Qi Coil Aura System With Resonant Console 2 Mantra
Qi Coil Aura Rife Machine System With Resonant Console 2. Mantra
Qi Coil Aura System With Resonant Console 2 Mantra
Qi Coil Aura System With Resonant Console 2 Mantra
Qi Coil Aura System With Resonant Console 2 Mantra
Qi Coil Aura System With Resonant Console 2 Mantra
Qi Coil Aura System With Resonant Console 2 Mantra
Qi Coil Aura System With Resonant Console 2 Mantra
Qi Coil Aura System With Resonant Console 2 Mantra
Qi Coil Aura System With Resonant Console 2 Mantra
Qi Coil Aura System With Resonant Console 2 Mantra
Qi Coil Aura System With Resonant Console 2 Mantra
Qi Coil Aura System 24 With Resonant Console 2 Mantra

Qi Coil™ Aura Rife Machine System with Resonant Console 2.

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Thousands Of Original Dr. Royal Rife Frequencies


Disclaimer: The information provided is for general informational purposes only and not a substitute for professional medical advice. Consult a qualified healthcare professional before using Qi Coils. Results may vary, and testimonials do not guarantee similar outcomes. Use the products responsibly and refer to the user manual for instructions and safety guidelines. By using the products, you release Qi Coils and its affiliates from any liability.

Emf Protection And Full Body Wellness At Home or Office

For Home

EMF Protection Made Easy

Elevate Mood and Atmosphere

Preventative Health & Longevity

Benefit the entire household, pets included!

For Business

Amplify Any Healing Modality

Eliminate Stress & Burnout

Achieve Peak Performance

Boost Profits

Benefits of using Aura Coils

Non-Invasive Wireless Qi Energy

Revitalize your body to perform at peak levels and have you bouncing out of bed.

Recovery & Regeneration

Whether it’s a workout, an injury, stress, or the bumps and bruises of everyday life, it will allow you a quicker bounce-back.

Long Term Energy Boost

Getting the most out of your body comes down to effort, practice, and the recovery that follows. Just 15 minutes a day!

Brain Wellness

The Aura Coil helps align your mind and body to allow you to work efficiently.

Meditation & Stress Relief

Meditation & Stress Relief

Deep Sleep & Relaxation

The Aura Coil delivers energy waves that will realign your mind and body, so you’re prepared to face the day in the morning and ready for bed at night.

The Most Powerful Living Artwork You Will Ever Buy

These designs were made not only to be functional but also elegant, adding an air of sophistication to your home decor. With a beautiful composite base and an aura light that changes color, the Aura Coil System is a stunning sight framed up on the wall, or as a centerpiece on your table.

It’s so powerful that if you hold a magnet beside it, the magnet will start shaking! It will positively transform the frequency of your home or business without going through any complicated processes, greatly improving your manifestation abilities and providing experiences of success, happiness, and overall better wellbeing.

  • Stunning Design
  • Centerpiece or any home
  • Elegance with Function

Ultimate Power System for Aura Coil ($1,295 value)


  • Qi Coil Aura Yin (Gold Color)
  • Premium Power System Amplifier
  • Resonant Console 2
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 1x Light Disks with Remote
  • 1x 4-pin Wire Terminal Cables (Connected to Coils already)
  • 1x 10 ft USB power cable for light disk
  • 1x 20ft 6.35MM-XLR Cable
  • 1x 10 ft 3.5MM-RCA Cable
  • 1x 10 ft 3.5MM Audio Cable
  • 2x Gold 3.5mm to 6mm Audio Adapters (1 bonus one)
  • 4x Testing magnet jars
  • 1x Velcro tie 12-pack
  • Accessories (Limited Time Only)
    • 2x Bonus Gem Caps
    • 6x Therapeutic Gold Magnets
    • 1x 4-channel mixer
    • 1x Mini Speaker (can be upgraded to 5.1 Speaker System) 
    • 1x Console Stand


    • Width: 24 inches
    • Length: 24 inches
    • Height: 5 inches
    • Weight: 20 lbs
    • Crystals / Gems / Gold: 14 Sapphires and 24 Karat Gold Plating 
    • Recommended Coverage¹: 3,000 sq ft.

    Cutting-Edge Research and Innovation


    Our team has been studying energy and frequencies for over 25 years, and have put everything they’ve learned into creating the most powerful frequency emitter for your home.

    At the fundamental level, everything you can see around you, everything you can hear, and many things you can't see or hear are made up of frequencies. We have isolated the frequencies that Feng Shui utilizes to unlock abundance and success in all aspects of our lives.

    Need To Transform Your Flow of Life Force?

    Do you feel that there are overwhelming blockages in your life?

    Are you clear about your purpose in life? When you set your intentions on achieving something great, do you struggle to make it happen? Are you having issues with your relationships? Does your bank account have less money in it than you would hope for? Aren’t you worried that these problems are going to stick with you for the rest of your life?

    The cause of all of this, could be as simple as the way energy flows in your home

    How Negative Energy Could Be Secretly Sabotaging Your Life or Your Business

    Have you ever walked into someone's house and immediately felt peaceful, like your mind and body were really able to relax?

    Have you ever walked into someone's house and felt totally thrown off, confused, or stressed out?

    If there is Negative Energy around you, then it can be causing you subconscious mental and emotional distress because the energy is unable to flow naturally through your home. This not only creates MASSIVE energy blocks in your home, but also in your mind and body, and therefore your day-to-day life.

    This can cause you to feel stressed out, angry, sad, or anxious, and can make your focus distracted. This leads to poor relationships, bad finances, poor performance in your work or business, and can damage your overall well-being.

    Who Uses Aura Coils?


    Feel 10 years younger! Invigorated with Aura Coils’ energy for a healthier mind and body

    Active Professionals

    Peak performance requires energy, mental focus, and fast recovery. Breakthrough your personal bests with the Aura Coils.

    Pets & Animals

    Dogs, Cats, Horses and other animals can benefit from non-invasive care for optimal health.

    Running a Business? Enhance it With Aura Coils!



    Ultra states of mental and physical relaxation. Customers will tell their friends about how amazing they feel after coming to your spa.

    Wellness Practitioners

    Wellness Practitioners

    Pain reduction, Reducing inflammation, Wound regeneration, Anti-aging, Improve low energy levels, Increased Circulation, Enhancing the Immune System

    Health Clubs

    Health Clubs

    Enhanced strength, Speed, Greatly enhanced Stamina, Recovery Reaction speed, Reflexes, Less injuries



    Food storage, Water treatment, Fermentation accelerator,Seed treatment, Increasing life and growth force, Restoring genetic codes, Stem Cell and Telomere Research



    Attract customers with subtle energetic waveforms. People will walk through your door without knowing why they are there.


    Commercial / Offices

    Reduce sick times. Enhance job performance and attitudes. Boost company morale and culture.


    Don’t believe us until you try it… Because thousands of people trust in our Aura coil Systems to improve their lives every day, we are 100% confident that it will help you too. This is why we have a 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee, so if you don't absolutely love your Feng Shui System within 30 days of its arrival, you can send it back to us and we’ll send you all your money back right away (Terms and Conditions Apply)


    Order Now and Get These Free Bonuses!

    Holistic Wellness Consultation ($95 Value)

    Talk To Our Holistic Wellness Consultant To Help You Become A Successful Operator And Practitioner Of Your Resonant Wave Device for 30mins!

    Online Tutorials and Training

    The Resonant Wand Systems is a powerful tool based on an Ancient Wellness Technology. This tutorial covers in-depth lessons on how to use your system on its fullest potentials.

    3 Year Limited Warranty

    All systems comes with 3 year limited warranty (can be upgraded to a maximum of 10 years)

    Quick Start Guide

    Get started with our comprehensive guide for you to use the product without any delay. We've included relevant steps needed for installation and video tutorials for your convinience.

    Easy Access Technical Support

    Just contact us by going here

    The Easy Way To Attract Abundance

    Powerful frequencies, sacred geometry and Nasa inspired technology have been forged together create a powerful device that:

    • Raise the Energy of Your Home or Place of Business
    • Protect Your Home From Harmful Radiation
    • Easily Attract Success and Prosperity
    • Improve relationships in your life
    • Improve Your Mood
    • Enhance Aura, Atmosphere and Ambiance
    • Be Happy, Calm, Relaxed, Joyful, and Focused
    • Boost the Wellness of Your Home’s Occupants

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