TikTok Millions System Course

TikTok Millions System Course

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Learn How to Make Money On The World’s Fastest-Growing Social Network

This masterclass course will teach you everything you need to know—from how to create viral videos to understanding the powerful TikTok algorithm.

Why Tiktok?

  • Don't Need a Website
  • Don't Need a Store
  • No Inventory
  • Zero To Low Initial Investment
  • Only Equipment You Need Is A SmartPhone

What You'll Learn

TikTok isn’t just for Gen Z anymore. Successful Brands or Businesses are going on the trends and seeing some serious significant results!

  • Take advantage of hashtags to find BIG opportunities while riding the trend of ALGORITHM.
  • Get your videos at the top of the "For You" feed by following the proper Hashtag Formula.
  • Find the BEST times and DAYS to post your videos for more engagement and ideal audience reach.
  • Find your niche and style that works the best base on your personality.
  • Avoid BIG mistakes in recreating trending or viral content and WHY IT's A WASTE OF TIME.
  • Know when to do a 15-second video VS a 1-Min max video VS a 3-min max video.
  • Campaign PIGGYBACK to make your brand STANDOUT.
  • USE other videos while still building YOUR brand.
  • Use TikTok to collaborate with influencers to build a global brand with authority and learn how followers work.
  • Build more FOLLOWERS by knowing why SIMPLE videos or storytelling give more value and work so well. Why "One Hit Wonder" Viral videos don't create are hard to repeat and don't create a loyal following.
  • Use our Simple Formula that works for any niche and person.
  • And so much more...

Who this is for...

  • Creators
  • Influencers
  • Brands
  • eCommerce Businesses
  • Consultants & Coaches
  • Local & Service-Base Businesses

How Tiktok Algorithm works


What the TikTok Algorithm Wants

People Want to be:

  • Entertained
  • Educated
  • Inspired

Watch Time & Engagement

  • Post Time is overrated
  • Mid-morning (9am - 11am) and mid to late afternoon (2pm - 6pm)

Most Important Metrics

  • Avg. Watch Time
  • Full Video %
  • Shares, Saves, Follows, Like, Comments

Completion Time Goals

  • 0 - 0:07: 160% or more
  • 0:08 - 0:15 sec: 100%
  • 0:16 - 0:30 sec: 75%
  • 0:31 - 0:60 sec: 50%
  • 0:60 - 120 Sec: 40%
  • 2 - 3 Minute: 28-35%

Tiktok Growth Success Path


Get Clear on Your Goals & Objective

  • Grow your Business or Sell a Product?
  • Build Authority?
  • Become an Influencer or Thought Leader?
  • Grow a Brand?
  • Share your Message? (Life Purpose, Calling, or Passion)
  • Amplify your Art? Music? Books?
  • What type of PEOPLE do want to reach


  • Search for Creators, Hashtags, Top Content on your Niche
  • Look For Big Opportunities (Check "Like" Volume)
  • Drill Down
  • Add lots of "Favorite" Hashtags
  • Send yourself plenty of video URLs

Create (Like A PRO)

SIMPLE videos that give tactical value or tell a story work so well AND build more FOLLOWERS instead of "one-hit wonder" videos that go viral and don't create a loyal following and is hard to repeat.

Video Types (TODAY)

  • 15-Second
  • 60-Second
  • 3-Minute
  • 10-Minute

Edit (Simple and Win)

  • Learn how to edit yourself
  • Hire a professional to do it for you

Publish and Grow

Grow your followers, views, knowledge, and experience

How to Find the Best TikTok Hashtags For Your Videos

Use 1 Super Broad Hashtag, 2 Hashtags from Next 4 Categories:

  • Super Broad: Over 300 million
  • Large: 30 Million - 300 Million
  • Medium: 300K - 30 Million
  • Small: 30K - 300K
  • Micro: 0 - 30K

*Use hashtags to optimize for each individual video, NOT to attract specific types of followers.

Free Bonuses with Immediate Access ($130 Value)!

  • 60 attention-grabbing hooks for TikTok ($50 value)
  • 9 full video scripts for a product review
  • 6 Video Styles
  • 28 Video Ideas ($10 Value)
  • Trello board video planning template ($50 Value)
  • Video research sheet template ($20 Value)
  • Tiktok Essential Video Equipment Guide

The Video Equipment Low Tech Setup Guide

2 Easy Steps

To Make $8-9k / Month

Get Followers (Make Content)

Do Lives

Tiktok Millions System

This Opportunity for easy growth won’t be around forever. Eventually Tiktok will plateau.

  • The Best And Easiest Content To Make
  • How To Get Followers Fast
  • How To Make Videos Fast
  • How To Monetize
  • How To Do Live And Sales
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