Healy Device Reviews for Meditation vs Qi Coils

The Healy is a wearable device that promises to help with a variety of issues, including pain relief, stress, and fatigue. But does it really work? We put the Healy to the test to see if it lives up to the hype. We also compare it to a better alternative called the Qi Coil.

What is the Healy device?

The Healy device is a wearable device that is said to provide pain relief and other health benefits. The device is worn on the body and uses low-level electrical stimulation to relieve pain. The Healy device is said to be safe and effective, and it has been cleared by the FDA for use in the United States. There are many positive Healy device reviews from people who have used the device for pain relief.

The device was developed by Dr. Thomas Rau, a German physician who has been studying the effects of EMF on the human body for over 30 years. The Healy is based on Dr. Rau's research, which suggests that EMF can help to balance the body's energy field and promote healing.

What’s the buzz about the HEALY Bioresonance device?

The Healy Bioresonance device is a wearable device that uses quantum technology to deliver microcurrents of healing frequencies to the body. The Healy World app allows you to customize your therapy, and the Healy Device purchase includes access to all frequency programs. The main benefits of using the Healy are: improved mental and physical well-being, increased energy levels, reduced stress, and improved sleep quality. Many people also report feeling a sense of calm and relaxation after using the device.

How the Healy device works

The Healy is a wearable device that is said to help with various health concerns by delivering low-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) to the body. The device is placed on different areas of the body depending on the issue you want to address.

There are three main ways that the Healy device is said to work. The first is by providing relief from pain. The EMF signals emitted from the device are thought to help reduce inflammation and pain signals in the body. The second way the Healy is said to work is by helping improve sleep. The device is worn on the wrist and emits a signal that is thought to help regulate the body’s sleep cycle. The third way the Healy device is said to work is by aiding in stress reduction and relaxation. The EMF signals emitted from the device are thought to help lower stress levels and promote relaxation.

Healy Device Reviews

We took a close look at the science behind the Healy and what people are saying about it. Here’s what we found.

Pros and cons of the Healy device

The Healy is a wearable device that is said to help with various health conditions, from chronic pain to anxiety. But what does the science say about this device? We take a look at the pros and cons of Healy.

On the plus side, Healy seems to effectively treat pain in a small clinical trial. It has also been found to help reduce stress and anxiety and improve sleep quality.

On the downside, there is not yet enough scientific evidence to say definitively that Healy is effective for any health condition. There are also concerns about potential side effects, such as skin irritation from wearing the device.

Overall, the jury is still out on whether or not Healy is an effective treatment for any health condition.

The Best Alternative to Healy: Meet the Qi Coil!

Qi Coil and Healy Care Program help to boost your immune system, manage stress, and enhance your mood. Both devices effectively help in balancing emotions and energy levels. They are beneficial in maintaining physical and mental well-being.

The frequency of health technology in both devices combats sleeplessness, anxiety, tiredness, and fatigue. However, various beneficial features of the Qi Coil Frequency System give it an edge over the Healy Care Program.

It becomes tricky and confusing for some people to choose between the two frequency healing products, Qi Coil and Healy Care Program.

This detailed review will compare the Healy frequency device with the Qi Coils. This comparison will make dividing which product suits your requirements easy.

This write-up will signify the significant differences between the two frequency healing devices.

We have enlisted the top features of the two devices below.

Additional Features of Qi Coil Which Healy Frequency Device Lacks:

Lets now talk about significant differences which we can find when we dig into Qi Coil And Healy Device Review:

  • Qi Coil is a contactless device that does not require you to wear or attach wires to your body. This helps you to have a sound sleep and meditate peacefully. Whereas Healy Frequency Machine requires you to connect wires around your wrist.
  • Qi Coil provides energy to all your body cells simultaneously and is not restricted to any specific body part. Therefore, Qi Coil does not require any physical contact to give an effect on your body & mind. The Healy machine is limited and needs physical contact as an electrode to pass an electrical current through the wrist or where it is attached to other parts of your body.
  • Qi Coil can be easily used anytime and anywhere without letting anyone know. You can exercise or meditate with it by keeping it in your pocket. The Healy device requires you to wear it on your wrist, which may be cumbersome if you need to move your arms during exercise or other activities.
  • Qi Coil provides a great range of devices up to 20 square ft (Qi Coil Max). This means you can place the Qi Coil on the nightstand beside your bed, in a car, office, or a room within a 20-square-foot range, and you and your friends can enjoy the frequency simultaneously if all are within the range it covers. Qi Coil is entirely safe for users. Whereas Healy Machine has no range and only works if the device is attached to the person.
  • Qi Coil has over 900 Neuro-Program which are ideal for meditation. Qi Coil has a higher frequency than the Healy device, which is beneficial for your mental health.

Difference Between Qi Coil and Healy Machine Device Price:

Cost plays a vital role in decision-making while searching for any specific product.

Quality comes at a price.

Healy Care Program costs $506 for its Healy Gold Product, making it fall into the expensive side. On the other hand, Qi Coil offers a greater quality but is reasonably priced.

The Qi Coil Mini: The value of Mental Health Made Easy PEMF Therapy is $2,405, but it sells at $299. Similarly, Qi Coil Mini Twin System sells for $495, but the value is $2,905. This shows a massive difference in the price range. 

Healy Care Program Starts from $506, whereas the Qi Coil starts from $299. Isn't this a tremendous price difference?

Apart from being very affordable, Qi Coil is packed with comparatively superior features to the Healy Care Program.


As you can see, there are a lot of features available in Qi Coils that are absent in other similar devices that are way more expensive. 

The question remains the same, which option is best amongst both? The simple answer is the option that fulfills your purpose and fits your budget. 

We recommend Qi Coil over the Healy frequency device because it is the best package available at an affordable price. It has several distinctive features which will help you improve and maintain a healthy life. Further, it is easier to use than the Healy Care System, with improved results on overall body health.

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