Muse Headband vs Qi Coil

What is Muse Headband?

The Muse meditation app shows users real-time feedback on brain activity during their meditation session. The Muse EEG (Electroencephalography) technology is used alongside the Muse app to measure biofeedback in the brain and provide data on the user's meditation practice.

    What is Qi Coil?

    Qi Coil PEMF systems create a pulsed electromagnetic field that is designed to drastically improve your quality of life. Qi Coils use a combination of electromagnetic light frequencies and sound frequencies to stimulate your body's natural healing mechanisms and help you improve your deep sleep intensity, stay calm, and relax your busy mind.

    You can also use a Qi coil for improving circulation and restful sleep, reducing injury pain, eliminating anxious thoughts, and many other benefits to your brain, body, and health.

    Begin your therapy at a lower frequency and increase the Qi Coil's power at a graduated intensity until you're comfortable with the maximum intensity.

    11 Reasons to Choose Qi Coil over Muse

    1. Range

    • The Muse S does not work without direct contact with your body.
    • The Qi Coil PEMF device can resonate healing frequencies to multiple users simultaneously with a radius of up to 11 Square feet!

    2. Preset Frequencies

    • The Muse Meditation Headband does not transmit frequencies. It only monitors brainwaves.
    • Qi Coil provides all its users with over 151,000 Frequencies with a Resonant Console included.

    3. Ease of Setup & Use

    • The Muse brain-sensing headband and Muse app are relatively easy to set up.
    • The Qi Coil system is Very Easy to use on your mobile device. Get started in 2 steps:
      • Download our Frequency App on your mobile device
      • Choose your frequency and start your healing treatment or guided meditations.

    4. Compact & Portable

    • Muse offers devices that are compact and portable.
    • Qi Coil meditation tool delivers potent frequency therapy and is travel-friendly.

    5. Quantum Meditation Frequencies

    • The Muse S Headband does not support Quantum Meditation Frequencies.
    • Utilize your Qi Coil to upgrade your meditation session with Quantum meditation frequencies tailored to raise your vibration, remove blockages, and experience a spiritual awakening.

    6. External Power Source

    • Muse 2 does not have a portable, external battery pack.
      To improve portability, Qi Coil comes with an external power kit with a battery life of 2-6 hours for when you need it while traveling.

    7. Non-Contact

    • The Muse S Gen 2 unit cannot emit electromagnetic force without physical contact.
    • Qi Coil's sound therapy resonates throughout your whole body without having to touch the device! The Qi Coil can transmit sleep support frequencies up to 11 feet. Place the Qi Coil near your bed and fall asleep to "digital sleeping pills." The Qi Coil will resonate with specific frequencies designed to help you get better sleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

    8. Vortex Toroidal EM Field

    • Muse S Headband can't create a vortex toroidal EM field.
    • Qi Coil creates a vortex toroidal EM field to make meditation easy. It improves the flow of energy or "chi" through your body, leading to increased vitality and well-being. It can also improve mental clarity, reduce stress, promote a calm state, and improve sleep quality.

    9. Gem & Crystal Energy

    • The Muse S Gen 2 does not incorporate gem and crystal energy into its therapy.
    • Try the Quantanium Series to discover the power of gem and crystal energy healing.
    1. Promoting relaxation and reducing stress
    2. Boosting energy and vitality
    3. Supporting emotional balance
    4. Enhancing physical healing
    5. Supporting spiritual growth

    10. Money Back Guarantee

    • Muse S offers only 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
    • Qi Coil offers a 1 Year Warranty and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

    11. Price

    • A Muse unit cost starts at $369.98. Shipping & custom fees are not included in the price.
    • Starting at $299, the Qi Coil offers double the features for a significantly lower price than the IMRS 2000 device.


    Muse Headband vs Qi Coil

    Muse EEG-Powered Meditation headband

    Getting Started with Qi Coil

    You’re only 10 minutes away from changing your life with the Qi Coil frequency healing system: 6 Tesla- Inspired Technogies - 1 Device (Reduce Stress & Anxiety, Boost Your Brain and Focus, Energize Every Cell in Your Body, Assist Weight Loss Goals, Raise Your Vibration and Attract Abundance, Improve Sexual Wellness)

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