Day 2: Activate Your Qi Energy to Empower Your Prosperity Pyramid

Today, you will be empowering your prosperity pyramid by activating the flow of Qi in your body.

This pyramid is linked to your success in life.

And when you activate the Qi energy that flows through your body, you will be able to eliminate negative and magnetize abundance in your life.

So, let's begin.


Words of affirmation "Speak this out loud" for Day 2:

“I am attracting abundance into my life, and right now, I’m radiating positive energy.

Center Yourself:

Take 5 minutes to center yourself and do belly breathing white listening to the “Regenerate” frequency before you kick off today’s exercise.

Exercise: (Duration 10 minutes)

Click here to watch the course videos for today's exercise.


  • For today's exercise, you can stay in a standing, sitting or lying position.
  • You can repeat this session as many times as you like.


  • Write down 3 goals you want to accomplish with this Qi Gong challenge and then post it on our Facebook Group.
  • Write a note about how you feel.
  • Use hashtag #qigongchallenge and #day2.

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If you haven’t already, download this calendar and print it out to check off “Day 2” of your challenge.

-> Download Calendar

Download the Prosperity Pyramid chart and print it out.

-> Download Prosperity Pyramid Chart

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