Here’s what Qi coil can do for you

The natural frequency of your brain can be altered with an artificial frequency while you sleep with a mind-flip device called Qi coil. Generally, there are 86 billion neurons in your brain and these  tiny nerve cells receive, process, and send signals, creating complex connections called synapses.

These synapse networks enable us to see, feel, touch and think, and they are influenced through an electrical current. Thus, as these synapses communicate by electrical signals then external frequencies could modify it’s frequency. So then, this device through its electromagnetic radiation can fabricate auditory and visual images. 

For instance , if you are having difficulty sleeping, the natural frequency of your brain can be replicated by a frequency healing device. So now your brain will realign itself and offer you sleep.

Likewise, Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and Ayahuasca effects can teach your body to activate certain levels of emotion and feelings and also unlock spiritual and emotional healing. 

With this advanced technology, you could replicate the frequencies of your brain while studying and improve your level of focus. 

So, imagine a world where neurological disorders, bad sensory and even injuries are treated without a trip to the hospital. Imagine teaching your body to activate certain levels of emotion and feelings?

In brief, imagine a world where you can program your emotions.

In summary, from mind, to body, to soul achieve a new YOU and personalize your desired state of being.

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