Qi Energy.Ai Enterprise

Qi Energy.Ai Enterprise

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Make $30,000/mo With AI Build a Remote Healing Business

Elevate Lives, Elevate Wealth

  • Fully Automated Sending of Energy
  • No Equipment Needed
  • Operate Anywhere
  • Fast Client Results
  • Zero Personal Energy Required

Average Reiki or Remote Healer Rate: $150/hr


Number of Clients


(1 Hr per Week per Client)

1 5 $3,000
2 10 $9,000
3 15 $15,000
4 25 $21,000
5 35 $21,000
6 50 $30,000

What Practitioners Are Saying...

Energy Signatures Included


Quantum Abundance

Supports you in operating from the optimal wealth-building mindset so that you fundamentally change your experience of life to think, feel and act in ways that naturally empower you to build great wealth.

Quantum Entreprenuer

The vibrational energetic signature for positivity on demand, focus & clarity optimism and successful entrepreneurship.

Quantum Motivation

It features energetic signatures to activate your inner fire... features two energetic signatures: one to activate willpower, and one to neutralize procrastination.

Quantum Dream

Quantum Dream features an energetic signature programmed to support lucid dreaming during REM sleep.

Quantum Libido

For Men and Women. Boost T levels, vigor, stamina, blood circulation, accelerated recovery, better relationships.

Quantum Pineal Gland

Quantum Psychic will access the hidden aspects of consciousness and use them to develop your psychic abilities.

Quantum Weight Loss

Quantum Weight Loss helps you to improve your body's metabolism and support the natural weight loss process, resulting in the release of excess body fat.

Includes Plus Energy Signatures


Quantum Body Energy

Boost energy levels with this energy signature.

Quantum Meditation

This program features the quantum vibrational signature of the metatron’s cube and mantra OM, an ancient Sanskrit word used as a mantra for contemplating the ultimate nature of reality.

Quantum Brain

Quantum Brain Longevity features a combination of the nootropic and brain boosting energy signatures.

Quantum Immune Boost

Quantum Immune Boost stimulates the immune system by restoring balance and harmony in the body's energy systems.

Quantum Detox

Quantum Detox stimulates the body's natural detoxification processes and removes toxins that have accumulated in the body.


Basic Energy Signatures


Quantum Recovery

The all-purpose energy signature for total wellness! Includes energy signatures that activate and accelerate the body's own healing processes.

Quantum Calm

Contains mind and body relaxing energetic signatures.

Quantum Cleanse (Germs & Parasites)

Quantum Cleanse cleansing is a holistic approach to maintaining optimal health by removing harmful toxins and parasites from the body.

Quantum Mood

Quantum Mood can help to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Includes Free Energy Signature


Quantum Mind Energy

It is a high energy program based on a unique blend of Chinese herbs.

More Reviews

“As a practitioner, I've been using QiEnergy.Ai with my clients for several months now, the energy signatures are incredibly powerful and have helped my clients experience a surge of Qi Energy, which has been great for their overall well-being. I highly recommend QiEnergy.Ai for any practitioner looking to enhance their clients' healing journey.

- Dr. Emily J.

“Your energy signatures have been a game-changer for me and my clients. The effects are almost immediate, and they help us stay focused, energized, and calm throughout the day. I've noticed significant improvements in my clients' health and well-being, and they keep coming back for more. Thank you for creating such a powerful tool!”

- Robert P.

“I have found that using the energy signatures from QiEnergy.Ai has been a game-changer for my clients. The boost in energy and reduction in stress and anxiety have been noticeable in many of my clients after just one session. I have also received positive feedback about the Quantum Calm and its ability to improve sleep quality.”

- Dr. Sam W.

“QiEnergy.Ai has been a valuable tool for me as a practitioner, as it offers a unique and powerful approach to energy healing. My clients have experienced significant improvements in their mood, energy levels, and physical well-being after just a few sessions with the energy signatures.

- Lauren M.

“I have also noticed improvements in my clients' overall mood and emotional well-being, as well as their ability to focus and stay motivated. The ability to personalize energy broadcast settings makes it easy to tailor sessions to each individual's unique needs.”

- Ben A.

“I've been using energy signatures for months, but I have to say that your energy signatures are on another level. The physical and mental benefits are incredible, and I've been recommending them to all my friends and family. As a practitioner, it's great to have a tool that can help my clients achieve their goals and improve their wellness and welfare”

- Dr. Olivia T.

Qi Energy Ai - The Future of Medicine




Qi Energy Ai

Instant, Silent Delivery / Therapy
Unlimited, Repeatable use
No pills or injections
Automated 24/7, scheduled therapy
Can energize a phone
Can energize an address
No physical (space/time) limitations
Cost $$$ $$ $

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$5,497 $1,497/yr

Save $567

Enterprise PRO

$9,997 $2,997/yr

Save $967

Client Phones

10 Phones

30 Phones

Client Addresses

10 Addresses 30 Addresses

Personal Phones

3 Phones 3 Phones

Personal Addresses

2 Addresses 2 Addresses

Expanded Address Broadcasts

Up to 30,000 Ft²

EMF Protection in every signature