30 Day Qi Gong Meditation Transformation Challenge

Preparing Your Mindset

For the next 30 days, you will journey into higher consciousness, unlock your superhuman abilities and boost your happiness.

So open your mind and eliminate distractions.

Most importantly, practice consistently.

This routine will help you walk through a door of positive change.

Remember that the result you seek is cumulative. Your life will transform 1% daily, so be patient.

Choosing Your Environment

For your soul to experience tranquillity, you need to choose a peaceful environment.

This place of your choice should have a "Meditative Atmosphere," free from distractions.

Not to say that this is a requirement, but you need an environment that encourages you to transcend this earthly field easily. (For easy energetic cleansing of your space, use the free “Remove Negative Energy” frequency by itself or with Qi Coils on the Qi Coil app.

We recommend that you make use of our sound frequencies while practicing your exercises. 

The sounds can harmonize your emotions, repair your DNA, and help you achieve better results from your meditations.

These sounds are readily available on our Qi Coil app.

Click here to download the Qi Coil app.

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