World's Most Powerful Meditation Frequencies

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  • I have brainwave technology medition. Thhey change the neuropathways from old patterns David. It is useful in trauma. I find your technology an upgrade. Grateful. I have tuners too!Rosslyn has Solfeggio original scales! Skin cancer hoping these improve my healing.

  • I am glad that someone is taking the amazing things that can really actually be done with sound and frequency and energy and simply putting your product out in the market is going to impact people’s awareness of gaias gift of natural healing and facilitation of conscious awareness. I would love nothing more than to try and experience your product but I unfortunately have a truck that has to get fixed first. Good luck, I know you are going to do very well with what you have created here.

    Alisha Odenthal
  • I joined inner circle and I look forward to the advantages of being a member, Thank You David !

    William Bowling
  • God bless you ! This is awesome 🙏

  • I really Appreciate this !!!
    Thank You 🙏

    Carlos Romero

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