Day 10: Qi Gong Meditation to Help You Feel Grounded

Yesterday's Qi gong practice helped you balance the energy around your body.

Today's Qi gong technique will use the controlled "Rise and Fall" movement of the hand to manipulate your Qi energy to go up and down.

This meditation exercise further improves your balance and enhances your flexibility.


Words of affirmation "Speak this out loud" for Day 10:

“I can control the upward and downward flow of Qi energy in my body”

Center Yourself:

Take 5 minutes to center yourself and do belly breathing white listening to “Any Frequency of Your Choice” on the qi coil app before you kick off today’s exercise.

Exercise: (Duration 12 minutes)

Click here to watch the course video for today's exercise.


You can practice this while sitting or standing. While standing, it's ideal to keep your legs spread out so that you can use your whole body.


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