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When people manifest success or think about achieving something big in life, the first thing that comes to mind is "The Secret" or "Law of attraction". We all have heard these two popular terms in our lives. 

Prosperity Pyramid


The Secret is a popular book that advocates the Law of attraction. It says that if we think or visualize something with a positive outlook, we attract it. It believes in the power of positive thoughts, and it says that whatever we think consciously or unconsciously, we give out vibes to the universe. 

Thus, we need to ensure that we are always giving the right vibes to the universe. According to the popular formula of "The Secret," whatever you have achieved in life, or you'll ever achieve, is all the result of what you believe and attract throughout your days. 

A lot of people use this formula in their life. While a few get positive results, a lot of them don't get any significant outcomes. A lot of people are there who complain that they've practiced the Law of attraction .Are you from the latter lot? Well! Today we are here to help you know why "The Secret" doesn't work. We shall explain and make you understand with the help of the priority pyramid system by David Wong. 

According to David Wong, if you miss any of the stages of the prosperity pyramid, you'll not be able to attain the results of "The Secret."

David Wong explains the four levels of the prosperity pyramid. Once you understand these four levels, you'll be clearer as to why "The Secret" has not been working for you!Let's have a glance at the four elements of the prosperity pyramid. 

Qi life force

It is the raw power that works as an operator and is needed to achieve your goal. One must employ the fuel inside your soul to keep things regular, which stimulates you to get to your goal easily and prudently.

Even while feeding the basics to your body, you need to be very careful about the requirements and needs of your body rather than just eating to strive for hunger. It would help if you got to know your body's needs on a molecular level to be conscious of the intakes and the repercussions.

Substitute the junks and packed items with nutrient-dense foods, fruits and vegetables, fish, roughage, meat and all healthy intakes to empower the mindset and allow your body to have a full amount of energy. Of course, innumerable things can inhibit energy, like radiation and GMO foods, but you have to keep up with it.

Engine hardware

The main theory behind the mind-body-spirit-heart connection is that we are all more than just our impressions. The emotions, spirituality, and bodies pile up together and reflect our personality, define our health, and help us improvise the real soul inside.

A healthy body keeps you well and active, a healthy mind brings focus and engagement to your goal, and a healthy soul keeps you fulfilled and enlightened.

Signal program

We admire the successful and influential people around us, but the ones that get the utmost  respectin the society who have started from scratch. The rags to riches concept is quite famous in the entire society, but again, they don't even comprehend how much potential they had, and they didn't really care – they just struggled hard and tried to maintain the flow to achieve their goal.

We get various signals that success is a step ahead of us if we are punctual; if you are not afraid to express yourself, you don't expect others to complete your task. You are eager to keep things organized,be very punctual, and focused  to improve your current status. 

Success attraction

To enjoy the fourth category, success attraction, you need to be entirely dedicated to the earlier three stages of success. As human beings, there are no ceilings or hindrances on how much we can achieve individually; the current situation of your life does not deliver the future of your life. 

Just keep reiterating the fact, "you are capable of discovering the limitless potential and never-ending possibilities. The Law of attraction even states that if you are looking forward to success, you will conquer it.

The same goes for failure; if you keep reciting the failure in your head, you will face innumerable hindrances for your goal. So we can say that without practicing the prosperity pyramid, it is not possible for "The Secret" to work for you.  

Your mind works according to input, whether that is your thoughts, your behavior towards it, or maybe the food you consume. So every time that is not the physical effort you need to take into account, the things you feed via other measures, work the same, and even their effects cannot be ignored and inevitable.

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