432 Hz Cosmic Frequency Of Life Quantum Frequencies
432 Hz Cosmic Resonant Frequency Of Life Series Quantum Frequencies
432 Hz Cosmic Resonant Frequency Of Life Series Quantum Frequencies
432 Hz Cosmic Resonant Frequency Of Life Series Quantum Frequencies
432 Hz Cosmic Resonant Frequency Of Life Series Quantum Frequencies

432 Hz Cosmic Resonant Frequency of Life Series

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Tune Yourself to The Frequency of the Universe

“It definitely works at a more subtle level of the mind. Brain activity is more active”” - Hannah M.

432 Hz is the natural frequency of the universe, making this frequency a special kind for a lot of reasons. From tuning your mind, to connecting your frequency with that of the universe..

But as Einstein said “Everything in Life is Vibration

What we see, what we feel, material and immaterial things around us.

Cosmic Resonant Frequency of Life Series

The subtle vibration of the universe’s atom, no matter the size, vibrates to become what we know as reality. If you can experience the reality of the universe, you can also experience the reality of your mind which is higher consciousness, perception, and great feeling from within.

You might further want to improve how your frequency connects to universal energy.

With This 432hz Frequency, You Can...

  • Increase your overall well being
  • Purify the energy that flows through your chakras
  • Connect your body & mind to universal energy
  • Expand your consciousness
  • Make you feel happier and at peace
  • Increase energy flow through your chakras
  • Clear your mind
  • Repair your DNA
  • Enhance your mental clarity

Have you ever felt the need to:

  1. ➡️

    Expand your consciousness?

  2. ➡️

    Create a general sense of good wellbeing?

  3. ➡️

    Unite your body and consciousness with nature?

  4. ➡️

    Feel happier, more relaxed and calm?

I will be sharing with you how you can amplify your energy, become happier, create positive energy, and explore the gifts within your consciousness.

So read on to find the secrets on how to tune up your happiness.

What is 432 Hz Cosmic Resonant Frequency of Life?

It is special because 432 Hz is present in the world’s astronomical and scientific concepts.

For example, Planetary Diameters:

Sun - 864,000 Miles (2 x 432)
Moon - 2160 Miles (432 / 2)

The natural harmonic waves propagation is the principle at which the frequency 432 Hz vibrates.

During this vibration, it unifies with the properties of light, space, matter, gravity and electromagnetism. Apart from the sun and the moon, the Saturn and earth also exhibit ratios of the number 432.

For saturn, it is one of the solar systems with accurate time pieces and it orbits the precession ever 864 of its years (432 x 2)

Another appearance of 432 Hz frequency is in the study of concert pitch.

According to studies, concert pitch A=432 Hz, can have profound positive effects on consciousness and also on the cellular level of our bodies.

By tuning musical instruments to concert pitch at A=432hz instead of A=440Hz, you can feel the impact when your awareness connects to natural resonance.

Also there are observations of the frequency in the speed of light

Cosmic Resonant Frequency of Life Series

 432 x 432 = 186624 and the classic speed of light is 186400 miles/second, a difference of .001201.

This is according to Einstein's famous equation of energy and matter: E=mc2 where E= energy, m = matter, and c = the universal constant speed of light.

In 1983, it was a general acceptance that the speed of light was 186,291 miles per second in a vacuum

This number converted by the pyramid inch is 186,496.

Also not until the 20th century, 432 Hz frequency was present as the standard musical tuning frequency for instruments.

What’s included in this 432hz frequency series:

  1. 432 Sine
  2. 432 Square
  3. 432 Sawtooth
  4. 432 Slow Pulse
  5. 432 Steady Pulse
  6. 432 Fast Pulse
  7. 432 Rotating Pulse
  8. 432 Square Trance
  9. 432 Square Sine Pulse
  10. 432 Saw Triangle Pulse

How Does it Work?... And Why is this Frequency So important?

Our frequency is recorded to constitute overall wellbeing, increasing energy flow through your chakras.

During these meditation sessions, you would purify the energies that flow through these energy parts of your body, hence giving you a blissful experience.

Purify energies

Also known for repairing DNA at the molecular level.

This energy flow is also connected to expanding your consciousness by making your mind clear from all forms of stress - the host upon transcending, experiences calmness, become happier and more relaxed.

Because everything in the universe is in constant vibration, science believes that you can refine your vibration to better yourself and this is where vibration and health connect.

Our 432 Hz Cosmic Resonant Frequency of life would tune into the frequencies around you to help you feel calmer, feel free from blockages.

Now don’t you think you would love to experience this blissful feeling?

Not Only That, With The 432 Hz Frequency, You’re About to Discover How To…

  1. ✔️

    Harmonize your body & soul with the universe

  2. ✔️

    Release tension from your body and mind

  3. ✔️

    Purify the energy around you

  4. ✔️

    Experience blissful meditation

Why You Should Invest In Connecting To The Universe Around You…

Cosmic Resonant Frequency of Life Series

Understanding that everything around you is a combination of atoms vibrating at a subtle frequency is enough reason to want to tap into this power to change your reality.

For instance, you might want to become happier, feel more relaxed, experience blissful living, all these are possible when you use our 432 Hz Cosmic Resonant Frequency which is pocket-friendly and effective.

Yoga programs out there cost relatively $100 - $300 for memberships, courses that teach you how to tune the energy around you could cost around $100’s or more.

All these would leave you spending a lot, but with just a bundle of our frequency, you could experience connection to your universe for less.

What Our Customers Experienced With These Frequencies...

qilifestore review

“Very powerful. I´ve been active every minute!! I´m VERY impressed, and not a bit tired yet”

- Jay S.
qilifestore review

“Good use for me while studying and also helps me with my meditation and next step for me is to get myself a wand or Qi Coil”

- Avery M.
qilifestore review

“This was hugely beneficial to my body in my meditation along with the coils. I would recommend it!”

- Penny T.

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