86 billion neurons in your brain send and receive signals which create complex connections known as synapses.

These synapses are the reason behind our sense of feeling and touch, seeing, and being responsible for making our dreams come true.

They can be communicated by external frequencies since they communicate through electrical signals, thus, enabling the brains to take on new purposes, new healing processes, and unlock new levels of consciousness, this is called neural programming.

This forms the basis of Elon Musk's new technology called neural link technology.

Merely thinking about something can allow a person to interface with the everyday technology around them in the near future, giving those with disabilities the power to communicate, learn, and create by harnessing the power of their brain synapses.

In the long term, this technology can help save those with neurological diseases, expand human interaction, even possibly restore sensory and motor function. The future of neuro-technology is at its cutting-edge of modern biological research.

Imagine being able to upload your body’s consciousness at the end of your lifespan so you can carry on in a new body, imagine being able to download experiences, memories, knowledge, language or abilities directly into your brain, imagine being able to relive cherished memories and experiences, imagine transcending consciousness, the possibilities are endless.

Although the possibilities are endless, they’re still in the process of being made possible. However, similar and more simplistic principles can still be applied by rewiring your brain.

Did you know that every cell in your body is acceptable to wireless frequencies, including neurons forming the basis of what is known as brainwave entrainment. Our brain networks can be synchronized to wireless networks from frequencies and devices.

In summary, if you’re having trouble sleeping, your brain signals can be replicated by frequency devices such as Qi coil such that it realigns itself with better sleep patterns, and the same can be applied to meditation, exercise, study or concentration, and creative work.

A sound is a form of frequency and wavelength which is why your feet automatically taps to music on their own and your body naturally falls into tune with external frequencies while training itself to adjust and find its own balance known as resonant harmony.

Ancient storytellers who told us that our fate is in the stars weren’t wrong after all, because of the invisible energies all around us and the balance between each realm. 

This balance can aid the way our brains function over time.

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