Your body needs to rest as much as possible so it can work properly and produce the best results, however, with the advent of technology and modernization, a lot of people are abusing sleep and thus denying their bodies of growth.

Sleep is essential for healthy living, it is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to sleep at least seven or more hours every day to feel refreshed and healthy because your body works its best when refreshed.

Sleeping ensures your body is well-rested and is not under pressure, however, when you are sleep deprived, your cognitive, physical and mental state is affected negatively, and impacted in the wrong way. Here are five bad sleep habits that keep you up awake at night: 

Practice physical activity before bed

Exercises or any physical activity is essential to prevent disease and enjoy a good quality life. However, its practice should be avoided in the preceding hours before going to sleep, since the body will be activated and it will be difficult to fall asleep. 

If possible, it should be done in the morning hours, or at least three hours before resting. 

Excessive Use of Technological Gadgets

Technology has made life easier for us. However, it has also become one of the main dream robbers.

The presence of cell phones, computers, televisions, and other electronic elements in the room can stimulate the brain and cause it to lose its ability to relax.

It is very important to reduce the use of these devices. If possible, it would be ideal to suspend it at least an hour or two before sleeping.

Instead of indulging in these devices, you can choose to read, meditate or carry out other therapy that facilitates falling asleep.


Consume Too Much Caffeine

People who consume caffeinated foods or drinks excessively tend to have more sleep disturbances than those who moderate it.

This substance is stimulating and activates functions in the brain that keep you alert for longer.

In addition, it influences the interruption of sleep in the middle of the night and the feeling of anxiety. This may prevent you from reconciling it at regular times.

Experts advise against ingesting it in the afternoon, especially when you have a history of insomnia. 

Late Night Foods

Eating late at night is a catalyst to bad sleeping habits that if not checked and curbed can affect your health.

Certain foods can affect the quality of sleep when eaten at dinner time. For example, fatty foods affect the acidity in the stomach. Thus, they can cause acid reflux after going to bed.

Red meat and sugars are also not recommended because they overload the digestive processes and cause discomfort.

On the other hand, it should be taken into account that it is best to eat dinner two or three hours before going to sleep. In addition, as we have said, we must ensure that it is based on easily digestible foods.  

Sleeping with the bedroom light on

Light and noise are two factors that prevent a good rest. The light stimulates the brain and prevents the necessary amount of melatonin from being secreted. This is also known as the sleep hormone.

Therefore, it is essential to keep the room dark, free from street lighting, the moon, or electronic devices. 

Final thoughts

While some habits seem harmless, they impede getting adequate rest and thus, a healthy lifestyle. Try to take measures in this regard and avoid them as much as possible so that they do not affect you. Having difficulty sleeping? Our Qi Coil Mini is therapeutic for stress-free sleep, get one today. 

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