Day 6: Travel to the "Tiny Space" of Your Heart

Before you proceed with today's session, you need to know that you're doing amazing.

Having followed through the routine and visited the sacred place in your heart, today's session will lead you to the "Tiny Space" in your heart. At this place, you will be able to feel a higher vibration.

When you make it to this place, you will feel unforced freedom, new waves of energies that will engulf you.

At this point, go ahead, manifest anything you want.

So, are you ready?



Words of affirmation "Speak this out loud" for Day 6:

“I go deeper into my “Tiny Space” of in my heart, and I’m already transform my reality.”

Center Yourself:

Take 5 minutes to center yourself and do belly breathing white listening to “Any Frequency of Your Choice” on the qi coil app before you kick off today’s exercise.

Exercise: (Duration 10 minutes)

Click here to watch the course video for today's exercise.


  • You should perform this routine in a seated position.
  • You can repeat this session as many times as you like.
  • Take note of the higher pitch and vibration as you enter into your tiny space.


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If you haven’t already, download this calendar and print it out to check off “Day 6” of your challenge.

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