Lyme Disease Liberator: Pain Fatigue Neurological Support
Parasite Detox Frequency Pack
Parasite Detox Frequency Pack
Parasite Detox Frequency Pack
Parasite Detox Frequency Pack

Lyme Disease Liberator: Pain, Fatigue, Neurological Support


Embrace Hope and Wellness with Lyme Liberator

Navigating Lyme disease can often feel overwhelming and isolating, but you're not alone. "Lyme Liberator" brings a gentle, supportive energy into your life, offering solace and strength through targeted frequencies.
  • Revitalize Your Spirit: Experience a renewed sense of vitality and zest for life, as you find relief from the draining fatigue of Lyme disease.
  • Embrace Comfort: Feel the gentle easing of physical pain, allowing moments of comfort and joy to shine through.
  • Nurture Resilience: Strengthen your inner resilience as your body's natural defenses grow more robust, giving you a sense of security and empowerment.
  • Find Peace in Rest: Drift into restful sleep, knowing each night brings healing and rejuvenation, nurturing your hope for a better tomorrow.

7 Frequencies Tailored for Wellness

Lyme Liberator isn't just sound therapy; it's a comprehensive approach to wellness. Our carefully programmed
1. Lyme Disease Comprehensive Support: A foundational frequency that promotes balance and well-being, targeting the complexities of Lyme disease.
2. Lyme Disease Immune Support [Turmeric]: Turmeric, especially its component curcumin, is highly effective in alleviating inflammation related to Lyme disease, offering significant relief in joint pain and swelling.
3. Lyme Disease Resistance Support [Doxy-cy-cline]: Doxy-cy-cline is a cornerstone in Lyme disease treatment, effectively targeting the Bor-relia bacteria and playing a crucial role in halting the disease's progression.
4. Lyme Disease Symptom Relief [Andrographis]: Andrographis is renowned for its immune-boosting and anti-microbial effects, proven to diminish symptoms and enhance recovery in Lyme disease cases.
5. Lyme Disease Anti-microbial Activity [Cryp-tolepine]: Cryp-tolepine is recognized for its potent anti-bacterial action against Borrelia, marking it as a key player in Lyme disease therapy.
6. Lyme Disease Anti-body Response [Borrelia]: This specialized frequency are meticulously calibrated to target the Borrelia bacteria, the causative agent of Lyme disease. These frequencies offer a novel, non-invasive approach to enhance the overall effectiveness of Lyme disease management.
7. [COIL] Lyme Disease Comprehensive Support: Helps in enhancing the body’s detoxification processes, a vital aspect of managing Lyme disease.

The Transformative Power of Lyme Liberator

Let each frequency in Lyme Liberator be a step towards a life where Lyme disease doesn't define your days. Embrace this blend of emotional and physical support, and find solace in knowing that each note is a part of your healing journey.
  • Targeted Fatigue Reduction: Designed to specifically address the deep-seated fatigue that is a hallmark of Lyme disease, helping you regain energy
  • Joint and Muscle Pain Relief: Offers relief from the persistent joint and muscle discomfort, enhancing your physical mobility and quality of life. 
  • Immune System Support: Aids in fortifying your immune response, crucial in managing Lyme bacteria and reducing the likelihood of secondary infections.
  • Neurological Symptom Management: Helps in alleviating symptoms like brain fog, memory issues, and headaches, supporting your neurological health.
  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction: Focuses on lowering the stress and anxiety levels often exacerbated by chronic conditions like Lyme disease.

Why Choose Lyme Liberator

Qi Coils work a lot faster, way more portable and easy to use than my old rife machine. I use it for lyme disease, whiplash, vertigo and many different things for my family! It just works and I love them! Thanks David for creating this!
- Vickie Gould, Herbalist, Reiki Master Sound & Energy Healer
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    Lyme Disease Support Frequencies

    Enhanced Wellness in Your Lyme Disease Journey
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    Effortless Daily Integration

    Easily incorporate these frequencies into your routine, requiring minimal effort and time.
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    Science-Based Lyme Disease Support

    Grounded in modern research and bioenergetics principles for effective Lyme disease management
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    Tailored for Lyme Challenges

    Specifically designed frequencies to address Lyme disease symptoms, offering comfort and relief
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    Non-Invasive and Safe

    A comfortable, side-effect-free alternative to aggressive treatments
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    Cost-Effective Solution

    A one-time investment for lasting benefits, saving you from ongoing treatment costs
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    Qi Coil Compatible

    Optimized for Qi Coil technology, these frequencies enhance effectiveness and deliver a more profound therapeutic experience.
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    Convenient and Accessible

    Access these supportive frequencies from the comfort of your home, anytime.

How It Works

Our Lyme Liberator quantum frequencies utilize precision-targeted frequencies, harmonizing with your cellular systems to enhance overall health. It's akin to a therapeutic symphony, with each note optimizing cellular balance, fostering equilibrium, and fortifying your body's innate defenses.

Pills vs Frequencies




May not be available for purchase

Easy Access

Must be ingested orally

Absorbed easily (contactless)

Must re-purchase when run out

Never runs out

Must be digested

Absorb directly into cells

Low efficiency (must be absorbed by digestive system)

100X's more efficient than pills

The Science of Quantum Frequencies

Recent research highlights the profound impact of sound and frequencies on well-being. Scientific studies have demonstrated their ability to alleviate stress, enhance sleep quality, and elevate energy levels. Lyme Liberator incorporates these scientific principles, providing a potent ally in your Lyme disease journey.
Revolutionary Neuro-Programming: Our system features up to 5000 holographic data signals per program, significantly more advanced than standard offerings, to induce a broad range of specific states.
Molecular Mapping Technology: By analyzing the unique properties of molecules, we create precise frequency profiles to mimic their effects.
Brainwave EEG sampling: Our system goes beyond typical brainwave states, programming the mind for specific states like calmness, confidence, and creativity.
Electromagnetic Signature Harmonization: We decode and align the electromagnetic signatures of substances and cells for profound well-being improvements.
Qi Life’s Pioneering Algorithms: With over a decade of research, we've developed unique frequency-based methods for mind and body enhancement, combining multi-disciplinary research and advanced mathematics for transformative experiences.

Scientific Research on Frequency Therapy and Lyme Disease

  • Recent Developments of Sonodynamic Therapy in Antibacterial Application

    Authors: Ruhao Wang, Qianwen Liu, Ang Gao, Ning Tang, Qian Zhang, Amin Zhang, Daxiang Cui
  • Effect of Sound Exposure and Low Field Electromagnetism on Microorganisms

    Authors: Al-kazafy Hassan Sabry, Hamdy Abdel-Naby Salem & Hala Mohamed Metwally
  • Skin Diseases and Lesions: Several studies have explored the use of PEMF therapy for skin conditions

    Authors: Kim et al. (2022)
  • Regenerative Medicine

    Authors: Aragona et al. (2017)

Avoid the Pitfalls of a Life WITHOUT Lyme Liberator Frequencies

  1. Worsened Symptoms: Without these frequencies, you may have Increased struggle with Lyme disease symptoms like joint pain and fatigue, leading to more physical discomfort.
  2. Emotional Burden: Without these frequencies, you may have heightened emotional distress, including frustration and helplessness, due to the complex nature of the disease.
  3. Reduced Quality of Life: Overall well-being and daily functionality are impacted by unmanaged symptoms if you don’t have these frequencies.
  4. Daily Life Challenges: You may have difficulty in performing everyday tasks and responsibilities without these supportive frequencies.
  5. Elevated Stress and Anxiety: Managing lyme without these frequencies may Increased mental strain and worry from coping with the disease's uncertainty.

Begin Your Path to Empowered Wellness

Step into a world where Lyme disease meets its match. Add Lyme Liberator to your care regimen and start a journey filled with hope, comfort, and empowerment.
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