Can Healy Device Price Beat the Qi Coil Special Promotions?

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The price of the Healy devices is high, but it has its merits. On the other hand, Qi Coil offers a better price with a superior frequency wellness system. Both are frequency healing products. In this article, we will talk about whether Healy devices can beat the prices and special promotion of Qi Coil.

Which is better, the Healy device or Qi Coil? This is a question that many people ask themselves.

Both of these products are very good at helping people feel better by using frequencies. Consumers often think they seem like they do the same thing, however, we will reveal how they operate completely differently.

That's why we decided to write this article comparing them so you can decide which one is best for your needs! 

We've got all the details in our comparison table below so you can see exactly how they compare on price, size, frequency range, power output, and more!

Qi Coil Special Price Offers: 

Qi Coils offers better value than Healy devices; you can see the special discounted price on Qi Coil official website ( )

Here are few offers I have found on the Qi Coil official website

Qi Coil Mini System is on sale at only $299.

Qi coil Mini Twin system is being sold at $495.

The Top System, the Qi Coil Max Transformation System, which is designed to help you in all the healing processes from physical to mental health problems, is currently at $4,995.

After looking at these offers, I recommend that Qi coil is the best choice for many who want to start using PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic field), because of the lower price and high quality.

Many people complain about the high prices of these devices and now you can get them at lower prices from 

Recently, Qi Coil has announced 3 new devices and they are available for special discounted prices as well do check their website before these discounted prices expire.

Healy Prices

Healy programs don't offer such special price offers. Healy frequency device goes for at least $506 which is not a suitable price for many people. Healy machines are the more expensive option than Qi Coil at this stage.

It's up to you to decide which is the most suitable for you or your family, but I recommend that you take a look at the special offers on the Qi Coil official website so that you can get the best deals.

Comparing Both Qi Coil And Healy Devices for Features and Benefits


Healy devices need wires and a handheld device to work, they can be carried around when traveling. If you want to take these devices with you on vacation or a business trip, you can do so with both Qi Coils and Healy devices.

Qi Coil is very small and can be placed in your pocket or near your body. It's easy to carry, and you can use it anywhere, anytime.

Ease of Use: 

You have to attach wires to your wrists to the Healy devices to use them, but you don't need to do that with a Qi Coil. The wireless and contactless feature of the Qi coil makes it easier and more convenient to use, especially if you move around a lot (during exercise) or you use them for pets and animals.

Frequency Library: 

Healy devices have a limited range of frequencies, less than 50, but Qi coil offers plenty of frequencies to choose from, over 900 on the Qi Coil App.  And over 3,000 on the Qi Coil Rife App.

Qi Coil can operate up to 151,000+ frequencies with the Resonant Console Tablets, which is huge if we compare it with the Healy system.

Qi Coil works on quantum frequencies and higher quantum frequencies. These frequencies work by creating a field of energy around the body. This field of energy interacts with the vibrational field of the body and helps to bring about balance and harmony. 

Your body is resonating at quantum frequencies. When it's in alignment, it's in harmony with the external world. When it's out of alignment, you're out of harmony with the external world. The idea behind the products is that they work with your body to bring it into alignment.

Operational Range:

The Qi Coil can work up to 20 Sq. ft. (Qi Coil Max) which is a great advantage over Healy devices that need contact with the skin to work.

How Does Qi Coil Provide Value To People's Lives?

Qi Coil is a life-changing technology that can help you to achieve peace of mind, health, and happiness.

This amazing natural healing system has helped thousands of people and animals all over the world.

It helps to energize your food and water that can bring about better nutrient absorption.

Qi Coil is also very effective for the therapy of plants and pets.

It can bring about better sleep and work on chronic pain management, joint support, injury recovery, and much more.

Healy can’t provide the same level of energy and it’s not convenient and at most times impossible to use for animals that move around a lot and cannot be attached to a strap with a wire.

Moreover, Healy requires contact with the skin to work which makes it not suitable for people who are always on the move like athletes.

Design and Durability:

The Qi Coil is made of high-quality material, which makes it durable to last for many years.

Healy devices are more expensive and can be damaged by water over time.

The Qi Coil Portable Energy System is much more practical and durable. It doesn't need batteries, it takes very little maintenance, no wires needed for the energy transmission to your body, and you can take it with you everywhere.

Qi Coil has an attractive sleek design that will look great in your home, office or on your desk.

Qi coils look like works of art and people find it meditative to just look at them even though they are not turned on.

They also feature a toroidal design, which imitates the most powerful shapes of nature, like the galaxies, tornadoes, and vortexes.

The body is also using transparent crystalline orgone material that adds to the overall look of the design.

 Healy looks like a regular plastic box with buttons only.

Qi coils have special energy-infused crystals that enhances the resonance of the frequencies

Healy doesn’t incorporate any crystal technology


Here is a complete table to compare Qi Coil with other similar devices:

Final Thoughts!

We hope this article helped you decide which system is best for your needs; if you are still are on the fence, I recommend you to go with Qi Coils as it is very affordable right now with the heavy promotion going on. Take this opportunity before its gone. 

Here is a link to buy Qi Coil





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