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Dr. Thomas Brewer, PhD

16 Year Blood Microscopist

Dr. Fab Mancini

Ex-President of Parker Chiropractic University

Dr. Barry Morguelan

Renowned Gastroenterologist and Surgeon

Why We Chose Your Clinic...

We recognize your commitment to integrative health and innovative wellness solutions. Your dedication to providing exceptional care aligns with our mission to heal the world and raise the consciousness of the planet.

Exclusive Partnership Opportunity


DEMO Qi Coil Max System

(Retail price: $6,150 incl shipping)

  • How to Keep the System and Earn More Money
  • Register Into Our Lucrative Affiliate Program
  • Earn 20-30% commission on your referrals (clients or other clinics)
  • Your commissions go towards paying the balance ($6,150) for the system
After balance is paid, you keep all your commissions thereafter.
  • Other Perks
  • Free Membership to our Private Affiliate Group
  • Free Affiliate Training Materials
  • Free Live Online Affiliate Workshops
  • Free Online Product Training
  • Award-Winning Customer Support (7 days a week)
  • Free Brochures and Marketing Materials
  • Free Listing on our Qi Life Practitioner Finder Map

What You Will Do...

To help us in the research and development of Qi Coils, you will:
Provide 2 Review Videos within 30 days of receiving the Qi Coil Max system.
Submit Clinical Results for a minimum of 12 clients within 3 months (no names needed).
Grants Us to Publish Data in a clinical report.

How to Qualify...


Type of Clinic

Chiropractic, integrative health, or holistic/alternative medicine practitioners.

Years in Business

At least 3 years of operation.

Facilities and Equipment

Adequate facilities for integrating the Qi Coil Max system, including a dedicated space for therapies.

Clinic Size and Client Base

Minimum of 250 active patients, preferably medium to large clinics with multiple practitioners.

Reputation and Track Record

Positive community reputation, with reviews and a history of adopting innovative health technologies.

Join Thousands of People 
Who Love Qi Coils

Qi Coils have transformed the way we approach patient care. Our clients experience remarkable improvements in their overall health and wellness.

Dr. Thomas Brewer PhD

The Qi Coil Max system has been a game-changer in our practice. The feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive.

Dr. Hari Khalsa

Incorporating Qi Coils into our treatment plans has yielded incredible results. Our patients love the non-invasive and effective healing experience

Dr. David Porter

The Qi Coil Max system has been a game-changer in our practice. The feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive.

Dr. Hari Khalsa,

Life-Changing Success Stories

"Disclaimer: Qi Coils are not approved by the FDA to treat, heal, prevent, or mitigate any disease. The information provided is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. Consult a qualified healthcare professional before using any products from Results may vary, and testimonials do not guarantee similar outcomes. By using the products, you release Qi Coils and its affiliates from any liability."
"I felt that have excess energy to the point that I had an exercise in the morning but I need to move or do anything because there is a lot of energy in my body. I saw the effects in the amount of time."
"From normalizing diabetic sugar levels to reducing skin cancer irritations and even assisting a neighbor's dog with bladder cancer, Qi Coils enhance overall well-being, offering increased energy, better relaxation, and improved sleep quality-a genuine game-changer."
"I was in three severe accidents and had metal implants in my shoulder. The Qi Coil has been a game-changer for me. It's already reducing my pain, and I've only been using it for a few weeks."
"These case studies highlights the remarkable impact of the Frequency Method™ on students previously labeled as having learning disability. Witness how these students went from bottom 20% to achieving a top 1% math scores in the nation."
"As the owner of an IT company, we've been closing numerous deals lately. After using the Abundance Plus Frequency, we secured two six-figure deals. I'm thoroughly impressed; this investment in both money and time has proven to be well worth it!"

We Are Investing In You...

At Qi Life, we’re committed to your clinic’s success and the broader mission of healing the world. That’s why we’re taking on all the risk by providing you with our advanced Qi Coil systems at no upfront cost.

This expensive equipment is offered to you for free because we believe in its transformative potential and in your ability to harness it effectively.
To ensure you succeed, we provide comprehensive training and ongoing support, equipping your team with the knowledge to maximize the benefits of Qi Coils.

You’ll be able to enhance your services, attract more clients, and significantly improve patient outcomes with our innovative technology.

No Risk Guarantee

We’re committed to your success and want to ensure you feel confident in your decision to join our program. That’s why we offer a no-risk guarantee.

Within 30 days after receiving the Qi Coil system, if for any reason you decide to exit the program, simply ship the system back to us at your expense, and we will refund your $500 administration fee.

This ensures you can explore the transformative potential of Qi Coils with complete peace of mind.

Exclusive Opportunity: “Limit 1 Clinic Per Area”

This exclusive, risk-free opportunity allows you to join a global movement dedicated to raising the planet's vibration and healing countless individuals. Act fast to secure your place, as this offer is limited to one clinic per area. Don’t miss out on this chance to elevate your practice and make a lasting impact.

Become a Product Tester

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to integrate cutting-edge technology into your practice and become a leader in innovative health solutions.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime lucrative opportunity. Join us in healing the world and raising the planet's vibration.

Healing The World Together


Joe Vitale

Featured in "The Secret" Movie

Barry Morguelan

A world-renowned surgeon and pioneer in gastroenterology

Kevin Harrington

Entrepreneur, As Seen On "Shark Tank"

Vishen Lakhiani

CEO of MindValley

Jim Kwik

World's #1 Brain Coach

Dr. Patrick Porter PhD

Neuro-Scientist, Founder of Braintap

Dr. Har Hari Khalsa

Renowned Yogi, 33-Year Chiropractor

Dr. Amin Javid

Celebrity Chiropractor, Author of Human Biomechanics

Dr. Joy Kong, MD

Triple Board-Certified Stem Cell Specialist

Dr. Jason Chiriano, DO

Founder of Vivalife Healing Centers

Dr. Isaac Jones

Founder of Health Experts Alliance


Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Jeffrey R. Gladden, MD

Longevity Expert

Les Brown

Greatest Motivational Speaker of All Time

Dr. Thomas Brewer, PhD Chemist

16 Year Blood Microscopist