Qi gong Exercise & Meditation & Breathing training

Qigong Training for a healthy life 

If you are searching for an ancient Chinese system that contains breathing, massage, visualization as well as exercise to manage your personal Qi and boost up your immune system, then it is Qi Gong. Breathing exercises help in enhancing the oxygen level of the blood and improve your respiratory system. Qi gong physical exercises at QiLifeStore are for fitness, circulation of the fluids and cardio health through both lymphatic system and blood vessels.

Our Qi gong Exercise Includes:

  • Horse stance / QiGong stance
  • Sweeping arms
  • Separating heaven & earth
  • Making waves/ Grounding
  • Whole-body / Rising sun breathing
  • Moving Qi, pushing the breath
  • Spinal breathing / Turtle breathing
  • Pulling down and pulling up the heavens
  • Circulating the energy
  • Pushing out from the heart centre

Qigong Training

We provide the best Qigong training that assists harmonize your spirit, breath and whole body. It fills your body with new healing and makes new organs for better body strength. Breathing is a vital channel between your mind and body as it controls the energy in your body. Fresh air makes your mind work better, and a strong immune system empowers your body.

Let's check out the 8 Qigong breathing methods listed below to make your body movement better:

  • Cleansing Breath
  • Filling Breath
  • Qi Pressure Breath
  • Gate Breathing
  • Golden Elixir Breathing
  • Primordial Breath
  • Traditional Microcosmic Orbit
  • Suction Breathing Method

At QiLifeStore, we also provide the best techniques for Qigong meditation that elevates the consciousness of your body and control the emotions that can create issues like irregular Qi flow and heart dysfunctions.