality rife machine that is customizable and easy to use. You can simply adjust the program and get the benefits from the device. 

Unique Software:

 These rife machines have unique software. The only software that is created especially for you and is not available anywhere else. These rife devices provide you with frequencies, and each frequency has a unique and different effect. Only the Qi life store provides you with scientifically proven frequencies and helps you experience the highest level of meditation and wellness therapy.

Types of devices that provide rife frequencies:

Qi life store offers you the three types of devices that provide royal rife frequencies:

Resonant Console:

The resonant console provides you with 10,000 rife frequencies. These frequencies are very helpful for your body if you are suffering from any kind of condition. They are highly effective frequencies that can heal your body.

Resonant Console 2:

Resonant Console 2 provides you with rife frequencies as well as quantum frequencies. Quantum frequencies are the next level of frequencies. As you know, rife frequencies are single frequencies meaning one dimension, but quantum frequencies are multiple frequencies representing three dimensions, and higher quantum frequencies are of 4 dimensions.

Resonant Console 3:

Resonant Console 3 provides you with the complete, exhaustive rife frequency collection, complete quantum collection, and complete higher quantum collection. But Resonant Console 4 provides all these features with an additional feature of inner circle exclusive frequencies and lifetime membership.

If you want to purchase rife machine that provides original Dr. royal rife frequencies. Simply click on the link and order yours. You will find high-quality royal rife machines for sale that produce effective results. 


DISCLAIMER: These reports of experimental research frequencies for informational purposes only. Many of these frequencies have been used for decades. These frequencies need further research and this list is intended for that purpose. It is recommended that you see a physician for conditions that normally require the services of one. If a frequency makes you feel ill, stop your experiment until you feel better.  High definition audio of all these rife frequencies are available pre-programmed on our Rife Frequency App on our Resonant Console.

This page contains 4400 rife frequencies only.

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