Day 21: Activate Your Pineal Gland

Your pineal gland is the doorway to all things psychic.

When you activate your pineal gland, you will experience a much deeper connection to the spiritual space.


Words of affirmation "Speak this out loud" for Day 21:

I am journeying into higher consciousness, and I can vividly envision my future.

Center Yourself:

Take 5 minutes to center yourself and do belly breathing white listening to “Any Frequency of Your Choice” on the qi coil app before you kick off today’s exercise.

Exercise: (Duration 32 minutes)

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  • Though it is not required, but for the fastest results, we recommend that you do this meditation using our Qi Coils, and use the pineal gland activator frequency for maximum effect.

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  • You can do this meditation while sitting or lying down.


Congratulations!   You have completed your first week of the Qi Gong challenge! 

  • You have reached the third milestone, week 3. Take a picture of yourself holding your Qi Gong calendar and share on our Facebook Group to inspire others.
  • Use hashtag #qigongchallenge and #day21.

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