In the world today, we suffer from electromagnetic pollution. Cellular towers, radio antennas, computers, wifi, even your phone hurts you. Almost every electronic device we use on a day to day basis emits an electromagnetic field and wave of energy that affects our body system.

Now, coupled with this impending 5G technology scientists are trying to implement, we will be left under the mercy of its high range of pulsation and radiation. 

Qi Card; the Alternative Harmless Technology

However, there’s a way out of this, with a new technology called Qi energy Card, a revolution is about to take place. 

The Qi card is powered by Quantum frequencies from the Qi coil app, and by balancing out the harmful electromagnetic field surrounding you, the Qi energy Card performs dual functions by defending you through resonance. It diffuses the electromagnetic frequencies around you, charges the water and food you consume and enhances it through resonance.

Now, through the same electromagnetic radiation that endangers us, this wireless device was built to counter it. 

With this powerful technology you can protect yourself and your family, attract abundant healing, retune the frequencies around you and make a positive difference.

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