Resonant Frequency System - Rife’s Amazing Frequencies

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Dr Royal Rife invented a series of optical compound microscopes with laser microscopy capabilities when he searched for a cure to tuberculosis. 

His experiment demonstrated that specific frequencies could slow or destroy certain pathogens, bacteria and viruses at a cellular level. 

With this knowledge, Rife began to develop devices to target unique frequencies on special organisms. He hoped that with frequency treatment no tissue is destroyed, no pain is felt, no noise is audible and no sensation is noticed.

Did Rife find a cure for cancer?

Rife dug deep to find the ‘cancer virus’ which he believed was a secret to curing cancer. He  however stumbled upon a morphed cancer culture in a tube near his electromagnetic devices, and after repeated experiments, he and his team uncovered an isolated filtrable carcinoma. 

With this, he figured out its frequency and targeted the cancer virus in isolation.

However, his invention never saw the light of the day because his hard work was doubted and refuted.

Harness resonant frequency for yourself

Qi life is directly inspired by this rich history, it grants you the access to quantum frequencies and frequencies from Dr Rife’s research. 

So today, I challenge you to support your vitality, boost your productivity, promote better sleep habits and get in tune with your body’s natural tunes and frequencies.

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