Super Human Abilities, Change your energy, change your life

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What if your consciousness knows what you are looking for before your eyes do and what if your consciousness knows what you were hearing before your ears do?. 

The truth is, modern science wouldn’t allow these super powers. Thus, precognition, psychic awareness, extrasensory perception all find their roots to our human history and experience.


Daredevils is a movie that is based on a blind warrior narrative and this myth traces back to before 1964. In 1500, a famous Japanese swordsman called Toda Seigen lost his eyesight and began to train himself in short sword combat and history has it that he was undefeated in combat as a blind man. 

His adventures inspired kids with poor eyesight to believe they could accomplish anything. Similarly, the myth of Neo in the matrix, who was temporarily blind but perceived the computer programs running his world.

This extrasensory perception made it possible for him to connect with the source.

We are more than skin and bones, everything is energy, so the secret to superhuman abilities is to raise your own energy within. 

Because if you can raise your Qi, you can raise yourself to new heights.

More than just myth

These tales are more than just myths. Powerful governments have invested and researched psychological powers for decades.

Real life Superheroes

Wim Hof possessed superhuman abilities that he originated in ancient Buddhist practice. To him, intense mediation could uncover capabilities that will help us treat illness.

Mind over matter

In this, it is basically learning that you can train your energy in harmony with the energy fields around you.

Change your energy, change your life.

The Qi life superhuman system will enable you to harness your qi energy and leave you in full control of your surroundings. 

With its physical ability, you will be able to tap into deeper levels of consciousness and mind-bending abilities. With Qi energy you have the power to heal yourself emotionally and physically.

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