Qi Energy.Ai Premium

Qi Energy.Ai Premium

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Activate your Qi Energy 


  • Broadcast to 3 Phones
  • 17 Premium Energy Signatures 
  • Broadcast to 2 Any Addresses (For area less than 3000ft2)
  • Silent/Invisible Energy Broadcasts 
  • EMF Protection
  • Unlimited Duration
  • Lifetime Signatures Upgrades 
  • 4 Adjustable Power Settings 
  • Play unlimited signatures simultaneously
  • Schedule Your Broadcasts
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee - Cancel Anytime

Premium Energy Signatures Included


Quantum EMF Protection

Protect yourself from harmful 5G and wifi.  This is included in every energy signature below.

Quantum Abundance

Supports you in operating from the optimal wealth-building mindset so that you fundamentally change your experience of life to think, feel and act in ways that naturally empower you to build great wealth.

Quantum Entreprenuer

The vibrational energetic signature for positivity on demand, focus & clarity optimism and successful entrepreneurship.

Quantum Motivation

It features energetic signatures to activate your inner fire... features two energetic signatures: one to activate willpower, and one to neutralize procrastination.

Quantum Dream

Quantum Dream features an energetic signature programmed to support lucid dreaming during REM sleep.

Quantum Libido

For Men and Women. Boost T levels, vigor, stamina, blood circulation, accelerated recovery, better relationships.

Quantum Pineal Gland

Quantum Psychic will access the hidden aspects of consciousness and use them to develop your psychic abilities.

Quantum Weight Loss

Quantum Weight Loss helps you to improve your body's metabolism and support the natural weight loss process, resulting in the release of excess body fat.

Includes Plus Energy Signatures


Quantum Body Energy

Boost energy levels with this energy signature.

Quantum Meditation

This program features the quäntüm vibrational signature of the metatron’s cube and mantra OM, an ancient Sanskrit word used as a mantra for contemplating the ultimate nature of reality.

Quantum Brain

Quantum Brain Longevity features a combination of the nootropic and brain boosting energy signatures.

Quantum Immune Boost

Quantum Immune Boost stimulates the immune system by restoring balance and harmony in the body's energy systems.

Quantum Detox

Quantum Detox stimulates the body's natural detoxification processes and removes toxins that have accumulated in the body.

Includes Basic Energy Signatures


Quantum Recovery

The all-purpose energy signature for total wellness! Includes energy signatures that activate and accelerate the body's own healing processes.

Quantum Calm

Contains mind and body relaxing energetic signatures.

Quantum Cleanse (Germs & Parasites)

Quantum Cleanse cleansing is a holistic approach to maintaining optimal health by removing harmful toxins and parasites from the body.

Quantum Mood

Quantum Mood can help to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression.


Includes Free Signature


Quantum Mind Energy

It is a high energy program based on a unique blend of Chinese herbs.

What Members Are Saying...

More Reviews

“This is incredibly powerful! I spent with these energy signatures twice for 2-3 hours and it gave a big surge of energy. I felt it in my body. This feeling of a surge of energy was so strong that I had to urgently do a strength workout!”

- Kevin Creegan

“The Quantum Dream is truly God-send. I was able to fall asleep faster and deeper. Also, we just had a baby and he was waking up every 3 hours. It’s been over a week now and he only wakes up 1-2 times a night. Some nights, he sleeps through the entire night! This itself is worth all the money in the world!”

- Andrea Chee

“I thought frequencies using the coils was fantastic but this takes it to another level. I found the effects almost immediately for more physical considerations. I am also excited to try the Quantum Abundance”

- Mark A.

Just WOW. I started meditating just after playing these energy signatures. Even though the energy signature was playing, I was able to hear my heart pumping, breathing, blood flowing in my veins, and the sound of silence!”

- Rahul Bhadani

“I'm not sure which signature has caused this reaction but my daughter(18) and I have found it very easy to eat well, we're drawn to salads, vegetables and fruit even though we've been on vacation! We usually find it hard to stay away from gluten but now it doesn't take any effort at all.”

- Keren W.

Qi Energy Ai - The Future of Medicine



Qi Energy Ai



Instant, Silent Delivery / Therapy

Unlimited, Repeatable use

No pills or injections

Automated 24/7, scheduled therapy

Can energize a phone

Can energize an address

No physical (space/time) limitations