Good vibes: discovering the healing power of sound

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dEveryone is aware of the fact that music can affect our moods and emotions. After all, can you think about Star Wars be like without any soundtrack? However, are you familiar with that sound and music can slow your heartbeat & breathing, decrease your blood pressure, and meditate? Can it take your brain waves from active to alpha?


We know that you must reduce stress for good health you must reduce stress, here sound and music assist you in doing this as an effective, powerful, and joyful way to improve your energy and enhance your health.

Indeed sound can assist you in getting an easy shift from a stressful mood to an energetic mood. It also helps you feel more relaxed and happier.

What Is Sound?

In simple terms, sounds are vibrations or waves that babble via air and provide one of the best and most effective ways to communicate with human beings and other creatures' nervous systems.

Our Nervous system is mainly responsible for controlling our body because it receives information and instructions from the brain and communicates wviru Pateldith the body parts to react according to a given situation.

For example, when you start a bike, your whole body reacts in seconds to start it. Similarly, all the sounds are sent to the brain, and the brain helps you act and feel accordingly.

 Every existing thing vibrates and creates sound, and therefore we are surrounded by sound for every second. Researchers worldwide trust that sounds can affect changes in our body because our body is made up of nearly 60% water, and water is one of the biggest conductors of sound.

Therefore, if sound enters our body perfectly, our body does its activities more effectively.

What is sound healing?

The thought that sound and music affect the health of our body and mind is very old. Mantra recitation and chanting have been part of Hinduism for thousands of years; people are getting benefits from the healing power of yoga.

Today scientists have shown interest in mind-body medicine; undoubtedly, this ancient treatment is getting more popular in the modern-day renaissance.

So what, exactly, is sound healing?

Sound therapy creates good vibes to regenerate the mind and body power and helps you feel energetic.

Using the objects that resonate and human voice to stimulate healing, sound healing acts as vibrational medicine. As said earlier, everything that exists always vibrates, whether we hear it or not.

The frequency at which an object vibrates naturally is known as resonance. Each power of our body has its natural resonance or frequency.

The basic idea behind vibrational medicine is that disease is an outcome of imbalance or lack of those natural resonances - whether due to illness, depression, stress, or environmental factors.

The power of sound

Sound is a powerful and potent energy that assists people in expressing their pain, concern, and love. People worldwide have started to accept the associated possibilities with sound healing.

Good vibes can create a magical and peaceful world around us. We can experience the power of sound with positive thoughts, music, and sound resonating machines like Qi Coil, Aura Coil, and more. It helps you get positive energy and relief from different diseases like depression, stress, etc.

American Cancer Society has acknowledged that meditation, as the repetition of mantras either in the loud or silent sound, can help you relax in your body.


Perfect conduct

Do you know why sound is so effective? Why it influence your emotion and mood? One reason is always stated above that is water (a perfect conductor of sound). With 60% water around in our body helps to flow the sound smoothly.

Another reason is that everything in this universe and human beings are made up of energy. Scientists say that every atom, each particle - the building blocks of which all matter is developed - is made out of energy vortices, each moving every time and emitting its particular energy patterns. In the same way, sound is also vibrational energy, and its powerful relationship with the human body is not surprising.

Final words

Indeed sound is non-invasive and has no side effects. There are lots of pros than cons to sound therapy, which make sound healing a powerful treatment. The sound that creates good vibes is used for mental health pain management, reduce stress, and energize your body.

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