Are You Waiting for Diabetes to Steal Your Life Away?

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Diabetes: The Silent Thief—Are You Its Next Victim?

Finally, Enjoy Uninterrupted, Refreshing Sleep All Night Long

Scientific Studies

  1. The comprehensive review of electromagnetic therapy's effectiveness in managing diabetes and facilitating diabetic wound healing, supporting its use in clinical settings (Cheing & Li, 2007; Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology).
  2. The study on the treatment of diabetic neuropathy symptoms using PEMF, highlighting its potential to alleviate pain and improve nerve function (Ismail & Cassar, 2015; Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics).
  3. The investigation into the acceleration of wound healing in diabetic rats using PEMF, showcasing the role of electromagnetic fields in cellular repair and recovery (Goudarzi, Hajizadeh, Salmani, & Abrari, 2010; Bioelectromagnetics).
  4. The exploration of PEMF in enhancing cutaneous wound healing, particularly relevant in diabetes where slow healing is a major concern (Patino, Grana, Bolgiani, Prezzavento, Mino, Merlo, & Benaim, 1996; Journal of Burn Care & Rehabilitation).

Recommended by Leading Physicians

Dr. Thomas Brewer, PhD

16 Year Blood Microscopist

Dr. Fab Mancini

Ex-President of Parker Chiropractic University

Dr. Barry Morguelan

Renowned Gastroenterologist and Surgeon

Combat Diabetes and Regain Your Health with Targeted Frequency Therapy

Experience the Life-Saving Benefits of Diabetes Defender

Manage Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

Keeps your blood sugar stable without relying solely on medications.

Reduce Dependence on Medications

Enhances your overall wellness and potentially decrease your need for medication

Enhanced Energy and Vitality

Energizes your body by enhancing your natural energy fields, boosting overall vitality.

Fear the Day When You Can No Longer Care for Yourself?

Experience a Strong, Steady Stream Every Time with Qi Coil Frequencies
Diabetes often leads to a dreaded future where others must care for you. The thought of burdening your loved ones or losing your autonomy is frightening. Diabetes Defenders offer a beacon of hope, empowering you to maintain your independence and keep living on your terms.

6 Tesla Inspired Technologies in One

Inspired by the groundbreaking work of Nikola Tesla and Royal Rife, the Qi Coil integrates six revolutionary technologies
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    High Dose PEMF Therapy

    Harnessing electromagnetic fields to enhance wellness across all bodily functions.
  • Icon-2_76961a9a-3f33-49b7-99a1-6085cd61ed45

    Rife Frequency Therapy

    Targeting specific health issues with precision frequencies known for their healing properties.
  • Icon-3_a0def495-3371-4636-9c69-5bbd3c0c6748

    Quantum Sound Therapy

    Using sound waves to provide therapeutic benefits, promoting mental and physical harmony.
  • Iocn-4_780c04c4-54af-486d-9bbf-e50864bb24aa

    Crystal Resonance Therapy

    Available with Qi Coil 3 and Max only, enhancing healing processes through the natural power of crystals.
  • Icon-5_4cac35bc-6c7b-40a9-8f97-98e22a087ab8

    Scalar Energy Therapy

    Available with Qi Coil 3 and Max only, utilizing scalar waves for deeper and more effective healing.
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    EMF Protection

    Offering protection against electromagnetic fields, contributing to overall well-being.

Choose Your System


Qi Coil™ Mini Starter System: Mobile Rife & PEMF Therapy

$399 $2,605

Qi Coil™ Mini System with Resonant Console 1

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Qi Coil™ 3S Transformation System with Resonant Console 2

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Qi Coil™ Max Transformation System with Resonant Console 2

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Diabetes Defender Type 1 & 2: Blood Sugar Management Frequency
After Vax Detox Pack
After Vax Detox Pack
Diabetes Defender Type 1 & 2: Blood Sugar Management Frequency
Diabetes Defender Type 1 & 2: Blood Sugar Management Frequency
This comprehensive frequency collection uses advanced targeted frequency therapy to help you naturally regulate your blood sugar levels. Designed specifically for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, it aims to reduce stress, boost your energy, and improve your overall well-being. With this holistic approach, you can better manage your diabetes and lead a healthier, more balanced life.
4.86/5 from 6855 reviews

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Includes 6 Frequencies for Resilient Well-being

With extensive research and advancements in diabetes management, we bring you a blend of traditional and cutting-edge solutions designed to offer comprehensive care for those living with Diabetes Type 1 and 2.
Natural Insulin Alternative [Bitter Melon]
Bitter Melon is a natural ally in the fight against diabetes, with active compounds that mimic insulin to effectively lower blood sugar levels.
Herbal Glycemic Control [Dracaena cinnabari]
Dracaena cinnabari is recognized for its ability to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels, making it a vital component of herbal diabetes management.
[Coil] Diabetes Comprehensive Support
Optimized for Qi Coils, this frequency targets key aspects of diabetes management, enhancing your body’s natural response.
Diabetes Comprehensive Support
A foundational frequency that fine-tunes your body's response to blood sugar, creating a balanced environment.
Natural Sugar Stabilizer [Cinnamon]
Cinnamon is a powerful tool in diabetes management, known for its ability to significantly improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels.
Diabetic Neuropathy Support [Taurine]
Taurine is proven to effectively lower blood sugar levels and enhance insulin function, providing essential support for those with diabetic neuropathy.

Do Not Drown in the Financial Burden of Diabetes Management

From medications to endless medical appointments, the costs of managing diabetes are astronomical and never-ending. Qi Coils coupled with the Diabetes Defenders can be a cost-effective solution to help you manage your condition better, reducing reliance on expensive therapies and frequent medical visits.

The Science of Frequencies

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    Revolutionary Neuro-Programming: Our system features up to 5000 holographic data signals per program, significantly more advanced than standard offerings, to induce a broad range of specific states.
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    Molecular Mapping Technology: By analyzing the unique properties of molecules, we create precise frequency profiles to mimic their effects.
  • Icon_4_91fdb5be-4c2f-43d8-9edc-a35dc2271b1a
    Brainwave EEG sampling: Our system goes beyond typical brainwave states, programming the mind for specific states like calmness, confidence, and creativity.
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    Electromagnetic Signature Harmonization: We decode and align the electromagnetic signatures of substances and cells for profound well-being improvements.

How It Works

Diabetes Defender employs targeted frequencies, each resonating with your body's systems to optimize health. It's a therapeutic symphony, with each note fine-tuning your body's response to diabetes, fostering balance and well-being.


  • May not be available for purchase

  • Must be ingested orally

  • Must re-purchase when run out

  • Must be digested

  • Low efficiency (must be absorbed by digestive system)



  • Easy Access

  • Absorbed easily (contactless)

  • Never runs out

  • Absorb directly into cells

  • 100X's more efficient
    than pills

Real Stories from Users Who Escaped the Daily Pin Pricks

From Hopeless to Hopeful: How Qi Coils Transformed Their Lives
I've been living with Type 2 diabetes for over a decade, and managing my blood sugar was always a struggle. Since I started using Qi Coils, my levels have stabilized, and I feel more energetic. It's incredible how much this has improved my daily life.

John M.

As a Type 1 diabetic, the constant blood sugar fluctuations were exhausting. Using Qi Coils has made a noticeable difference. My numbers are more consistent, and I feel less stressed. It's been a game-changer for me.

Sarah L.

I was skeptical at first, but Qi Coils have really helped me manage my Type 2 diabetes. My insulin use has decreased, and I no longer feel as drained. It's a relief to find something that truly works.

Michael K.

More Success Stories & Testimonials

From normalizing diabetic sugar levels to reducing skin cancer irritations and even assisting a neighbor's dog with bladder cancer, Qi Coils enhance overall well-being, offering increased energy, better relaxation, and improved sleep quality—a genuine game-changer.
"I was in three severe accidents and had metal implants in my shoulder. The Qi Coil has been a game-changer for me. It's already reducing my pain, and I've only been using it for a few weeks."
"Disclaimer: Qi Coils are not approved by the FDA to treat, heal, prevent, or mitigate any disease. The information provided is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. Consult a qualified healthcare professional before using any products from Results may vary, and testimonials do not guarantee similar outcomes. By using the products, you release Qi Coils and its affiliates from any liability."
"I felt that have excess energy to the point that I had an exercise in the morning but I need to move or do anything because there is a lot of energy in my body. I saw the effects in the amount of time."

Healing the World Together


Joe Vitale

Featured in "The Secret" Movie

Barry Morguelan

A world-renowned surgeon and pioneer in gastroenterology

Kevin Harrington

Entrepreneur, As Seen On "Shark Tank"

Vishen Lakhiani

CEO of MindValley

Jim Kwik

World's #1 Brain Coach

Dr. Patrick Porter PhD

Neuro-Scientist, Founder of Braintap

Dr. Har Hari Khalsa

Renowned Yogi, 33-Year Chiropractor

Dr. Amin Javid

Celebrity Chiropractor, Author of Human Biomechanics

Dr. Joy Kong, MD

Triple Board-Certified Stem Cell Specialist

Dr. Jason Chiriano, DO

Founder of Vivalife Healing Centers

Dr. Isaac Jones

Founder of Health Experts Alliance


Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Jeffrey R. Gladden, MD

Longevity Expert

Les Brown

Greatest Motivational Speaker of All Time

Dr. Thomas Brewer, PhD Chemist

16 Year Blood Microscopist

Take Control of Your Diabetes Before It Controls You

Don’t Let Diabetes Compromise Your Well-Being
Diabetes can lead to serious health complications if not managed properly. Qi Coils are specifically designed to help regulate blood sugar, reduce stress, and boost your energy naturally. Don't wait for diabetes to dictate your life. Safeguard your health and enhance your well-being with Qi Coils. Act now and reclaim control over your health—your future self will thank you.