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Experience the Future of Biohacking for Longevity and Vitality
Welcome to the Future of Wellness

Experience Longevity and Vitality with Qi Coils


Enhanced Longevity

Embrace a longer, healthier life by optimizing cellular function and promoting longevity with NAD and NMN frequencies.

Vitality Boost

Rejuvenate your body and invigorate your spirit with the revitalizing effects of red light therapy, promoting radiant skin and enhanced energy levels.

Holistic Wellness

Achieve balance and harmony within mind, body, and spirit as you immerse yourself in the healing frequencies of the Qi Resonance Bed.
Welcome to the gateway of spiritual enlightenment. Qi Coils offer a bridge to ancient wisdom and modern spirituality, allowing you to unlock profound experiences effortlessly. Say farewell to conventional barriers and embark on a transformative journey where the realms of the unseen become tangible, and the essence of your spirit unfolds before you.

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Qi Coil™ Mini Starter System: Mobile Rife & PEMF Therapy

$399 $2,605

Qi Coil™ Mini System with Resonant Console 1

$1,799 $2,605

Qi Coil™ 3S Transformation System with Resonant Console 2

$3,495 $9,452

Qi Coil™ Max Transformation System with Resonant Console 2

$5,995 $10,983

Recommended Frequencies

NAD+ Life Extension Longevity Nootropics Anti-Aging Frequencies


NMN Peak Performance Brain Power Nootropics Supplements Frequencies


BPC-157 Build Lean Muscle: Elevate Performance, Enhance Fitness and Recovery


Methylene Blue: Enhance Cognitive Function


Advanced Features

  • anti-aging

    Anti-Aging Properties

    Qi Coils support youthful vitality by stimulating cellular regeneration and rejuvenation.
  • congnitive-function

    Enhanced Cognitive Function

    Qi Coils optimize mental performance, improving focus, memory, and decision-making abilities.
  • reduced-fatigue

    Reduced Fatigue

    Qi Coils provide a natural energy boost, combating fatigue and promoting alertness.
  • incresed-energy

    Increased Energy Levels

    Qi Coils enhance vitality and stamina, replenishing energy reserves for improved endurance.
  • brain-health

    Improved Brain Health

    Qi Coils enhance brain function by increasing blood flow, supporting mental clarity and cognitive performance.
  • mood-enhancement

    Mood Enhancement

    Qi Coils elevate mood and happiness levels through mood-regulating frequencies, fostering emotional balance.
Key Features

Unlock Longevity & Vitality Solutions

  • revitalized_energy

    Revitalized Energy

    Experience a surge of revitalizing energy as the Qi Eternal System empowers your body's natural processes, leaving you feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to seize the day.
  • emotional-balance

    Emotional Balance

    Find inner peace and emotional equilibrium as the Qi Eternal System's holistic approach nurtures your mental well-being, reducing stress and enhancing resilience
  • comprehensive_biohacking

    Comprehensive Biohacking

    Harness the power of biohacking with a range of frequencies tailored to enhance cognitive function, promote emotional well-being, and optimize overall performance.
Key Features

Unlock Longevity & Vitality Solutions

  • bullet-points
    Qi Coils: Delve into the research behind NAD and NMN frequencies, along with other biohacking frequencies, and their profound impact on cellular regeneration and cognitive enhancement.
  • bullet-points
    Red Light Panel: Discover the scientific principles behind red light therapy and its therapeutic benefits, including collagen production stimulation, inflammation reduction, and tissue repair acceleration.
  • bullet-points
    Qi Resonance Bed: Learn about the science of energy resonance and how the Qi Resonance Bed promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and enhanced sleep quality through beneficial frequencies.
Science and Frequencies

world's most advanced quantum frequencies

  • quantum-1
    Revolutionary Neuro-Programming: Our system features up to 5000 holographic data signals per program, significantly more advanced than standard offerings, to induce a broad range of specific states.
  • quantum-2
    Molecular Mapping Technology: By analyzing the unique properties of molecules, we create precise frequency profiles to mimic their effects.
  • quantum-3
    Brainwave EEG sampling: Our system goes beyond typical brainwave states, programming the mind for specific states like calmness, confidence, and creativity.
  • quantum-4
    Electromagnetic Signature Harmonization: We decode and align the electromagnetic signatures of substances and cells for profound well-being improvements.

Healing The World Together


Joe Vitale

Featured in "The Secret" Movie

Barry Morguelan

A world-renowned surgeon and pioneer in gastroenterology

Kevin Harrington

Entrepreneur, As Seen On "Shark Tank"

Vishen Lakhiani

CEO of MindValley

Jim Kwik

World's #1 Brain Coach

Dr. Patrick Porter PhD

Neuro-Scientist, Founder of Braintap

Dr. Har Hari Khalsa

Renowned Yogi, 33-Year Chiropractor

Dr. Amin Javid

Celebrity Chiropractor, Author of Human Biomechanics

Dr. Joy Kong, MD

Triple Board-Certified Stem Cell Specialist

Dr. Jason Chiriano, DO

Founder of Vivalife Healing Centers

Dr. Isaac Jones

Founder of Health Experts Alliance


Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Jeffrey R. Gladden, MD

Longevity Expert

Les Brown

Greatest Motivational Speaker of All Time

Dr. Thomas Brewer, PhD Chemist

16 Year Blood Microscopist
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"From normalizing diabetic sugar levels to reducing skin cancer irritations and even assisting a neighbor's dog with bladder cancer, Qi Coils enhance overall well-being, offering increased energy, better relaxation, and improved sleep quality-a genuine game-changer."
"I was in three severe accidents and had metal implants in my shoulder. The Qi Coil has been a game-changer for me. It's already reducing my pain, and I've only been using it for a few weeks."
"I felt that have excess energy to the point that I had an exercise in the morning but I need to move or do anything because there is a lot of energy in my body. I saw the effects in the amount of time."
"Disclaimer: Qi Coils are not approved by the FDA to treat, heal, prevent, or mitigate any disease. The information provided is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. Results may vary, and testimonials do not guarantee similar outcomes. By using the products, you release Qi Coils and its affiliates from any liability."

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