Transformation Meditation Collection Higher Quantum Frequencies
Transformation Meditation Collection Higher Quantum Frequencies
Transformation Meditation Collection Higher Quantum Frequencies
Transformation Meditation Collection Higher Quantum Frequencies
Transformation Meditation Collection Higher Quantum Frequencies
Transformation Meditation Collection Higher Quantum Frequencies
Transformation Meditation Collection Higher Quantum Frequencies
Transformation Meditation Collection Higher Quantum Frequencies
Transformation Meditation Collection Higher Quantum Frequencies
Transformation Meditation Collection: Healing Sounds Higher Quantum Frequencies
Transformation Meditation Collection: Healing Sounds Higher Quantum Frequencies
Transformation Meditation Collection: Healing Sounds Higher Quantum Frequencies
Transformation Meditation Collection: Healing Sounds Higher Quantum Frequencies

Transformation Meditation Collection - Healing Meditation Frequency

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Remove Negative Energy and Transform Yourself Effortlessly

“I immediately began lucid dreaming. It was a blissful experience because right from the start I knew I was dreaming. I played with the world and interacted with the characters in my dream” - Walter W.

How would you feel if you can easily achieve a greater state of mental well being?

Wouldn’t that be a blissful experience in your life? To heal your mind and relieve your body from stress.

Well, just as the name of these sounds imply, this collection of meditation frequencies transforms your wellness and gives you the capacity to achieve success in life.

These Effective Frequencies Will:

  • Tune up your chakra
  • Improve your overall wellness
  • Attract positive energy to you
  • Clear blockages from your mind
  • Expand your consciousness
  • Relieve your body and mind from fatigue
  • Connect you to the universe
  • Enhance the quality of your life
  • Help you achieve success
  • Improve your Intuition
  • Cleanse your thoughts
  • Help you communicate with higher powers
  • Bring light into your life
  • Enhance your creativity

Not Only That, You’re About to Discover…

  1. ➡️

    Positive energies around

  2. ➡️

    How to dream vividly

  3. ➡️

    Path to spiritual awakening

While the collection would also give you the ability to…

  1. Remove negative energy from your life

  2. Accelerate your path to wellness

  3. Transform yourself effortlessly

So if you’re searching for ways to do these, I have good news for you because I will explain what these healing sounds are and how they work.

8 Higher Quantum Frequencies 104.6 MB

Quantum Frequency

Dark Side Purge

  • Cleanse your dark side
  • Let go of the past
  • Replace darkness with light
  • Remove negative energy
Quantum Frequency

Deep Transformation

  • Transform yourself in a deep profound way
  • Transform yourself effortlessly
  • Change from the inside out
  • Transform hidden parts of you that you may not be aware not
  • Remove deep, embedded blockages from your forgotten past
Quantum Frequency

Remove Blockages

  • Remove blockages on many levels
  • Remove physical, emotional, spiritual, financial blockages
  • Clear away what could be sabotaging you quietly
  • Accelerate your path to wellness and abundance
Quantum Frequency

Remove Negative Energy

  • Instantly remove negative energy on many levels
  • Remove negative energy from inside you, around you, or from a physical location
  • Remove negative emotional & spiritual energy that is wreaking havoc on your life
  • Banish and dispell dark and malevolent energies
  • Bring light and postitive abundant energy into your life
Quantum Frequency

Third Eye

  • Activate your third eye and pineal gland
  • Increase creativity
  • Enhanced Intuition, Insight and Imagination
  • Experience dreams more vividly
  • Better dream recall
  • Experience a spiritual awakening
Quantum Frequency

Aura Clean

  • Clean your aura
  • Remove darkness from your energetic body
  • Balance and brighten your aura
  • Let your colors shine
  • Enhance your personal vibe, ambience, glow and attractiveness
  • Attract positive energy to you
Quantum Frequency

Cleansing Energy

  • Cleanse yourself energetically
  • Cleanse on many levels
  • Improve and deepend meditations
  • Cleanse your thoughts, emotions, experiences and energy
  • Attract positive things and circumstances
Quantum Frequency

Celestial Body Expansion

  • Expand your energetic and astral body
  • Feel expanded and more in tune with the inifinite universe
  • Extend your consciousness beyond physical limitations
  • Communicate with higher powers
  • Experience altered states of consciousness
  • Experience a spiritual awakening

What Are These Healing Meditation Sounds?

These healing meditation sounds are musical sounds of different frequencies that are used to heal the mind and attract positive energies. These sounds take you on a journey to a higher consciousness when you align your frequency to it.

The chants that make up these frequencies originated from the 11th century in Italy by Guido of Arezzo when he taught music to a set of monastery choristers. According to science, the chants produced from the music they made resulted in these healing sounds used today.

How Do They Work?

Science believes that our body contains “energy frequencies”, and you can align your frequency to an external tone to heal your tissues and organs. Some of these sounds can be tuned to different frequencies to achieve special purposes. For instance, In 1988, biochemist Dr. Glen Rein made a discovery that confirmed these healing abilities when he tested the impact of different sounds on human DNA. This finding has increased the establishment of “music therapy” as a profession for healing the mind.

What are Higher Quantum Frequencies?

They are the Next Level of Frequencies that harness the Power of 4 Dimensions

Powerful Audio Frequencies That Contain Mathematical Representations of States of Consciousness. Emotions and Physical Well Being.

This is NOT- Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones, HemiSync, Affirmations, Subliminal Vocalizations, or Hypnosis.

  1. Rife Frequencies are Single Frequencies (1 Dimension)
  2. Binaural Beats are 2 Frequencies (2 Dimension)
  3. Quantum Frequencies are Multiple Frequencies (3 Dimension)
  4. Higher Quantum Frequencies are Dynamic Layers of Fields of Intention (4 Dimension)

Cutting-Edge Neuro Frequency Development

Quantum Frequency

World's Most Advanced Neuro Programs

Up to 5000 neural data signals per program. Competitor devices typically have 1-5 per program. We go beyond conventional PEMF frequencies and have developed hundreds of programs called “quantum frequencies” that produce many specific psychological, emotional and biological states.

Quantum Frequency

Molecular Mapping

All molecules have weight and geometry, by uncovering the active compounds in a substance, we can create a frequency profile for each compound and combine them to replicate its effects.

Quantum Frequency

Brainwave EEG sampling

Using a specific combination or sequences of frequencies can induce predictable responses in the brain. Where conventional devices will claim they can calibrate your brainwaves to states such as alpha, delta or theta, we take a giant a leap forward and program your mind for more precise states like calm, confident, positive, peaceful, creative, mindful. 

Quantum Frequency

Electromagnetic Noise Displacement

All substances, all our cells, and even our DNA emit an electromagnetic signature. By decoding these frequencies, we can alter how they interact with each other.

Quantum Frequency

Qi Life Proprietary Algorithms

With over 10 years of research, we have discovered unique ways for creating experiences in the mind and body through frequency. Integrating a culmination of multi-disciplinary approaches and hyper-dimensional math, we are able to create dynamic numerical models of distinct states of well-being, which are then composed into our higher quantum frequencies

Why Our Frequencies Are Worth Your Investment

Ease of Access - you can tune into a frequency of your choice while working/exercising, before bedtime or while meditating.

Effectiveness - We have had people who used our frequency and healed from their past, activated their third eye, unclog blockages from their life

Valuable - our frequencies are quite affordable compared to the overall makeover it gives to your life.

Everything in the universe, both physical and unseen realities

You might have tried to experience total connection to God.

I know there have been recommended programs that would promise to help you ascend and connect with God and some of these programs run into $300 membership or more.

While some classes for deep meditation might also cost $100 per month. But when compared to our collection of frequencies that have proven to work for our customers, you will find out you're only paying less to achieve the same results.

What Our Customers Experienced With These Frequencies...

“These frequencies definitely helped me to stay healthy, centered, and optimistic (as well as inspired) while completing my dissertation”

- Heidi H.

“I think I feel it right in the center of my head, a pulsing sensation. I feel more hopeful and focused”

- Kyle P.

Use the collection of our healing sounds to transform your overall well being now

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Frequencies User Guide

Scientifically proven frequencies that help you experience the highest levels of meditation with just a click of a button.


Qi Coil™ & Frequency Quick Start Guide

How To Download Your Frequencies

Can I just listen to these, or do I need Qi Coils to use these frequencies?+
You may listen to the frequencies without a device. However, using the frequencies with a device like the Qi Coil™ is more effective since it converts the sounds into electromagnetic waves which can better permeate through your body.
Do I need headphones?+
For best practices in listening to the frequencies, both headsets or speakers are okay, but we recommend turning up your volume a little bit to help the frequency better penetrate your body (you can also listen to the frequencies at any time). Also, keep in mind that some frequencies are extremely low and not audible to the human ear but they are certainly having an effect.
How soon will I receive my order?+
Yes, all frequencies are tested and proven safe.
Are these frequencies safe?+
For best practices in listening to the frequencies, both headsets or speakers are okay, but we recommend turning up your volume a little bit to help the frequency better penetrate your body (you can also listen to the frequencies at any time). Also, keep in mind that some frequencies are extremely low and not audible to the human ear but they are certainly having an effect.
Is sound and/or frequency therapy scientifically proven?+
Yes, there are thousands of scientific studies that prove pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has many benefits to humans. For further information, please click here:
How Often Can I Use these frequencies?+
We normally recommend that you break in for the first 7 days, and start using frequencies at medium to high volume for at least 30-60 minutes per day. For regular or normal use, keep it at medium to high volume, within 30 minutes - 3 hours per session, and at least 2 sessions per day, with a minimum 1-hour break in between. For longer use of up to 8 hours, it is advisable to keep playing the frequencies at low to medium volume.
When should I use these frequencies?+
You may use it whenever you feel you need it. If you need an energy boost, need to focus, or need to relax and sleep. The Qi Coil™ app offers many different programs for different needs so you can use them to enhance your performance at work, school, home, exercise, meditation, creativity, and more!
Can I use it while I sleep?+
FYes you can, but make sure to secure it properly or place it on your bedside table to avoid accidentally damaging the wires or the device itself. Also, make sure that your frequencies are playing through the Qi Coil.
Are There Any Side Effects?+
Yes, some may experience a healing crisis such as headache or dizziness, most especially if it’s your first time to introduce your body to the frequencies. But no worries, if you are experiencing these symptoms, you may simply stop using the Qi coils™ for a few days before starting another session. You may also turn down the volume on your mobile device that is running the Qi Coil™ app, and usually, a day or two will be enough for your body to eliminate toxins that have been flushed out of your systems. Also, make sure to hydrate and get plenty of rest. Once your systems are tuned up over time (usually 21 days), you may experience little or no detox effects at all.
What Can I Do to Maximize the Effects of Using these frequencies?+
We highly recommend that you create a more personalized frequency program depending on your goals or what you want to achieve, and use it with the Qi Coil consistently to achieve better results. You may also refer to our Frequencies User Guide for more details.
How do these frequencies work?+
The Qi Coil system uses unique, powerful, harmonic sounds and sequences that are programmed in our Qi Coil app, and is designed specifically to work on a cellular level to help raise your Qi energy, attract abundance, amplify your ability to manifest your intentions, and improve your overall health and wellness.
How Do I Use Quantum frequencies?+
We highly recommend that you determine what you want to focus on, create a personal program in the Qi Coil App, and start with no more than 4 different frequencies per day. Also, make sure that you drink water before and after each session to ensure that your body is well hydrated and to prevent possible healing crisis effects.
How Long Should I Use these frequencies for?+
You may use the frequencies as long as you feel you need them. For example, if you need to feel more energy, use it until you feel you have the energy you need, or simply use it on a daily basis to get the daily nourishments that you need.
How will I know it’s working?+
Aside from the obvious effect of achieving the goals that you intended, there are other more subtle effects that you may notice during your Qi Coil, Aura Coil, or Resonant Wand experience such as improved and positive changes in personality and feelings, lesser pain experience, etc.
How soon will I feel the effects?+
It depends on how electromagnetically sensitive a person is, as some who stated that they were able to experience the effects right away, and there are others who reported to feel the effects after a few weeks (usually 21 days) of consistent use.
How long do the effects last for?+
The effects may last for hours or days. We have had reports that the effects last for about 3 days even after stopping usage of the Qi coils™. If you use it for 21 days or longer, your body systems will have permanently re-calibrated. Which will make the effects last for a long period of several days even if you stop using the Qi coils™.
What is the difference between Rife, Quantum, Higher Quantum and Inner Circle frequencies?+
Rife Frequencies are Single Frequencies (1 Dimension), Quantum Frequencies are Multiple Frequencies (3 Dimension) and Higher Quantum & Inner Circle Frequencies are Dynamic Layers of Fields of Intention (4 Dimension)
Does it work for people who’ve never done this before?+
Yes, many people who have never tried anything like the Qi Coil™ before have reported that they feel the effects immediately or over a period of 3-4 weeks.
How can I attract abundance or manifest my intentions with this?+
Your mind and body have an electromagnetic field. The Qi Life Systems tune that field according to nature's harmonic frequencies. Nature is in its essence infinite and abundant. If you are in tune with nature, you will naturally transmit, receive and attract abundance. You may watch this webinar for more info:
What Is the frequency range and waveform?+
Frequency Range is 0.1 Hz to 22,000 Hz. Through the Qi Life System, sine, square, or triangle waveforms are generated, delivering a clean and effective signal with zero distortion. The wave comes through as a frequency, which is then converted through the Qi Life System into an electromagnetic Gaussian field.
What Can I Do If I’m Not Satisfied with the Product?+
We are so confident that our Qi Coil will transform your life that we are willing to offer you a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee.
Do you offer Financing?+
We are committed to everyone having the opportunity to experience our devices so we thought of ways to make the cost one less thing to worry about.

As a person living in the US, the best course of action is to take our financing partner, Klarna as your financing option. It's really easy to apply, just select "Order now, Pay Later with Klarna" as the payment option on the checkout page before completing your order. Then, wait for the prompts to enter your personal information.

We also have an in-house financing option. To start this process, please confirm which device or system are you interested in getting, and let us know when you are available for one of our representatives to call you to help you with your financing process.

Purchasing this product listing will also unlock the frequency(ies) in the after 48 hours.

This Frequency collection might be subject to License & Leasing Terms of Agreement. To view the complete Terms and Agreement Click Here.

Disclaimer: None of the products are intended as a diagnosis, treatment, cure, prevention of any disease and have not been evaluated by the FDA. You should never change or stop taking any medication unless you have discussed the situation with your medical practitioner. Please check our Disclaimer page click here.