Win a $2,000 Gift Card!

And Get Up To $350 Quick Start Bonus Commission

Harness the transformative power of Qi to elevate your sales and invigorate your affiliate efforts. This contest aims to reward top performers who effectively channel and promote the unique benefits of Qi Coil through their sales. Additionally, new affiliates or those who haven't yet made their first sale will receive a significant incentive boost to kickstart their journey.
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This contest will run from July 1, 2024, to 11:59 pm August 31, 2024


All registered affiliates of qilifestore.com are eligible to participate. Affiliates during the contest period can also earn additional rewards through the Quick Start Bonus.

Contest Rules for Top Revenue Earners

  • Qi Alignment

    Affiliates are encouraged to promote products in ways that highlight their Qi-Coil benefits, aligning with the themes of energy, balance, and wellness.
  • Sales Tracking

    All sales must be verified through the affiliate’s unique tracking code or link.
  • Revenue Calculation

    Total sales revenue generated by each affiliate during the contest period will determine the top earners.
  • Eligible Sales

    Only finalized sales that are not returned or refunded by the end date will count towards the contest.

Prizes for Top 3 Affiliates Revenue


2nd Place

$1,500 QiLifeStore.com Gift Card

1st Place

$2,000 QiLifeStore.com Gift Card

3rd Place

$1,000 QiLifeStore.com Gift Card
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Quick Start Affiliate Bonus!

Earn up to $350 Additional Bonus Commission on top of your regular commissions!
Open only to affiliates who generated less than a lifetime total of $500 revenue in sales before July 1, 2024 and any new unique affiliate who registered after July 1, 2024. 

Bonus Structure:
  • First Milestone: Generate total $500 in QiLifeStore.com sales and receive a $50 commission bonus.
  • Second Milestone: Reach total $1,500 in QiLifeStore.com sales and receive an additional $100 commission bonus.
  • Third Milestone: Surpass total $3,500 in QiLifeStore.com sales and receive another $200 commission bonus.

Time Frame: 
Bonuses are earned for sales achieved within the contest period  

Bonuses will be paid out within 30 days of after contest ends.
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General Terms

  • Qi Life Harmony: Affiliates must promote products in a manner that is in harmony with Qi Life principles—emphasizing health, wellness, and the natural energy flow.
  • Monitoring: Participation implies consent for sales verification and monitoring by contest organizers.
  • Resolution of Ties: In the event of a tie in revenue, the prize will be shared equally among those tied.

Tracking and Support

  • Real-Time Qi Life Affiliate Dashboard: Affiliates can track their sales performance in real-time.
  • Qi Life Support: Dedicated support from the Qi Life team will be available to assist affiliates in maximizing their sales potential.

Winner Announcement

  • Winners will be celebrated and announced within two weeks of the contest’s conclusion on the Qi Life Community and through official emails.

Prize Distribution

  • Prizes and bonuses will be awarded within 30 days of the contest ending or milestone achievement, ensuring a smooth flow of Qi Life rewards.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about the Qi Life Affiliate Summer Contest or need assistance, we're here to help! Please fill out the form below, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.