Acupuncture Gem Lasers

Buy the best acupuncture gem lasers 

Knowing acupuncture and the way it improves the health of your brain health. A healthy brain is useful for developing cells. Acupuncture can help you end depression, pain, balance neurotransmitters, decrease inflammation and mood disorders. Gem laser acupuncture, auricular, scalp treatment for recovery from cerebral ischemic injury, reduce ischemia-induced apoptosis and from other brain diseases or injuries.

We at QiLifeStore offers different kinds of brain healing products used to give the solace to your brain.

Acupuncture lasers available with us are as follows:

  • Gem Laser Soothing System
  • Gem Laser Repair System
  • Gem Laser Clearing System
  • Gem Laser Ultimate Rejuvenation System
  • Ruby Gem Laser (Red Light Therapy)
  • Sapphire Gem Laser (Blue Light Therapy)
  • Peridot Gem Laser (Green Light Therapy)
  • Cold Laser Pen - Red (NO GEMS)
  • Cold Laser Pen - Blue (NO GEMS)
  • Cold Laser Pen - Green (NO GEMS)

Why Gem Lasers?

Gem Lasers help you achieve the state of harmony with spirit, mind as well as body. At QiLifeStore, all laser treatments are done through different colour (Red, Green, Blue) gems. All these gems work on different chakras in your body. These gems are highly efficient to work on specific points to energize your body parts and create new body cells. 

Gems resonate different frequencies connected with a varied number of colours. The gem lasers are used to balance chakras and harmonize your body with natural self-healing abilities and assist you in achieving spiritual, physical and mental health.