What does Science Say About Energy Healing?

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Never think that the physical body we see in a mirror is the only one we have because we also have an energy field around us termed “The Aura”. The physical body is the densest articulation of energy, and sometimes we also retain other bodies known as the “subtle bodies”.

The human energy fields

There are several explanations of our aura, but many explanations describe it contains many layers. Many other vital energy centres termed the Chakras, where vital interactions of energies occur and are impacted by energy healing practices.

The laying on the hands of energy healers, also called energy work, bioenergy therapy, biofield therapy, energy therapy, and energy healing, enhances healing by improving the energy flow and resolving issues in the human aura. In this way, energy healing supports the self-healing capacity of the body.

People worldwide learn how to sense energy, rediscover and regenerate energy flow, and move their energy through devices like Qi coils and the therapies available.

The energy fields used for healing shows, the generation of a magnetic field that is stronger, to bring changes in the human body without any harm, and that field should be good enough to treat some specific diseases.

Energy healing can restore human to a state of harmony and good health in specific areas:

  • Physically
  • Mentally
  • Emotionally
  • And spiritually

Science says energy is everything!

Everything that exists and present around us is energy, so energy healing incorporates the best ways to increase the physical level. Energy healing improves the energetic level of our well-being and improves the internal well-being that influences physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental level.

Energy healing is one of the most holistic and globally accepted healing methods, as it points out the specific points in our body and impacts our emotions and actions. In this manner, energy healing also supports people in boosting their productivity and efficiency. The energy healers assist people with the pure energy that impacts the energy system acting as a type of wave-support to realign or redirect the subtle impact energies.

Energy medicine and energy healing

Energy healing performs well when done through reliable devices and therapies. Energy medication uses mind control, sound, herbs, and crystals to enable you to feel great relaxation and calm in your mind. Some energy healers use crystals or other devices and tools to generate healing energy.

Know more about what science says about energy healing

In the Western culture, knowledge is obtained via "scientific system or the "trial and error system" however this is not only the way of getting knowledge and skills, or maybe we must say that the "scientific method" is one of the best ways to gain knowledge through the information that our all senses give us, but there are also other ways of gaining knowledge that is; a strong belief in the eastern civilization.

"Scientific method" is indeed a beneficial way; however, it can only observe and assure what we get through our five senses, but, some of the studies found that the observer influences the object of observation via the observation act; therefore, there should be something that occurs in some different types of energy field that the modern science doesn't accept as real by now.

Indeed modern science is discovering new energy healing ways that are stable with the idea of impacting the human energy fields with other kinds of energies such as heat, sound, etc. There is no doubt that some scientists accept the idea and benefits of energy healing; however, there is a strong belief and recent discoveries  showing that energy healing does have a significant impact.

Let's check some studies in the references:

There are energy fields that are quite measurable, and there is solid evidence that known biophysical components can represent the observed phenomena. We know that the human body retains some electrical fields that can be assessed with different methods such as EKG, EEG, and EMG.

In 1963 at Syracuse University, the primary assessment of the magnetic energy field of the human heart was also reported, and in 1971 a superconducting magnetometer termed SQUID was utilized to assess the magnetic field of the Brain.

In 1989 Del Giudice et al. confirmed the presence of the Josephson junction, a superconducting semiconductor that exists in the living tissues.

In 1991 Seto and associates evaluated the energy field between the healers' hands and was set up to be under 1% of the hearts magnetic field. Furthermore, if the heart magnetic field can manage natural acts, it is unquestionably feasible that the magnetic field coming out from the healers' hands might also affect natural functions.

Undoubtedly, people who work to regenerate their energy through different methods of healing are more productive. Energy healing is scientifically proved and the best way to impact your natural capacities positively.

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