Prime Numbers Time Travel Vortex Quantum Frequencies
Prime Numbers Time Travel Vortex Series Quantum Frequencies
Prime Numbers Time Travel Vortex Series Quantum Frequencies
Prime Numbers Time Travel Vortex Series Quantum Frequencies
Prime Numbers Time Travel Vortex Series Quantum Frequencies

Prime Numbers Time Travel Vortex Series

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What do I use it for?:

  • Prime numbers (1,3,5,7,11...)
  • Powerful vortex energy
  • Energy flow
  • Zero-point energy
  • Blockage removal

What Would You Do If You Could Travel in Time?

The first 100 Prime numbers, create a 3-dimensional vortex. The vortex is alignment to Source energy. Being in the vortex means you’re at one with who you really are, you’re feeling fab, and in vibrational alignment to your desires. It’s represented by feelings like enthusiasm, inspiration, passion, joy, and appreciation.

Being out of the vortex means you’re energetically kinked, not letting in the good stuff you’ve been calling in. You often feel frustrated, hopeless, fearful, or angry.

Being in the vortex means you’re experiencing the kind of alignment that fosters magic and miracles. It’s where you get inspired answers to your questions. It’s where things come together beautifully. It’s where you feel on top of the world!

The vortex is also where you want to take action from. That “aligned” state is a great time to make the phone calls, place the orders, sign the agreements, say “I do,” create the business plan, etc.

Using the first 100 Primes on your body opens up your inner vortex and can really help heal events in different timelines in your life! Vortex energy is also the central in what the Russian Physicists call Torsion, or the power of consciousness! That is because a torsion wave is a vortex wave form! Could Prime Numbers be the secret to tapping into the hidden powers of the conscious universe?

There are 10 tracks on this package, each one with 10 Prime numbers on it going towards 100, and the final track is a mix of the first 100 Prime Numbers!

These numbers are audible to the human ear so you can listen to the vortex sound on your speakers also!

Prime Numbers as frequencies produce a vortex of spinning energies. They open up time. Time is the most misunderstood of the forces because it is seen as a calculation only rather than a force. Using Prime numbers we have been able to move forward or backwards in time very easily in dreams.


What will I feel?

  • Freedom
  • Resolution
  • Hope
  • Empowerment
  • Stability
  • Present


          What Chakras are affected?
          • Unknown

          Why you need it?

          • Past traumas?
          • Can't seem to get over the past?
          • Obstacles blocking your way?
          • Uncertain about your future?
          • Curious about your past lives?
          • Want to change your future?


          2 3 5 7 11 13 17 19 23 29
          31 37 41 43 47 53 59 61 67 71
          73 79 83 89 97 101 103 107 109 113
          127 131 137 139 149 151 157 163 167 173
          179 181 191 193 197 199 211 223 227 229
          233 239 241 251 257 263 269 271 277 281
          283 293 307 311 313 317 331 337 347 349
          353 359 367 373 379 383 389 397 401 409
          419 421 431 433 439 443 449 457 461 463
          467 479 487 491 499 503 509 521 523 541


          Frequencies List:

          1. 1-10 Prime Numbers Vortex
          2. 11-20 Prime Numbers Vortex
          3. 21-30 Prime Numbers Vortex
          4. 31-40 Prime Numbers Vortex
          5. 41-50 Prime Numbers Vortex
          6. 51-60 Prime Numbers Vortex
          7. 61-70 Prime Numbers Vortex
          8. 71-80 Prime Numbers Vortex
          9. 81-90 Prime Numbers Vortex
          10. 91-100 Prime Numbers Vortex
          11. ALL 1-100 Prime Numbers Vortex

          Delivered as Hi-Definition audio mp3 files.

          Total FIle Size: 69 MB


          Note: These frequencies can be used on all Apple and Android devices and any brand computer or Laptop.


          Experience Qi Energy!

          Use these frequencies with Qi Coil or Resonant Wave Systems for enhanced effects.



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